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Happy Sunday, loves!

I am very excited to share today’s post with you – I am so nosey and find these posts so interesting. ‘What’s in my bag’ videos are part of the reason I started to get into YouTube and the whole community originally – as lame as it sounds I loved watching them, and I still do! Years ago they were one of the most popular videos uploaded by the ‘big’ names in the YouTube world, and I wish they’d come back in popularity! Occasionally when someone gets an amazing new designer bag they will film/post about it but that’s not enough – I need more

So, I’d love to show you through what’s in my bag! This is typically my weekend or evening bag, although sometimes if I’m having a busy Sunday night I don’t end up changing back to a bigger bag and use this throughout the work week. At the time of writing this/taking the photos, it hadn’t been cleared out for almost two weeks…


This bag is my favourite crossbody; it’s the Arla from Kate Spade New York and I adore it. It’s the perfect size for during the day or night out – or both! I can fit all my essentials in, plus some non-essentials as you will see. I can also squeeze Matt’s sunglasses case in here – does anyone else’s boyfriend manage to use your bag as theirs?! Good job he’s cute, eh!


The most important thing in any girl’s bag – my purse! I bought this beautiful cardholder from YSL in September 2016 and I’ve used it every day since. I would love to pick up a new colour but I really can’t justify it when this one is still in perfect condition, and trust me I’ve not always been as careful as I should be with it! I do however love this colour – it’s a lovely taupe and the silver hardware is my favourite; even though my bag has gold accents, I am really a silver girl at heart. I can fit all the essential cards in here – my debit card, driving license, Costco card (the most important, right?!), Boots loyalty card and my M&S Sparks card. Yes, I am 24 going on 54… but those Sparks deals are worth it as Matt and I buy so much food from there!

My car keys are always in my bag as I drive every day. That being said, any time I go anywhere with Matt (which is most days) he tends to drive – he hates being a passenger! I have a little red Viva; she’s called Ruby and she’s super cute; I absolutely love my car. I’m due to upgrade in a few months and I’m genuinely considering getting another Viva, or maybe a new VW polo. All of my keyrings have a little story behind them and they’re pretty cute – they also make it much easier to find my keys in a bigger bag! The pink Katie Loxton was a gift from my mam and dad when I passed my driving test. The dolphin keyring up was something I picked up when Matt and I were in Kos – I really love dolphins, so much so that when I was little I used to want to be a dolphin trainer. I (was very lucky and) visited Florida too much as a kid so thought this was a normal job. Then my favourite keyring is the little rose gold elephant – Matt has a matching one in dark grey, they are ‘kissing elephants’ – I just thought they were too cute!


The beauty bits, in summary;

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla – my favourite!!
  • MAC Next to Nothing pressed powder – my favourite powder to get rid of any shine that appears throughout the day. Also great if, like me, you cry laugh all the time – your face will look good as new!
  • Tangle Teezer – a must-have for me! I wish this had an in-built handle but nothing smooths my hair like this does
  • Lip products – they’re my favourite! I used to carry at least five to ten lipsticks on a daily basis, but now I really don’t see the need
  • Lip balm and nail file – no explanation needed…
  • Lush Charity Pot – I like to carry a teeny little moisturiser with me just in case
  • ABH brow wiz – I don’t quite know why I take my eyebrow pencil but I’ve done it for years, and why fix something that’s not broken?!
  • MAC Turquatic rollerball – my favourite perfume to top up with throughout the day. It just smells so lovely and fresh, a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up
  • Dior Blooming Bouquet rollerball – I wouldn’t usually carry two perfumes in my bag, but it is such a beautiful scent!


Let’s not forget all the miscellaneous stuff;

  • A pen (this one is from the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin where Matt and I stayed in March, and it’s the best writer! Maybe I can convince him we need to go back just so I can pick up another…)
  • My pill and Nurofen – I have arthritis so Nurofen is a must-have
  • Too many bobby pins and a spare Invisibobble – if I don’t have one in my hair I always have one on my wrist too
  • Hand sanitizer – the granny in me needs a hand sanitizer in my bag at all times, and this comes in SO handy, Matt is always asking to use it!
  • Hand lotion – just as important as hand sanitizer… I love this one from Bath and Body Works especially, it smells so good and it’s not at all sticky
  • Chewing gum – I never have to buy gum as Matt buys the huge packs at Costco and always shares! He’s a cutie
  • Socks – Okay so I take my shoes off at work very often, and I really don’t like walking around in bare feet (obviously) so I keep a spare pair of socks in my bag just in case! I also have some in my drawer so these aren’t really required, but they’re cute – Matt bought them for me because I’m always stealing his socks, hah! (It didn’t work, I still steal his socks 🙂 )
  • Office keys – I really need to put these on a keyring 
  • My loyalty card for my nail salon – a necessity really
  • A tea bag – I took lots of these from our hotel room in Kos (owt for nowt, eh?) and this is one of my favourite flavours 
  • Boost bar – erm… LOL. If you know me you know I always carry an emergency chocolate bar, I’m not proud of it but it’s true!

Not pictured: my phone, which is an iPhone 7 Plus in black and I bloody love it! I thought I made a mistake getting the bigger size originally, but after a few days I was so glad I got the bigger version. I would usually have a portable phone charger in my bag too – this is the one I have and it works great – but Matthew currently has it!

I’d seriously like to know what items you have in your bag – yes, I’m so nosey! Hope you enjoyed this post, thankfully my bag wasn’t too messy this time, I just carry a lot of unnecessary stuff!

-G x

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