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Hi, loves!

I have watched morning routines/evening routines on YouTube for years now and I genuinely find them fascinating! I really love getting an insight into people’s lives; seeing what products people use, the order they do things in and taking a little inspiration of things I might want to incorporate into my life. Basically, I’m really bloody nosy!

My evenings vary from day-to-day but generally they follow a pretty similar pattern. Here’s a peek into my evening routine from this past Monday…

5PM : I finished work for the day and headed straight to M&S to pick up dinner. Matt and I love a two for £10 deal (and pretty much anything else from their food section) – it’s become a joke with our friends/family that we might be the ones keeping M&S Food Hall in business… how embarrassing!

6PM : As I stayed at Matt’s the night before I had to quickly unpack and re-pack for the following night; a perfect chance to catch up on Emma Hill‘s latest vlog. I love her SO much; her vlogs are my favourite! I had a little extra time so I decided to have a bath; on this particular night I used an Avobath bath bomb from Lush with a drop of Radox Acai Berry Scent & Clay bubble bath. I love to read in the bath; I am currently reading The Note by Zoe Folbigg. It is a funny, romantic, easy-to-read story based on a real life couple and cheesy as it is, I love it. Unfortunately it was hair washing night, such a chore! I eventually forced myself to get out of the bath and did my skincare routine *teaser: new post coming on Thursday*

7PM : As I definitely was in the bath way longer than I should have been (oops), I let my hair air dry a little while I changed our bed; I think everyone can agree there is nothing better than clean sheets after a long day at work. I tend to run my straighteners through my hair at night so it’s much easier and quicker to style in the morning. Matt finally arrived home from work ( 🙂 the best part of any day) and not a minute too soon – I was starving! We had one of our favourite meals; chicken pasta bake with garlic bread – not the most healthy of dinners but delish all the same.

8PM – 10.30PM : After we eat dinner, we tend to spend our nights catching up on our days, enjoying each others company and of course watching Netflix. How Millennial of us. Matt stopped to grab a pick’n’mix on his way home as we had planned to have a movie night. When we logged into Netflix however, we saw there was a new Netflix Original series called November 13: Attack On Paris. This is a three-part series – we only watched one on this night but it was incredibly sad; eye-witness stories surrounding a night of terror. One of the most heartbreaking stories was from a man who watched his wife die from her gunshot wounds; he also wrote a book which *note to self* I’d really like to order.

10:30PM – I always find that the time to go to bed comes round so quickly! Random fact: we always take a glass of water to bed with us but barely ever drink it. Does anyone else do that?! After we brushed our teeth, I applied Mario Badescu drying lotion on a pesky spot that appeared out of nowhere (yep, Matt is one lucky guy!) and used a little Glossier Balm Dot Com. By now we were more than ready to cuddle in and go to sleep. Side note: saying that reminds me of when Rachel & Ross from Friends are talking about being *cuddly sleepers* and Ross secretly really isn’t but hasn’t got the heart to tell her, let’s hope that’s not what Matt secretly thinks!


I’ll let you guess who’s the little spoon… (hint: it’s not me)

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know what you get up to in your typical evening routine?

-G x

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  1. Another really interesting (and quite comical I cannot believe it) post Gills ❤ you need to do a typical night with JB post yeah? Too much? Not enough? Love you xoxo

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