Kos With My Love

summer abstract swimming pool
Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com

Welcome back, loves!

As I’m sure you’ll know by now, if you’ve read my last few posts or follow me on Instagram, at the end of June, Matt and I went on our first holiday together to Kos. 

We spent the whole week just relaxing; playing in the pool, eating all of the food, drinking cocktails and just enjoying being together. We totally lost sense of what time or even which day it was and that was one of the best things – we were so chilled out!

We fell into our little routine of how our days were spent and it was just perfect. Matt has been so busy with work it was lovely to see him unwind and relax. We got to really enjoy our quality time – something I’m so grateful for. We’re very good at making quality time a priority in our relationship on a day-to-day basis – we’re together pretty much every night of the week and are always doing fun things – but sometimes by the time we’re home from work and had dinner together, it’s time to go to sleep before we know it. In Kos there was no rushing about, and that was a dream! The weather was great, if I’m being honest it was sometimes too hot, but we had 13 huge pools to choose from for a dip, so we could definitely cope with that! 

As the World Cup was on during our holiday we spent part of most nights watching the games, which was so fun. Matt is a huge football fan and I actually really enjoy it too. There were people staying at our hotel of all different nationalities so that made it even more exciting! Our favourite member of staff at the hotel (Sarah – she was so sweet!) worked at the bar right next to where the World Cup was showing, so we had to go see her! 

One evening we went into Kardamena and had a little wander through the town – little being the word as there really isn’t much there! It was a cute, quaint little area and very picturesque. Matt finally got to try a Mythos on this night which he was very excited about; he loved it! I really wish I had taken more photos of Kardamena but I wasn’t feeling great – unfortunately I was unwell on and off for three days of the holiday. (I never get ill so this happening whilst on holiday was the worst luck EVER)! Nevertheless it didn’t ruin anything – you can lay on a sun lounger no matter how you feel, right?! Also, if I don’t sing his praises enough, Matt was an absolute gem and looked after me so well. Have I mentioned how much I bloody love him?!

I really miss our laid-back routine and spending all of our time together so much, although I fully appreciated it when we were there and enjoyed every second! I also really miss eating feta cheese every day (LOL), I don’t know how but it truly tastes better in Greece! 

I am so grateful to my wonderful boyfriend for making Kos the best holiday! We love travelling together and exploring new places; I am so excited for all our future trips holidays to come. We are really hoping to go to the Caribbean next year, Cuba is very high on his list and Punta Cana is very high on mine… so we’ll probably be heading to Cuba! Making memories of any kind with him is my favourite thing in the world, and exploring the world together is just a bonus â¤ī¸ (side note: we’re heading to Belfast at the end of this month and hoping to squeeze in a city break in Madrid later this year… any tips/recommendations would be so helpful and appreciated)!

I’d love to share some of our holiday photos with you!

Flying over Europe
Our first day, heading for breakfast
The beautiful view from our balcony
Atlantica Porto Bello Royal, Kos
Our first night. He is so handsome!!
One of the 13 (!) pools
My favourite person
I love you, Matthew x
My boy
This little church/chapel was so cute
We loved the breakfasts
…and the cocktails (Aperol Spritz & a Cuba Libre)
The hotel entrance
Matthew read Howard Webb’s book and LOVED it!
*ignore the frizzy hair* – these little pj’s from Primark were such a good buy! I only wore them whilst getting ready on the balcony but they’re so cute
I find this so funny… sums us right up because he always waits for me to get ready, then when I am he’s never done his hair! Good job he’s cute hehe
The most handsome man I ever did see
Little bit obsessed with this jumpsuit
Dang baby hairs
His kisses are everything 😍
My heart!!!
Every day we loved watching the planes coming in/taking off – the planes flew so low sometimes you could pretty much see the passengers inside!
View from breakfast
…yes I’m five (it tasted SO good and I wish you could get these in the UK)
Cocktails on a cloudy morning. Matt’s favourite of the trip was Cuba Libre, and mine was Blue Lagoon – it tasted like ice lollies!
Pink and blue sky
View from the beach restaurant (this day was so cloudy but so hot!)
I mean… 😍
He’s just the cutest thing I ever did see
Feel so lucky and blessed to have woken up to this view every day, with my favourite person
Dinner with a view
Our favourite little spot right outside our apartment – every time we walked past (several times a day) we commented on how beautiful it was
Bright buildings and even brighter flowers (Matt tried to convince me that part of  a plant down here was a huge tarantula!)
Pool snack
Thank you Matthew, my personal photographer
I love palm trees
It should have been coming home ☚ī¸
My handsome man 😍 oh my gosh I love him
My best friend. My boyfriend. My love x
Dinner views at sunset
Balcony views
When we went to breakfast on our first day and seen this view from the lobby we were in awe! (We arrived really late at night so everything was dark)
Cute little street in Kardamena
Our view for 7 days whilst lazing about on a sun lounger
Lunch by the beach
The sunsets were so beautiful
As it was so hazy out to sea, throughout the week it seemed like more and more islands appeared in the distance
Pre dinner drinks on the balcony – Matt was so excited to have another Mythos and well, I just love a strawberry and lime cider!
Dinner date with the love of my life ❤ī¸
I miss this view SO much
But nothing compares to THIS view! I love you Matthew â¤ī¸
My favourite hand to hold. Yes we got matching bracelets because we are cute, okay?
Just another beautiful sunset from the terrace
Sat in the lobby waiting to be picked up on our last night… the dusky sunsets were just so perfect
Snuggling into him on the plane home (check out those tan lines!) he cuddled me in and made sure I was comfy to go to sleep… seriously, how did I ever get so lucky!?

-G x

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