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Hi, loves!

As you may have seen from my two previous posts, I have just been on holiday with my lovely boyfriend, Matthew. We had the most amazing time, I feel so grateful and blessed, I don’t quite have the words to express how much! Next Thursday I’ll be sharing a some personal photographs and a little round up of our time in Kos, however this post is all related to fashion and beauty – hooray!

*Apologies some of these photos are a little naff – I reviewed them in bright sunshine, oops! Note to self: must work harder*

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede


This is my favourite perfume of all time (along with La Vie Est Belle by Lancome), I just love it. This bottle is extra special as Matthew bought it for me. I love to wear this perfume in Spring/Summer especially! As the name suggests it is a floral scent; it’s light and feminine and I always get compliments when I wear it. This perfume already reminds me of my boyfriend for various reasons, however now it will always remind me of our first holiday in Kos which makes me very happy!

Clinique Take The Day Off


I already raved about this cleanser in my skincare routine, but I truly love this product! As I mentioned in that post, I have been reaching for this every night, so I had to take it on holiday. I only wore makeup in the evenings, and even then I wore very little, but taking it off with this this kept my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. The smell is very typical of Clinique; it’s like having a little facial every night before bed. If you haven’t tried this I’d highly recommend, even more so if you’re popping through duty free any time soon (VAT free prices are a little easier to justify, right?) 

Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder


My favourite setting powder of all time! I used to think the Laura Mercier loose powder everyone raves about was the best thing since sliced bread, but after trying out the Kat Von D powder I am totally sold on it. The only downside is the packaging is a little bulky (although when I was putting all of the links into this post I came across a travel size powder – genius!) The size of the packaging didn’t really matter however; I knew I had to take this on holiday as it would keep my makeup from sliding off my face! The powder is very fine and never looks cakey on the skin. Even in 30 degree heat and very high humidity, this really did lock my makeup in place all night. I see what you did there, Kat!

Nivea After Sun


This is the best after sun of all time in my opinion, it’s the only one I’ve found to really work and calm down any redness from sunburn. Pro tip: keep your after sun in the fridge throughout your holiday, then when you apply it post-shower you feel so refreshed! Matt and I used this every night before we went for our evening meal and it worked a treat – the smell is heavenly, it’s just like a holiday in a bottle! Even though we shared this bottle (and definitely applied liberally) we still had loads left at the end of the holiday, so I’d definitely recommend grabbing the bigger size if you’re heading on holiday any time soon. Or, if you’ve been out and about in your back garden – this little heatwave is glorious!

Revolution Concealer


Around a week before we went on holiday, I popped into Superdrug and browsed the Revolution counter. This and *spoiler* the lipstick I talk about below, were the only products I picked up and I already can’t wait to browse the rest of the collection! The price point is amazing – this was only four pounds! FOUR! I picked up the shade C3 which is perfect for the light tan I got in Kos – I’m super fair skinned and don’t usually tan at all, so having a little bit of a tan feels amazing! The coverage is great and comparable to my old faithful, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have been using this on a hyperpigmentation spot I have and any other blemishes/redness; I always apply my foundation very lightly during the summer so rely on my concealer for a little extra coverage. I was so impressed with this concealer I’ve already ordered a few more online! 

These Lip Combos


As I only wore makeup for the evening, I didn’t really have much time to play around with different lip shades. Also, I’m a big fan of pinky-nude lips and feel like they go with every outfit/makeup look. Throughout the week, I wore the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk (my favourite every day lip liner!) with either the Revolution lipstick in Chauffeur or the By Terry Baume de Rose lipgloss. The Revolution lipstick is so creamy and pigmented; it lasted on my lips throughout all the kisses I gave Matt (cute) and all the cocktails we consumed – this may be slightly down to the lip liner too! I really love the By Terry lipgloss, this was a last minute duty-free purchase (oops!) but I’m already planning to buy the full size when this runs out. For a lipgloss it definitely didn’t feel sticky on the lips and was comfortable to wear, top marks all round!



Okay, let’s be honest here, I have no idea how to pose in photos! I cringe at the thought of getting photos taken by myself (unless a Snapchat filter is involved). I also couldn’t do anything with my hair due to the humidity, and had forgotten extra bobby pins, hence the messy bun in every photo… *another lesson learnt for next time!* I’d like to say a big thank you to Matt who did his best to make me giggle and feel slightly more confident, but please bare with me until I feel a little more comfortable infront of the camera!

I wore a few outfits I loved this holiday but I thought I’d choose just three to share with you. This crop top and mom jean shorts (from Zara, sold out) combo felt very Greek chic, I just love the colours white and blue together. 

The jumpsuit is hands down my favourite outfit and I can’t wait to wear it again! Matt and I are heading to a family birthday party this weekend and I think I might have to wear this, it was so comfy and felt flattering – I’m not used to wearing anything flowy on my bottom half as I’m very much a leggings/skinny jeans girl, however this might be a game changer.

I was a big fan of the shorts I wore in the last outfit – they sat perfectly and although were a little big on the waist they felt roomy (thank goodness, because we were all inclusive…) and looked flattering. This stripe crop top (from Topshop, also sold out) was so adorable I couldn’t resist.

I wore the same sandals pretty much every night because they were so comfy and went with everything. I kept my jewellery throughout the week very simple – my Pandora bracelet and one or two Missoma necklaces was more than enough. It was so hot and, to be honest, I was so relaxed, enjoying my time with my boyfriend, the jewellery I was wearing was the very least of my concerns!

 I’d love to know any of your holiday favourites or must-haves? Thanks so much for reading!

-G x