Monthly Recap: May

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Inspired by Anna, from The Anna Edit, I decided to pick out a few things from each month that were personal highlights, in one form or another, and tell you about them in probably too much detail. Remember in my ‘Fifty Facts About Me’ when I said I rambled on telling stories? It’ll be like you were there!

*I’d recommend you settle down with a cuppa, it’s a long one!*


In May I celebrated my 24th birthday in the best possible way; it involved a roll top bath, a bottle of champagne and my lovely boyfriend, Matt. What’s not to love?

Matt and I spent the first part of the morning opening presents, talking about our plans for the next few days and having a good ol’ giggle. We spent an hour or so with my parents (more presents, yay!) and set off for Harrogate. Matt always drives because he gets ‘car sick’ if he’s the passenger… I think he’s just scared of my driving!

Matt had booked us a beautiful room at Hotel du Vin in Harrogate – our favourite hotel chain and one I can HIGHLY recommend. This was the best suite we’ve ever had! I love the feel of every Hotel du Vin we’ve stayed in; they are all based in old buildings, with a rustic but modern feel and beautifully laid out. Matt and I love a good bath and Hotel du Vin baths do not disappoint! The highlights of our room were definitely the roll top bath, his and hers sinks (the dream!), a huge TV and the biggest L shaped sofa I’ve ever seen. 

We spent our afternoon exploring the town and drinking cocktails. Harrogate is the most beautiful British town I’ve been to; it is so clean and there are flowers everywhere you look. We also visited Betty’s Tea Rooms and picked up two huge fondant fancies – it’s not a birthday without cake, right? That night we ate at Gino’s My Restaurant; we love steak and this was cooked perfectly. The restaurant was lovely – the atmosphere was very cosy and relaxed, and service was great; one of the most important things about a restaurant in my opinion. After our meal we ventured up to the terrace to finish our bottle of wine and found there was a free-to-use photo booth, nice touch Gino! We enjoyed our night so much we are already planning to visit Gino’s My Restaurant in Manchester!

We spent the rest of the night drinking wine and enjoying each others company – I had the best birthday and am so thankful to Matt for everything he does. The next morning we were nursing slightly sore heads, so went for a wander around Harrogate in the sun. We walked through Valley Gardens; they are immaculate! There are brightly coloured flowers in every direction, a little stream running through the park and a small cafe right in the centre. On our way home we stopped by York Designer Outlet; which is sentimental to us as it’s one of the places we visited on our first date :). It was so lovely being back and although there wasn’t a great selection, we did start our holiday shopping!

Breakfast Date

Going for breakfast is one of my most favourite things to do. On a typical day I don’t even eat breakfast (naughty, I know) however there is something weirdly exciting about going out for breakfast.

Jessy, my dearest friend, and I met for pancakes… the dreamiest of breakfast foods. Catching up with her was a fun start to my weekend; face to face catch ups are always so much better than talking over the phone or Whatsapp’ing silly memes to keep in touch. 

We spent a little while after browsing the shops (and talking Jess into buying things she didn’t need – a talent if I do say so myself). I have known Jess for six years now and she has always been a little ray of sunshine in my life and everyone else’s! Due to work/life commitments we don’t get to see each other half as much as we’d like to, so breakfast (and shopping) dates are a great way to fit each other in. Life gets so busy and days turn into weeks (and sometimes months) so quickly, I think we all need to make time for a catch up more often. Lesson learned!

Bank Holiday Weekends

May is THE month for bank holidays. One at the start and one at the end means that in the 9am to 5pm working world you only have three full work weeks during the month. The joy of a four-day work week and a three-day weekend is something that I can only describe as bliss.

My first bank holiday weekend consisted of a little bit of shopping, date night at Babucho’s with Matt (again, highly recommend) and a night out in Newcastle with our friends. My new-found love of Edinburgh raspberry gin and lemonade was put to the test this night; turns out if you stick to one drink all night you really don’t get a hangover! Sunday was hot and sunny so we took a trip to the beach for fish and chips; to find out that the beach was actually really windy and freezing – oops! We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the garden where it was much wamer, then spent the evening with Matt’s parents. I love those kind of homey/cosy nights! Monday then consisted of relaxing in the sun, ice cream and a lot of cuddles – I couldnt think of anything better!

My second bank holiday was a little more relaxed and it was perfect. Matt and I enjoyed a cosy night in watching Friday Night Dinner; our latest Netflix obsession. I watched the series years ago as they were released but I forgot just how funny it was! Saturday was all about relaxing and shopping (slightly addicted, what can I say?) We spent Sunday night celebrating our friends birthday and had so much fun. Matt and I had the luxury of a lie in – a VERY rare occurrence for us – on Monday. We had a lovely afternoon accidentally crashing my godparents’ BBQ; it was so nice to see them and the food was great! We then visited my grandma at the hospital and headed home for a cosy night in. A trip to Asda en route home to find a Heineken keg led to Matt posting a (dreadful) photo of me – I included it below for the LOL’s!

Hope you enjoyed this little look into my life; June is already such a fun month I can’t wait to do this all over again. Thank you so much for reading!

-G x

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