Gin with Gills: #1


Welcome back, loves!

If you’re a little confused by the title, let me explain…

Since I started my blog I have been trying to work out how I can do a ‘series’. I finally came up with an idea, where each month I will talk about a topic (specifically, one word) and how it affects my life; and then in turn maybe give you a little ‘food for thought’ on how it may affect yours. As with everything on my blog it will be very personal and very much from my perspective. I think topics will vary a lot – I have a few ideas already but I’d love to know if there’s anything specific you’d like me to focus on, feel free to request anything via Instagram or Twitter. Right now the plan is for a new post in this series on the last Sunday of every month. This might be a completely terrible idea and you’ll never see another post like this – but let’s see!

So, as I sit down with a glass of gin (Edinburgh Raspberry gin with lemonade and lots of ice cubes is my tipple of choice) let’s delve in…


I really try to find joy in the little things in life. I was recently told by someone I once had a lot of love and time for, that I am a negative person, and it really knocked me for six. I do not believe that to be true, at all, and thankfully neither does anyone I’ve confided in about it. I really try to see the positive side of things even when it’s hard; this is something I have gotten much better at over the past year or so, as my boyfriend is so good at thinking like this! His positive attitude definitely rubs off on everyone around him, and I love that. 

I, as I admitted in this post, worry about everything and get myself upset over the most ridiculous things, but I don’t feel that is me being ‘negative’. I think showing natural emotions – worry, sadness, grief etc – does not necessarily take away from any happiness you have. We don’t have to be happy every second of every day to prove our happiness. We don’t have to prove our happiness at all – I really think this is a common misconception and we always have to be doing The Next Best Thing, just so people know how good we’ve got it. I really like sharing my life on social media, to be honest for nobody but myself; but I don’t hide the bad or showcase the good, I just show what I’m doing/feeling. I admit however, that if I’m having a down day or not feeling good about myself, I’m very unlikely to post that. It’s swings and roundabouts – but social media is definitely not everything in life!

As cheesy as it is, I can truly say right now I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life, and I’m beyond thankful for all of the people and things that make my life so good. I sometimes find it hard to believe how happy I really am – I get a horrible gut feeling that something is going to go wrong; almost like I don’t deserve to be this happy. Obviously, this is ridiculous and I totally believe everyone deserves all the happiness in the world, it’s just sometimes you sit back and really see how good everything is!

I know speaking from personal experience I can play a loop of ‘I’m so worried about X’ and ‘I can’t believe I did X’ over and over – yet I very rarely think ‘I really loved when X did X for me’ or ‘I appreciated X taking time out of his/her day to help with that’ over and over again. I think shifting focus to feel grateful can really make you feel happier; it helps you look at the positives and in turn, that becomes your focus. For example, some mornings I really don’t want to go to work (I mean, I’m sure everyone feels like this!) Instead of whinging that I’d rather be in bed snuggling Matthew – I mean, I always would rather be in bed snuggling Matthew – I try to think how lucky I am to have a job, how lucky I am to work with amazing people and how grateful I am for the life I’m able to have because of my job! Shifting my focus in any train of thought generally always makes me feel happier, and I’d highly recommend doing the same if this is something you struggle with.

So, I invite you to also make a list of 20 little things that make you incredibly happy – literally anything that makes you feel that little spark of joy from the pit of your stomach. 

As I obviously can’t expect you to do something I wouldn’t, I’d like to share with you my list;

  1. Falling asleep and waking up with Matthew – I’ll never take our goodnight/good morning kisses for granted
  2. Walking in fresh snow for the first time
  3. Cashiers at the supermarket saying ‘have a nice day’
  4. When every traffic light on my commute is green 
  5. Fresh gel nails
  6. The feeling of laying on a sun lounger and being so hot you think you might pass out, then a slight breeze just brushes over you and all is right with the world again
  7. That first sip of wine on date night
  8. Seeing a cute dog and going over to pet him/her
  9. Holding Matthew’s hand
  10. When the leaves start to turn to golden shades of yellow, orange and red
  11. Seeing twinkling Christmas lights when it’s super cold and dark
  12. The sound of rain hitting the window or wind whistling through the street when we’re falling asleep
  13. Getting into a hot bubble bath after a long day
  14. Having long chatty phone calls with my besties whilst driving
  15. When food and drink packaging suddenly has Santa Claus’ face all over it… my Christmas spirit is real!
  16. Undoing the top button on my high waisted jeans after I’ve eaten too much food 
  17. Having fresh flowers in my room (Matt recently sent me flowers when he was away and it was hands down the happiest I’d felt the whole time he was gone! Full disclosure: I cried a lot, as you might expect if you’ve read my blog for a while. Happy tears are okay, right?)
  18. Wearing a new pretty underwear set for the first time
  19. A cosy night in with my boyfriend. Ideally with Chinese food, wine, lots of candles and blankets
  20. Receiving lovely comments about a blog post that took a lot of time/effort. Seriously, I appreciate people reading so much, and even more when people take the time to message me and tell me what they liked/how they related – thank you!

So, that’s my list! Of course there are so many other things that make me feel happy, but those were the ones that first came to mind. I’d love for you to compile your own list; you don’t have to share it of course, but it’s a good feeling to look at all the things we sometimes take for granted or overlook. 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know your thoughts on the style of this post?

-G x

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