Gin with Gills: #1


Welcome back, loves!

If you’re a little confused by the title, let me explain…

Since I started my blog I have been trying to work out how I can do a ‘series’. I finally came up with an idea, where each month I will talk about a topic (specifically, one word) and how it affects my life; and then in turn maybe give you a little ‘food for thought’ on how it may affect yours. As with everything on my blog it will be very personal and very much from my perspective. I think topics will vary a lot – I have a few ideas already but I’d love to know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to focus on, feel free to request anything via Instagram or Twitter. Right now the plan is for a new post in this series on the last Sunday of every month. This might be a completely terrible idea and you’ll never see another post like this – but let’s see!

So, as I sit down with a glass of gin (Edinburgh Raspberry gin with lemonade and lots of ice cubes is my tipple of choice) let’s delve in…


I really try to find joy in the little things in life. I was recently told by someone I once had a lot of love and time for, that I am a negative person, and it really knocked me for six. I do not believe that to be true, at all, and thankfully neither does anyone I’ve confided in about it. I really try to see the positive side of things even when it’s hard; this is something I have gotten much better at over the past year or so, as my boyfriend is so good at thinking like this! His positive attitude definitely rubs off on everyone around him, and I love that. 

I, as I admitted in this post, worry about everything and get myself upset over the most ridiculous things, but I don’t feel that is me being ‘negative’. I think showing natural emotions – worry, sadness, grief etc – does not necessarily take away from any happiness you have. We don’t have to be happy every second of every day to prove our happiness. We don’t have to prove our happiness at all – I really think this is a common misconception and we always have to be doing The Next Best Thing, just so people know how good we’ve got it. I really like sharing my life on social media, to be honest for nobody but myself; but I don’t hide the bad or showcase the good, I just show what I’m doing/feeling. I admit however, that if I’m having a down day or not feeling good about myself, I’m very unlikely to post that. It’s swings and roundabouts – but social media is definitely not everything in life!

As cheesy as it is, I can truly say right now I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life, and I’m beyond thankful for all of the people and things that make my life so good. I sometimes find it hard to believe how happy I really am – I get a horrible gut feeling that something is going to go wrong; almost like I don’t deserve to be this happy. Obviously, this is ridiculous and I totally believe everyone deserves all the happiness in the world, it’s just sometimes you sit back and really see how good everything is!

I know speaking from personal experience I can play a loop of ‘I’m so worried about X’ and ‘I can’t believe I did X’ over and over – yet I very rarely think ‘I really loved when X did X for me’ or ‘I appreciated X taking time out of his/her day to help with that’ over and over again. I think shifting focus to feel grateful can really make you feel happier; it helps you look at the positives and in turn, that becomes your focus. For example, some mornings I really don’t want to go to work (I mean, I’m sure everyone feels like this!) Instead of whinging that I’d rather be in bed snuggling Matthew – I mean, I always would rather be in bed snuggling Matthew – I try to think how lucky I am to have a job, how lucky I am to work with amazing people and how grateful I am for the life I’m able to have because of my job! Shifting my focus in any train of thought generally always makes me feel happier, and I’d highly recommend doing the same if this is something you struggle with.

So, I invite you to also make a list of 20 little things that make you incredibly happy – literally anything that makes you feel that little spark of joy from the pit of your stomach. 

As I obviously can’t expect you to do something I wouldn’t, I’d like to share with you my list;

  1. Falling asleep and waking up with Matthew – I’ll never take our goodnight/good morning kisses for granted
  2. Walking in fresh snow for the first time
  3. Cashiers at the supermarket saying ‘have a nice day’
  4. When every traffic light on my commute is green 
  5. Fresh gel nails
  6. The feeling of laying on a sun lounger and being so hot you think you might pass out, then a slight breeze just brushes over you and all is right with the world again
  7. That first sip of wine on date night
  8. Seeing a cute dog and going over to pet him/her
  9. Holding Matthew’s hand
  10. When the leaves start to turn to golden shades of yellow, orange and red
  11. Seeing twinkling Christmas lights when it’s super cold and dark
  12. The sound of rain hitting the window or wind whistling through the street when we’re falling asleep
  13. Getting into a hot bubble bath after a long day
  14. Having long chatty phone calls with my besties whilst driving
  15. When food and drink packaging suddenly has Santa Claus’ face all over it… my Christmas spirit is real!
  16. Undoing the top button on my high waisted jeans after I’ve eaten too much food 
  17. Having fresh flowers in my room (Matt recently sent me flowers when he was away and it was hands down the happiest I’d felt the whole time he was gone! Full disclosure: I cried a lot, as you might expect if you’ve read my blog for a while. Happy tears are okay, right?)
  18. Wearing a new pretty underwear set for the first time
  19. A cosy night in with my boyfriend. Ideally with Chinese food, wine, lots of candles and blankets
  20. Receiving lovely comments about a blog post that took a lot of time/effort. Seriously, I appreciate people reading so much, and even more when people take the time to message me and tell me what they liked/how they related – thank you!

So, that’s my list! Of course there are so many other things that make me feel happy, but those were the ones that first came to mind. I’d love for you to compile your own list; you don’t have to share it of course, but it’s a good feeling to look at all the things we sometimes take for granted or overlook. 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know your thoughts on the style of this post?

-G x

Self Care: How I Unwind

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Hi, loves!

I think unwinding from a long day, a bad day, or even a good day is SO important. There are so many ways we can unwind and relax, but it’s not something we always take the time to do. I made a promise to myself at the start of this year that I was going to do more things for me (hence finally creating my blog) and self care has definitely become a priority for me.

To me, self care is looking after yourself and reflecting on your own wants and needs, then nurturing those to make you feel relaxed and, in turn, happier. Of course, there’s a lot more to this than whacking on a face mask and thinking your life is grand, but it’s a start, right?! We’re all so busy in the world of work, spending time with family and friends, running errands etc, I think it’s nice to just take time out for yourself. Of course this can be activities you do alone or with other people – lots of my downtime involves my boyfriend, and that makes me so happy! I’m so grateful for all the time we spend together; we love just relaxing and enjoying being together. I don’t necessarily have any advice or tips, I’d just like to share with you all the different ways I like to unwind. I do however hope this may give you some inspiration and remind you of how important taking time for yourself can be.

Pamper Nights


One of my favourite things to do in life is to take a bath. I really enjoy treating myself to a Lush bath especially – my favourite bath products are The Comforter bubble bar, Avobath bath bomb and, most recently, the Turtle jelly bomb! I think it’s also nice to take a little time during or after your bath to pamper yourself. I really love using face masks and often rope Matt into it too, I promise he enjoys it! I usually buy ones from Simple or Garnier, typically whatever is on offer in Boots. They feel so good on the skin and there’s something about using a face mask that just makes you feel like your life is together, right?! I also like to take the time to go through my skincare routine fully, and use a nice body butter – this one is my current favourite, it really smells like a spa! 



I like to read in the bath on a day-to-day basis, but this is especially good for me if I’m feeling a little worn out or tired. I say this because I can really escape into a good book and even if it’s just temporarily, I can forget whatever is going on around me. It’s so nice to lose yourself in a story, and as much as I love Netflix, I really enjoy reading a book. I recently read The Note by Zoe Folbigg and really enjoyed it; it’s a cheesy love story with a few funny turns, based on a real life story. I also just finished Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton and that was such a good read! She talks through her life – all the ups and downs – and it’s a really insightful, interesting perspective on how we live our lives, and how past experiences shape you into the person you are. If you’re not into books (who isn’t?) magazines are a great alternative. I love Cosmopolitan magazine and have bought it every month since I was a teenager. I also like to catch up on blogs when I have downtime, but not in the bath! I never take my phone/laptop in bath with me as it’s the only time I’m fully disconnected from technology. 

Quality Time With My Boyfriend


Being with Matt is just the best part of any day for me! If I’m having a bad day he’s the only person that can make me feel better in an instant, and I never take for granted all the time we spend together. He’s so good at making any situation positive, one of the things I admire most about him. Quality time can mean all kinds of things, but on a daily basis this is usually things like cooking and eating dinner together, snuggling up to watch a show or a movie, going to Costco (it’s literally our happy place) etc. Basically, we like to spend as much time together as we can, and we really like to make the most of it. This is definitely self care for me as nurturing our relationship is so important – spending time with my best friend is such a good feeling, and there’s nobody I’d rather be with! Cheesy but true; being curled up in his arms makes the world seem a much better place. 

Make A Beauty Appointment

Similarly to having a pamper night at home, it’s so lovely to make an appointment to go into a salon and, if you can’t get an appointment quickly, you then have that to look forward to. Whether your pick-me-up pamper of choice is a new hairstyle, a manicure or LVL lashes (my next treat to myself, I think!) it’s nice to just spend some time getting pampered professionally. I had an appointment booked to get my nails done today and I felt ten times better leaving the salon. I wasn’t really in a great mood after a long day, but there’s something about having fresh gels that just makes me feel so good! I love the look of them, they last so much longer than regular nail polish; and it’s a nice little treat every 2-3 weeks that I can look forward to. I also find it very calming and relaxing, I could have probably fell asleep today.

Make Future Plans


One thing I really like to do, even more so when I’m needing a little ‘pick me up’, is look towards good things coming in the future. Whether that’s what’s for dinner tonight, plans for the upcoming weekend or planning our next trip, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Matt and I are heading to Belfast this weekend so since we booked I’ve spent a little time researching that and finding things to do that aren’t the typical tourist stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely will be doing the typical tourist stuff, but it’s nice to see things off the beaten track too, right? Although we haven’t got anything booked yet, we’re really hoping to plan a city break to Madrid for September, any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated! 

Go For A Drive

One of my favourite things to do to clear my head is to go for a drive. If I don’t have much time but still want to go for a drive I’ll go the long way home from work, or take a little detour and drive around my town instead of heading straight home. I don’t have any specific places I like to go to, I just really enjoy driving around and not really focusing on anything but the road. Ten minutes in one direction from where I live is the beach, and ten minutes in the other is the countryside; so there’s lovely views wherever I end up. Side note: I am really not the best driver but I tell everyone I drive better when I’m by myself… (anyone else?!)

Retail Therapy

I am the biggest advocate of the whole treat yo’self trend! Depending on where I am (and how far away pay-day is!) this could vary dramatically; sometimes an impulse treat might just be a treat for after dinner that night (I highly recommend M&S’ New York vanilla cheesecake – it’s Matt and I’s favourite!). If I’m waiting a little too impatiently for payday, I often browse my favourite shops online. (Topshop, Zara, & Other Stories, Brandy Melville and Feel Unique tend to be my go-to’s)! Sometimes just browsing is enough to lift my spirits and make me feel calm and relaxed. I am also a big fan of buying myself flowers, and I have no shame in saying that! I like to buy my mam and Matt’s mam flowers (it’s just so nice to receive them, isn’t it?) so why not buy them for myself? I’d personally recommend Aldi’s flowers over any other supermarket – they last so well and they always have so much choice. 

Call/See My Friends/Family

As you may have seen from my Friendships post, I have been having a hard time with friendships recently. That being said, a text or a call to my closest friends can really make a world of difference to my day! Whether you discuss each others’ days’, talk nonsense or just have a good ol’ catchup, it can be a very freeing feeling to chat with your girls. I don’t know about you, but it’s not very often my friends are available at short notice – we all have such busy lives it’s more than understandable – but if you can meet face to face for a bite to eat or a quick drink, that’s even better. My mam and Matt’s mam are always my fave ladies to turn to, they’re angels and always know what to say.

Tidy The Space Around Me

One of the best things I can do to make myself feel better is to spend ‘X’ amount of time cleaning and tidying. If my room or my car is a mess, my head feels equally as messy and I can’t think straight. Sometimes even the thought of doing this seems overwhelming and I feel like I don’t have the energy, so I’ll set a timer on my phone for a specific amount of time – how long depends on how much I need to clean/tidy. I’ll then try to get everything done within that timeframe, I’m kind of competitive so see this as a challenge against myself, LOL! Whilst cleaning and tidying I tend to listen to Spotify or catch up on vlogs, so my mind is doubly occupied, and I’m also being productive. I also apply this same theory at work – if my desk is overly cluttered (it usually is) I take 5 minutes to clear away everything I don’t need, reorganise paperwork etc, then I can start again with a fresh head.



We all know an early night is one of the best little treats, as you always feel much more prepared to take on the day after a good sleep. Matt and I have early nights on an embarrasingly regular basis – but we’re often up early for work so it’s nice to get an extra hour or two of sleep when we can. We always talk about our life when we’re ‘grey and old’ but we’re pretty much there, LOL. My favourite thing is to cuddle into him and just enjoy that nonsense talk before we finally fall asleep – you know when you’re not even making much sense but you’re just aware of each other’s presence? I feel so grateful every night he cuddles in (well, let’s be real, I’m spooning him 99% of the time) and it’s seriously the best feeling in the world. 

Catch Up On My Favourite TV Show


Catching up on my favourite shows is a very good way to 1: occupy my time and 2: cheer me up. My guilty pleasure TV show is 100% Coronation Street (to be fair, Matt’s dad always watches it and I got hooked… I totally blame him for this one). Shows like Friends, Gilmore Girls, KUWTK, Gossip Girl etc are my favourites to re-watch, even though I’ve seen every episode a ridiculous amount of times. I love typical British comedy sitcoms; things like The Inbetweeners, Gavin & Stacey, Friday Night Dinner and Fresh Meat are right up my street. Matt and I are watching Fresh Meat from the beginning as he’d never seen it, and I seriously forgot how funny it was – we love Jack Whitehall’s character in it especially! Once we’ve finished Fresh Meat we’ll have to start a new series – any recommendations would be appreciated!? We recently watched Peaky Blinders and Narcos and loved them both, and we’re so excited for the new series’ starting soon. We both said we wish we could watch Narcos again from the beginning not knowing the storyline. The dialogue is mostly in Spanish, so it’s heavily subtitled, but it’s SUCH a good watch – we loved every minute! 

Well, that’s it! If you relate to any of the above I’d love to know! How do you spend your time unwinding and relaxing? Also, if you have any other tips or recommendations I’d love to hear them?

-G x


What’s In My Bag

Happy Sunday, loves!

I am very excited to share today’s post with you – I am so nosey and find these posts so interesting. ‘What’s in my bag’ videos are part of the reason I started to get into YouTube and the whole community originally – as lame as it sounds I loved watching them, and I still do! Years ago they were one of the most popular videos uploaded by the ‘big’ names in the YouTube world, and I wish they’d come back in popularity! Occasionally when someone gets an amazing new designer bag they will film/post about it but that’s not enough – I need more

So, I’d love to show you through what’s in my bag! This is typically my weekend or evening bag, although sometimes if I’m having a busy Sunday night I don’t end up changing back to a bigger bag and use this throughout the work week. At the time of writing this/taking the photos, it hadn’t been cleared out for almost two weeks…


This bag is my favourite crossbody; it’s the Arla from Kate Spade New York and I adore it. It’s the perfect size for during the day or night out – or both! I can fit all my essentials in, plus some non-essentials as you will see. I can also squeeze Matt’s sunglasses case in here – does anyone else’s boyfriend manage to use your bag as theirs?! Good job he’s cute, eh!


The most important thing in any girl’s bag – my purse! I bought this beautiful cardholder from YSL in September 2016 and I’ve used it every day since. I would love to pick up a new colour but I really can’t justify it when this one is still in perfect condition, and trust me I’ve not always been as careful as I should be with it! I do however love this colour – it’s a lovely taupe and the silver hardware is my favourite; even though my bag has gold accents, I am really a silver girl at heart. I can fit all the essential cards in here – my debit card, driving license, Costco card (the most important, right?!), Boots loyalty card and my M&S Sparks card. Yes, I am 24 going on 54… but those Sparks deals are worth it as Matt and I buy so much food from there!

My car keys are always in my bag as I drive every day. That being said, any time I go anywhere with Matt (which is most days) he tends to drive – he hates being a passenger! I have a little red Viva; she’s called Ruby and she’s super cute; I absolutely love my car. I’m due to upgrade in a few months and I’m genuinely considering getting another Viva, or maybe a new VW polo. All of my keyrings have a little story behind them and they’re pretty cute – they also make it much easier to find my keys in a bigger bag! The pink Katie Loxton was a gift from my mam and dad when I passed my driving test. The dolphin keyring up was something I picked up when Matt and I were in Kos – I really love dolphins, so much so that when I was little I used to want to be a dolphin trainer. I (was very lucky and) visited Florida too much as a kid so thought this was a normal job. Then my favourite keyring is the little rose gold elephant – Matt has a matching one in dark grey, they are ‘kissing elephants’ – I just thought they were too cute!


The beauty bits, in summary;

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – my favourite!!
  • MAC Next to Nothing pressed powder – my favourite powder to get rid of any shine that appears throughout the day. Also great if, like me, you cry laugh all the time – your face will look good as new!
  • Tangle Teezer – a must-have for me! I wish this had an in-built handle but nothing smooths my hair like this does
  • Lip products – they’re my favourite! I used to carry at least five to ten lipsticks on a daily basis, but now I really don’t see the need
  • Lip balm and nail file – no explanation needed…
  • Lush Charity Pot – I like to carry a teeny little moisturiser with me just in case
  • ABH brow wiz – I don’t quite know why I take my eyebrow pencil but I’ve done it for years, and why fix something that’s not broken?!
  • MAC Turquatic rollerball – my favourite perfume to top up with throughout the day. It just smells so lovely and fresh, a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up
  • Dior Blooming Bouquet rollerball – I wouldn’t usually carry two perfumes in my bag, but it is such a beautiful scent!


Let’s not forget all the miscellaneous stuff;

  • A pen (this one is from the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin where Matt and I stayed in March, and it’s the best writer! Maybe I can convince him we need to go back just so I can pick up another…)
  • My pill and Nurofen – I have arthritis so Nurofen is a must-have
  • Too many bobby pins and a spare Invisibobble – if I don’t have one in my hair I always have one on my wrist too
  • Hand sanitizer – the granny in me needs a hand sanitizer in my bag at all times, and this comes in SO handy, Matt is always asking to use it!
  • Hand lotion – just as important as hand sanitizer… I love this one from Bath and Body Works especially, it smells so good and it’s not at all sticky
  • Chewing gum – I never have to buy gum as Matt buys the huge packs at Costco and always shares! He’s a cutie
  • Socks – Okay so I take my shoes off at work very often, and I really don’t like walking around in bare feet (obviously) so I keep a spare pair of socks in my bag just in case! I also have some in my drawer so these aren’t really required, but they’re cute – Matt bought them for me because I’m always stealing his socks, hah! (It didn’t work, I still steal his socks 🙂 )
  • Office keys – I really need to put these on a keyring 
  • My loyalty card for my nail salon – a necessity really
  • A tea bag – I took lots of these from our hotel room in Kos (owt for nowt, eh?) and this is one of my favourite flavours 
  • Boost bar – erm… LOL. If you know me you know I always carry an emergency chocolate bar, I’m not proud of it but it’s true!

Not pictured: my phone, which is an iPhone 7 Plus in black and I bloody love it! I thought I made a mistake getting the bigger size originally, but after a few days I was so glad I got the bigger version. I would usually have a portable phone charger in my bag too – this is the one I have and it works great – but Matthew currently has it!

I’d seriously like to know what items you have in your bag – yes, I’m so nosey! Hope you enjoyed this post, thankfully my bag wasn’t too messy this time, I just carry a lot of unnecessary stuff!

-G x

My High End Beauty Favourites

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Hi, loves!

Today I’m sharing my all time favourite high-end beauty products with you and a little history on some of my purchases – it just makes it a little more personal, right?

Disclaimer: in this post I’ve classed anything that’s not ‘drugstore’ as high-end.

I really enjoy buying high-end beauty products and went through a stage a few years ago of buying way too many. Over the past year or so I’ve cut down on my spending massively – Matt and I are saving for our house after all (🤩❤️) – and now I usually only buy the things I know I like! I do however occasionally treat myself to new products or raved about items – usually things featured within the blogging/YouTube community (damn you, Monthly Favourites posts/videos)! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light


My favourite foundation of all time! I have the shade Ecru (I just repurchased and I used to buy the shade 1.0 – I think they have just switched to the same shade range as the regular Double Wear. I’m currently mixing the two as I still have a little bit of a ‘tan’ from Kos!). I genuinely think this is the best formula in a foundation I’ve ever used. I wore the regular Estee Lauder Double Wear for years before this and never thought I’d switch, but I feel like that is too heavy/cakey and often made me breakout. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light wears really well on the skin; it has a medium level of coverage but can definitely be built up to full. I like that my freckles are still visible through this, yet it covers redness and acne scars without a problem. I find the rest of my makeup sits well on top of this foundation and it lasts all day, even in this crazy heat!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


Okay let’s be honest – I am terrible at doing my eyebrows! I always have been and I always will be, I’ve come to accept that so you should too. That being said, one of my desert island must-have beauty products would hands down be my eyebrow pencil. I use the shade Medium Brown which is a little darker than the colour of my hair, but fills in my eyebrows in the most natural way. I love how thin this pencil is – it makes it so easy to create hair-like strokes, and it definitely lasts all day. The spoolie is equally as good! I have tried several eyebrow pencils at different price points and again, I just feel like nothing compares to this one. Side note: I over-plucked my eyebrows to the extreme when I was younger (I’m never going to forgive my 13-year-old self for that)! I really want to get HD brows but I’m not sure how I feel about it, if anyone has any tips or recommendations based on their experience with HD brows please let me know!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer


I have worn Benefit Hoola bronzer since I was in high school; I must have repurchased so many over the years but nothing beats it! Even though I am fair-skinned, this never looks muddy or unblended. I use this product to ‘brontour’ – I think I just made this up… basically I don’t contour nor do I bronze my face; I just do something in the middle? I realise I sound like a five-year old playing with their mam’s makeup but I swear it works for me! I’m currently using a little mini I got in a gift set this past Christmas, as when my last full-sized one ran out I had no need to purchase the big one just yet. We’re never going to get that house if I spend all my money on makeup, right?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristen


This is just the most beautiful rosy nude lip gloss you ever did see! I love everything about this – the packaging, the wand, the colour, the consistency! This is my go-to lip gloss, it is a little sticky but not in a hair-stuck-to-your-face-all-day kinda way. It can’t be that bad because Matt kisses me without a fuss when I’m wearing it 🙂 I’d really like to try a few more colours from this lip gloss range in the future. I feel like ABH is such a raved about brand, but where I live there are no counters around to have a browse through, and honestly I don’t like buying beauty products online if I haven’t already tested them in store. Swatches online often look nothing like the product IRL – what a struggle!

MAC Blush in Peachykeen


My first high-end makeup products were from MAC, and I always will have a soft spot for the brand. Until I was around 19 pretty much my whole makeup collection consisted of MAC products – I’d dash straight there when I’d been paid and spend my weeks wages on a little goody bag of MAC treats. *A goody bag with the WORST designed handle in the world – why have they still not changed this!?* I have always loved MAC’s blushes the most – my favourite being Peachykeen. It is, as the name would suggest, a peach toned blush and gives the perfect wash of colour. It has the finest run of glitter sparkles through it – not in a disco ball way, it just gives a healthy glow – perfect for the Summer weather. I think this works perfectly on my fair-light skin, and never gives a ‘muddy’ look when blended with contour/highlighter.

Beauty Blender

In this case, the original is the best! Now, don’t get me wrong I really do like the Real Techniques sponge (*spoiler* as you will see in a drugstore favourites coming very soon!) but it’s just not the same as using a beauty blender. I use mine for foundation, concealer and, for a special occasion like date night, to bake under my eyes. Baking was life changing when I first learned about it, but honestly who can be bothered to do that every day?! Not me, that’s for sure. As I said in my skin care routine post – I’d much rather have an extra 20 minutes of cuddles in bed than spend ages on my makeup! I especially love when they’re all pink and new – after one use they look really gross, even once cleaned.  I unfortunately don’t have a photo of this as trying to take a photo of a recently used beauty blender and make it look somewhat pretty is beyond my (already very limited) photography/editing skills!

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown


Glossier is without a doubt the ‘it’ brand of the year among millenials, and it’s only going to get bigger! I just said I don’t like to buy makeup online if I haven’t tried it in store, but this brand is where that thought process goes out of the window. I love Glossier. I love the concept of the brand, I love the design of the products, I love every product I’ve tried, and, most of all, I love Emily Weiss – CEO and founder of the brand. (I will talk about her and what she has achieved more in a post coming soon, all about women who inspire me!) Boy Brow was the first product I purchased from Glossier, and boy am I glad I did. This stuff is magic – it blows any other eyebrow setting gel I’ve ever tried out of the water! My eyebrows are very sparse, and this clings to the few hairs that are there to make my eyebrows look full and much better than they do normally! 

*I’m thinking about doing a post all about Glossier – my thoughts on the brand, products I love, hits and misses – please let me know if this something you’d be interested in!*

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla/Custard


My one true makeup love. This product is the definition of ‘an oldie but a goodie’ to me. It is just everything I need from a concealer. I usually use this on redness (around my nose), on any blemishes – but I never would use the wand on the blemish – and to cover the few acne scars/hyperpigmentation I have left on my cheeks/jaw. This works perfectly with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, or by itself if I’m having a minimal makeup day. I keep one of these in my bag at all times, even though I would never apply on top of powder… it makes no sense but it’s true, ha!

MUFE lip liner in 14C


This lip liner is a god-send! It works perfectly with the aforementioned ABH lipgloss in Kristen, or my other favourite lip product, Chanel lipstick in Mademoiselle. It is a beautiful ‘your lips but better’ colour (albeit slightly darker and more rosy-toned), and applies so well. I tend to use this more for nighttime makeup as to be honest, my daytime makeup is very simple, quick and easy. I do tend to slightly over line my lips for an evening look as I think it makes my makeup just look a little more pouty and put together. Regardless, this helps the lasting power of my lipglosses/lipsticks a lot – and it also ensures when I’m eating/drinking it’s more likely to stay in place!

Chanel lipstick in Mademoiselle


My favourite lipstick ever! This is also a beautiful ‘your lips but better’ shade, and goes perfectly with the MUFE 14C lip liner. It wears perfectly well without it; this has such good staying power – and to be fair, for the price so it should! This formula is my favourite of all the Chanel lipsticks, it’s creamy and never sticks to any dry patches.  Story time with Gills: The first time I ever bought this lipstick was in 2014 – I had passed my probation period at work and was so excited. I remember walking into Boots in the Metro Centre and heading for the Chanel counter thinking I deserved a treat (how funny)! Although this is ridiculously expensive, I have since repurchased this shade a few times and I’ll probably buy it forever, I just love it. (Tip: buying expensive lipsticks with your saved up Boots points is not at all painful!)

Lancome La Vie Est Belle


This is my number one perfume (well, I also have a huge love for Jo Malone – Peony and Blush Suede but I just talked about that in a recent post). I have worn La Vie Est Belle for years now and people often tell me it’s my scent, as in if they smell it they think of me, which is pretty cute! It is a very sweet, vanilla/fruity scent – it’s definitely feminine and girly and the smell just makes me happy. I wear this both day and night; I think the scent works perfectly for both. I really love the bottle, it looks so pretty sitting on my vanity table. (Matt’s mam is always telling me their house smells of this perfume – oops!)

I’d love to know your favourite high-end products, or if you’ve been inspired to pick up a new item or two for your makeup bag (…apologies in advance, if so). There will be a post coming in the next few weeks all about my favourite drug-store products!

Thank you so much for reading!

-G x


Kos With My Love

summer abstract swimming pool
Photo by Juan Salamanca on

Welcome back, loves!

As I’m sure you’ll know by now, if you’ve read my last few posts or follow me on Instagram, at the end of June, Matt and I went on our first holiday together to Kos. 

We spent the whole week just relaxing; playing in the pool, eating all of the food, drinking cocktails and just enjoying being together. We totally lost sense of what time or even which day it was and that was one of the best things – we were so chilled out!

We fell into our little routine of how our days were spent and it was just perfect. Matt has been so busy with work it was lovely to see him unwind and relax. We got to really enjoy our quality time – something I’m so grateful for. We’re very good at making quality time a priority in our relationship on a day-to-day basis – we’re together pretty much every night of the week and are always doing fun things – but sometimes by the time we’re home from work and had dinner together, it’s time to go to sleep before we know it. In Kos there was no rushing about, and that was a dream! The weather was great, if I’m being honest it was sometimes too hot, but we had 13 huge pools to choose from for a dip, so we could definitely cope with that! 

As the World Cup was on during our holiday we spent part of most nights watching the games, which was so fun. Matt is a huge football fan and I actually really enjoy it too. There were people staying at our hotel of all different nationalities so that made it even more exciting! Our favourite member of staff at the hotel (Sarah – she was so sweet!) worked at the bar right next to where the World Cup was showing, so we had to go see her! 

One evening we went into Kardamena and had a little wander through the town – little being the word as there really isn’t much there! It was a cute, quaint little area and very picturesque. Matt finally got to try a Mythos on this night which he was very excited about; he loved it! I really wish I had taken more photos of Kardamena but I wasn’t feeling great – unfortunately I was unwell on and off for three days of the holiday. (I never get ill so this happening whilst on holiday was the worst luck EVER)! Nevertheless it didn’t ruin anything – you can lay on a sun lounger no matter how you feel, right?! Also, if I don’t sing his praises enough, Matt was an absolute gem and looked after me so well. Have I mentioned how much I bloody love him?!

I really miss our laid-back routine and spending all of our time together so much, although I fully appreciated it when we were there and enjoyed every second! I also really miss eating feta cheese every day (LOL), I don’t know how but it truly tastes better in Greece! 

I am so grateful to my wonderful boyfriend for making Kos the best holiday! We love travelling together and exploring new places; I am so excited for all our future trips holidays to come. We are really hoping to go to the Caribbean next year, Cuba is very high on his list and Punta Cana is very high on mine… so we’ll probably be heading to Cuba! Making memories of any kind with him is my favourite thing in the world, and exploring the world together is just a bonus ❤️ (side note: we’re heading to Belfast at the end of this month and hoping to squeeze in a city break in Madrid later this year… any tips/recommendations would be so helpful and appreciated)!

I’d love to share some of our holiday photos with you!

Flying over Europe
Our first day, heading for breakfast
The beautiful view from our balcony
Atlantica Porto Bello Royal, Kos
Our first night. He is so handsome!!
One of the 13 (!) pools
My favourite person
I love you, Matthew x
My boy
This little church/chapel was so cute
We loved the breakfasts
…and the cocktails (Aperol Spritz & a Cuba Libre)
The hotel entrance
Matthew read Howard Webb’s book and LOVED it!
*ignore the frizzy hair* – these little pj’s from Primark were such a good buy! I only wore them whilst getting ready on the balcony but they’re so cute
I find this so funny… sums us right up because he always waits for me to get ready, then when I am he’s never done his hair! Good job he’s cute hehe
The most handsome man I ever did see
Little bit obsessed with this jumpsuit
Dang baby hairs
His kisses are everything 😍
My heart!!!
Every day we loved watching the planes coming in/taking off – the planes flew so low sometimes you could pretty much see the passengers inside!
View from breakfast
…yes I’m five (it tasted SO good and I wish you could get these in the UK)
Cocktails on a cloudy morning. Matt’s favourite of the trip was Cuba Libre, and mine was Blue Lagoon – it tasted like ice lollies!
Pink and blue sky
View from the beach restaurant (this day was so cloudy but so hot!)
I mean… 😍
He’s just the cutest thing I ever did see
Feel so lucky and blessed to have woken up to this view every day, with my favourite person
Dinner with a view
Our favourite little spot right outside our apartment – every time we walked past (several times a day) we commented on how beautiful it was
Bright buildings and even brighter flowers (Matt tried to convince me that part of  a plant down here was a huge tarantula!)
Pool snack
Thank you Matthew, my personal photographer
I love palm trees
It should have been coming home ☹️
My handsome man 😍 oh my gosh I love him
My best friend. My boyfriend. My love x
Dinner views at sunset
Balcony views
When we went to breakfast on our first day and seen this view from the lobby we were in awe! (We arrived really late at night so everything was dark)
Cute little street in Kardamena
Our view for 7 days whilst lazing about on a sun lounger
Lunch by the beach
The sunsets were so beautiful
As it was so hazy out to sea, throughout the week it seemed like more and more islands appeared in the distance
Pre dinner drinks on the balcony – Matt was so excited to have another Mythos and well, I just love a strawberry and lime cider!
Dinner date with the love of my life ❤️
I miss this view SO much
But nothing compares to THIS view! I love you Matthew ❤️
My favourite hand to hold. Yes we got matching bracelets because we are cute, okay?
Just another beautiful sunset from the terrace
Sat in the lobby waiting to be picked up on our last night… the dusky sunsets were just so perfect
Snuggling into him on the plane home (check out those tan lines!) he cuddled me in and made sure I was comfy to go to sleep… seriously, how did I ever get so lucky!?

-G x

Five Things I Need To Stop Doing

white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
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Hi, loves!

To begin with, I’d like to make one thing very clear; I am generally a very happy person and am so grateful for everything I have. My wonderful boyfriend Matt is my absolute rock; he is a little ray of sunshine in my life and I have an indescribable love for him. My family and friends are so supportive and loving, and I truly have a great life. However, as hard as this is to admit, sometimes I still feel a little bogged down and in a rut

Inspired by a post the lovely Niamh O’Sullivan at Cinnamon Soul (one of my favourite bloggers) wrote last year, I decided to look at things I want to actively stop doing to make my life a little easier and brighter. Warning: *it’s another personal one*  here’s five things I”m going to try to stop doing over the next few months;


Okay, this is definitely easier said than done. My grandma used to say when I was a little girl I’d carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, and honestly that has never changed. I fret over things I can change, things I can’t change and everything in-between. I often over think and over analyse to the point I’m in tears; then end up worrying because I’m worried. Exhausting, right?! I am so lucky that I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders; I talk to my boyfriend about anything and everything; yet I still stress myself out like you wouldn’t believe. I think sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head, I definitely am known to make a mountain out a mole hill and it’s not a positive trait. After an extensive Amazon search I decided to order You Do You by Sarah Knight, to see if I can maybe slightly retrain my thinking and learn that, even though deep down I do know, I cannot change anything by worrying, so why bother?! 

Planning Everything

Similarly to the whole worrying thing, I also try to plan my life to a T. Again, it’s getting exhausting! I have always liked routine and normality, and I definitely shy away from change, but over the past two to three years I feel I have taken planning to an extreme. I really would like to be more spontaneous and enjoy surprises. My poor boyfriend can’t even plan anything for us because I always end up begging to know what we’re doing (to be fair, he can’t keep secrets so this probably won’t change 🙊). I would love to be a little more carefree and go with the flow – I can’t remember ever having gone with the flow so this is going to be tricky! I’m going to try to strip back the ‘planner’ in me layer by layer, like cutting an onion. Hopefully minus the tears. I think having an idea of what I’m doing on any given day, but letting the day just run its course, could be a great start. (Not to be pessimistic, but I definitely think this is going to be the hardest one!)

Comparing Myself To Others

I think we are all a little guilty of this. Whether it’s a celebrity or a peer, sometimes other people’s lives seem to be all glitz and glam, leaving yours feeling a little bit boring and naff. Obviously, nine times out of ten, other people’s perfect lives are not-so-perfect, and there’s no need to compare. I think social media – especially Instagram – plays a huge part in this way of thinking; Instagram is often only highlight reels of peoples’ lives. I have to be completely honest and say I never find myself wishing I actually was someone else, or had what they have (I mean, the Kardashians’ handbag collection would definitely not be sniffed at, given the chance) but sometimes I do get a little down on me and what have. To combat this I have started to write a little list of things I’m grateful for in my Notes app every day. Although I like the idea of doing this every morning or night, I thought this would feel more genuine and true to myself if it was at any point in the day – when I genuinely feel grateful for something, not when I feel like I have to write something down. So far, so good!

Beating Myself Up

I find this quite hard to admit, but I am pretty damn hard on myself sometimes. I am the first to sing my loved ones’ praises, yet when it comes to myself I always feel I could have done more. I tend to tell myself that even when I’ve done something well, I could have done it better. Or, even worse, I don’t believe other people’s words and find it hard to believe they are proud of me. This way of thinking is definitely not healthy and I should be as proud of my achievements as I am of others. I didn’t quite realise how often I did this until I was talking about it with Matt one evening, half-laughing about being a perfectionist, when the penny dropped. If I make a mistake, or speak out of turn, or even do something silly like smile/wave at someone who wasn’t smiling/waving at me (yep, that happened) I rethink it over and over to the point it’s ingrained in my mind forever. I’m hoping the afore-mentioned gratitidue list may help with this a little bit, but if anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them?!

Not Living In The Moment

This is something I feel terrible guilt about and wish I could change with a click of my fingers. I have had so many amazing moments over the years that I have not fully appreciated because I was already thinking about the next thing (it’s the planner in me!) or trying to make sure everything was perfect at that very moment. Over the past year or so, I have realised that living in the moment is a lot more fun and I’m actively trying to work at this. I am so lucky that my life is so full of love and happiness, and I truly want to enjoy every moment. I really value quality time especially and am trying to make sure I enjoy every little second of it. If you follow my Instagram it’s no secret I love documenting my activities/thoughts/feelings via my Story, but I cherish all the moments that aren’t featured on there even more

Well, there you have it – baring my soul on the internet is a little more intimidating than I thought it would be! I’d love to know if you agree with any of my confessions above, and if you have anything you’d like to stop doing? My plan (yep, there I go again) is to update you in six months with (hopefully) good news on my progress!

Thank you so much for reading!

-G x

Holiday Favourites

sea sky beach holiday
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Hi, loves!

As you may have seen from my two previous posts, I have just been on holiday with my lovely boyfriend, Matthew. We had the most amazing time, I feel so grateful and blessed, I don’t quite have the words to express how much! Next Thursday I’ll be sharing a some personal photographs and a little round up of our time in Kos, however this post is all related to fashion and beauty – hooray!

*Apologies some of these photos are a little naff – I reviewed them in bright sunshine, oops! Note to self: must work harder*

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede


This is my favourite perfume of all time (along with La Vie Est Belle by Lancome), I just love it. This bottle is extra special as Matthew bought it for me. I love to wear this perfume in Spring/Summer especially! As the name suggests it is a floral scent; it’s light and feminine and I always get compliments when I wear it. This perfume already reminds me of my boyfriend for various reasons, however now it will always remind me of our first holiday in Kos which makes me very happy!

Clinique Take The Day Off


I already raved about this cleanser in my skincare routine, but I truly love this product! As I mentioned in that post, I have been reaching for this every night, so I had to take it on holiday. I only wore makeup in the evenings, and even then I wore very little, but taking it off with this this kept my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. The smell is very typical of Clinique; it’s like having a little facial every night before bed. If you haven’t tried this I’d highly recommend, even more so if you’re popping through duty free any time soon (VAT free prices are a little easier to justify, right?) 

Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder


My favourite setting powder of all time! I used to think the Laura Mercier loose powder everyone raves about was the best thing since sliced bread, but after trying out the Kat Von D powder I am totally sold on it. The only downside is the packaging is a little bulky (although when I was putting all of the links into this post I came across a travel size powder – genius!) The size of the packaging didn’t really matter however; I knew I had to take this on holiday as it would keep my makeup from sliding off my face! The powder is very fine and never looks cakey on the skin. Even in 30 degree heat and very high humidity, this really did lock my makeup in place all night. I see what you did there, Kat!

Nivea After Sun


This is the best after sun of all time in my opinion, it’s the only one I’ve found to really work and calm down any redness from sunburn. Pro tip: keep your after sun in the fridge throughout your holiday, then when you apply it post-shower you feel so refreshed! Matt and I used this every night before we went for our evening meal and it worked a treat – the smell is heavenly, it’s just like a holiday in a bottle! Even though we shared this bottle (and definitely applied liberally) we still had loads left at the end of the holiday, so I’d definitely recommend grabbing the bigger size if you’re heading on holiday any time soon. Or, if you’ve been out and about in your back garden – this little heatwave is glorious!

Revolution Concealer


Around a week before we went on holiday, I popped into Superdrug and browsed the Revolution counter. This and *spoiler* the lipstick I talk about below, were the only products I picked up and I already can’t wait to browse the rest of the collection! The price point is amazing – this was only four pounds! FOUR! I picked up the shade C3 which is perfect for the light tan I got in Kos – I’m super fair skinned and don’t usually tan at all, so having a little bit of a tan feels amazing! The coverage is great and comparable to my old faithful, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have been using this on a hyperpigmentation spot I have and any other blemishes/redness; I always apply my foundation very lightly during the summer so rely on my concealer for a little extra coverage. I was so impressed with this concealer I’ve already ordered a few more online! 

These Lip Combos


As I only wore makeup for the evening, I didn’t really have much time to play around with different lip shades. Also, I’m a big fan of pinky-nude lips and feel like they go with every outfit/makeup look. Throughout the week, I wore the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk (my favourite every day lip liner!) with either the Revolution lipstick in Chauffeur or the By Terry Baume de Rose lipgloss. The Revolution lipstick is so creamy and pigmented; it lasted on my lips throughout all the kisses I gave Matt (cute) and all the cocktails we consumed – this may be slightly down to the lip liner too! I really love the By Terry lipgloss, this was a last minute duty-free purchase (oops!) but I’m already planning to buy the full size when this runs out. For a lipgloss it definitely didn’t feel sticky on the lips and was comfortable to wear, top marks all round!



Okay, let’s be honest here, I have no idea how to pose in photos! I cringe at the thought of getting photos taken by myself (unless a Snapchat filter is involved). I also couldn’t do anything with my hair due to the humidity, and had forgotten extra bobby pins, hence the messy bun in every photo… *another lesson learnt for next time!* I’d like to say a big thank you to Matt who did his best to make me giggle and feel slightly more confident, but please bare with me until I feel a little more comfortable infront of the camera!

I wore a few outfits I loved this holiday but I thought I’d choose just three to share with you. This crop top and mom jean shorts (from Zara, sold out) combo felt very Greek chic, I just love the colours white and blue together. 

The jumpsuit is hands down my favourite outfit and I can’t wait to wear it again! Matt and I are heading to a family birthday party this weekend and I think I might have to wear this, it was so comfy and felt flattering – I’m not used to wearing anything flowy on my bottom half as I’m very much a leggings/skinny jeans girl, however this might be a game changer.

I was a big fan of the shorts I wore in the last outfit – they sat perfectly and although were a little big on the waist they felt roomy (thank goodness, because we were all inclusive…) and looked flattering. This stripe crop top (from Topshop, also sold out) was so adorable I couldn’t resist.

I wore the same sandals pretty much every night because they were so comfy and went with everything. I kept my jewellery throughout the week very simple – my Pandora bracelet and one or two Missoma necklaces was more than enough. It was so hot and, to be honest, I was so relaxed, enjoying my time with my boyfriend, the jewellery I was wearing was the very least of my concerns!

 I’d love to know any of your holiday favourites or must-haves? Thanks so much for reading!

-G x

Monthly Recap: June

shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky
Photo by Susanne suju on

I genuinely can’t believe it’s July, this month has flown by! June was the best month of the year so far and I’m so excited to tell you all about it!

Ed Sheeran Divide Tour

The concert was a very sweet, thoughtful gift from Matt for my birthday and I had been looking forward to it SO much! After practically skipping out of work at 2.30pm to get ready for the night it’s safe to say I had very high hopes! Matt and I headed into town and met all our friends at the pub. Typical Geordies.

We had a few drinks and set off to the concert. As we arrived at St. James’ Park, Jamie Lawson was already mid-set; we only heard his last four songs but he was really good! We spent a while taking photos (obviously), then found our spot for the evening right in the middle of the pitch. Matt was more excited that he was standing on the pitch at his team’s stadium than he was for the concert!

Two of my lovely friends, Meg and Eilish, somehow spotted Matt in the madness of the crowd and joined us for the night; we had the best time dancing and laughing and ‘singing’ (shouting) together. I absolutely adore these two and it was so nice to spend the night with them too! Anne-Marie was Ed’s second support act and she was amazing; I only knew a few songs of hers but that didn’t stop me from singing and dancing like I was a number one fan girl. *cringe!* As soon as Ed came on the venue seemed suddenly 10 x more full; the crowd was SO loud and the atmosphere was amazing. Remember, I had very high expectations and I honestly didn’t realise quite how amazing he would be. His voice is exactly the same as it is in a recording studio; he is so talented and I am so thankful I got to see him live! A couple also got engaged right infront of us which was so sweet. 

I was a little bit nervous about the idea of the concert because I sometimes feel a little nervous or anxious being surrounded by people with no easy exit but everything was fine! Pushing through the crowd was actually quite funny; I was on a constant repeat of “Sorry, excuse me, sorry, can I just? Excuse me, I’m so sorry, excuse me” – I have never felt so British!

It was one of the best nights of my life and I still can’t believe I got to see Ed live! Listening to him on Spotify will never be the same.


June was a good month all round for Matt and I. Matt achieved his biggest career goal yet; he was promoted to Store Manager! Keeping the news a secret from everyone bar our families for a whole week was so tough – I can’t help it, I want to shout from the rooftops about all his successes and let the world know how great he is! Matt has been working towards this for a long time and I can’t explain how happy I am he’s got there. He is the most hardworking person I know, and is so deserving of his success. I’m his number one fan and SO proud of him. Congratulations baby, I love you (and I can’t wait to pop the champagne!)

It was also the month I started my blog! My first post went live on June 10th and I am SO happy I took the plunge to do something I’ve always wanted to do. As my post went live, Matt and I went out for Sunday lunch (what’s new?) and spent the evening with his parents. I didn’t check my phone for hours – I was so shocked just in the first day to see how many people had viewed my posts! I am also very much overwhelmed by how many sweet comments I’ve received, from people I know and people I don’t. Matt and my close friends have been so supportive it truly means the world. Writing my blog is so much fun, and it’s become an outlet I didn’t quite know I needed (as you may have seen from my previous post!) Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you lovely people who are enjoying my blog, and I hope you like the content coming in July. 


This is going to be pretty brief seeing as my next post (and several more throughout this month) will be all about Kos! Matt and I are currently, at the time of writing this, on our first sunny holiday together and it is amazing. Spending all of our time together, literally 24/7 is the best thing ever. Waking up every morning to a beautiful view (it’s quite picturesque outside too ;)) and enjoying our days lazing about in the sun, eating all of the food and drinking all of the cocktails is just perfect. I’d suggest you head on over to my Instagram @gilllianfinnx for a peak at what we’ve been up to this past week. Spoiler: not a whole lot!

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know the highlights of your month?

-G x