A Week In Finances

Happy Thursday, loves!

Today’s post is something a little different, but I’m hoping it’ll be somewhat interesting for you to read. If you’re anything like me you probably find yourself wondering where the heck your money actually goes…

I don’t spend beyond my means, but I really have been spending more than I ever have before – and honestly I don’t really know what that money is spent on (bar food)! Matt and I have been very aware over the past few months we’ve spent way more than we usually would (it has been a jam packed Summer!) but we’ve decided enough is enough. Over the next few months we’re really wanting to cut down on spending as much money and save more for our future – our house isn’t going to buy itself, after all.

I am going to take you through my week and share with you everything I spend during this time. I’ll probably give you a little round up of what I got up to through the day too. As Matt and I have not yet cut back on spending, I feel this is probably going to be a little eye opening and hopefully will give me a good indication of what I need to cut down on in the future.

One thing to bare in mind; this is just a regular week in my life. I work in Accounts & Purchasing in a regular Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm job. Matt is a Store Manager and his hours vary day by day, but this is a good week where we’re able to spend lots of quality time together – yay! Let’s dive in:

Sunday 5th August

love Sundays! As much as I’d have loved to go out for breakfast this morning, Matt and I had breakfast in bed; we tried overnight oats for the first time and were very pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately Matt was at work 9am-5pm (why is this never his shift on a week day!?) so I had the day to myself, and I went to run a few errands. I went to Lidl to get a few extra bits to go with our dinner that evening – I picked up chorizo, an onion, a red pepper and a bar of chocolate for my mam – which cost approx £4.00 – I lost the receipt, oops! I also popped into Aldi to get halloumi fries and spent £1.99, you really need to try these if you haven’t already. We had a cute night in the house when Matt finished work, cooking steaks and snuggling up together, the perfect way to spend a Sunday night!

Total spend: £5.99

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Monday 6th August

Matt and I really struggled to get up this morning, we were so sleepy. I grabbed breakfast at work for free, and took lunch so I didn’t spend a penny. Today was the Mondayest of Mondays – I was so happy to snuggle into Matt and go to sleep you’ve no idea! We had planned to have pasta with meatballs (which we’d already purchased) but Matt had to stay late at work – an extra three hours – so he didn’t get home until after 9pm and by then we couldn’t be bothered to cook. This resulted in a quick trip to the Indian takeaway and I spent £18.20 on our food – it was delicious though, and worth every penny!

Total spend: £18.20

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Tuesday 7th August

We had overnight oats again this morning, we’re making a start on planning ahead! After work today I went to M&S to get our dinner for tomorrow – I picked up chicken provencal, mash potato and a vegetable medley – then I got a tin of chicken and vegetable soup for my dinner tonight. Matt’s working late and it’s the only day of the week we’re not together (still sucks though)! I also grabbed a packet of tropical fish sweets, they’re only 50p and so good. I spent around £12.00 but I didn’t take the receipt; helping the environment and all, but blogging fail. On the way home I went to get petrol – one of the most tedious tasks – and spent £21.01 to fill up my tank, how annoying is that penny?! Side note: I prefer going to get petrol with Matthew because he gets out and does it for me, what a cutie!

Total spend: £33.01

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Wednesday 8th August

Today is pay day, hallelujah!! I transferred 20% of my pay straight into savings (the house fund is getting serious business) but I’m not going to share that amount with you, sorry! As Matt and I already have our dinner we don’t have to spend a penny on it today – it’s my first zero spend day of the week! We had a cosy night in with his parents, talking lots about our future house, funnily enough. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know we’re watching Fresh Meat on Netflix right now, we’re still not finished!

Total spend: £0.00

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Thursday 9th August

Matt started work at 7am this morning so we were both up super early. It was pretty chilly first thing which I secretly loved… Autumn is coming! *Spoiler: I’m so excited for all my Autumn posts coming up!* Anyway, as I was up early I popped to M&S again before work to pick up tonight’s dinner for us – I got salmon, new potatoes and layered vegetables. I also got a bottle of still cloudy lemonade (Matt’s fave), popcorn for our movie night and some chocolate covered peanuts for him, which cost £14.00. A browse of Amazon during my lunch break led to me ordering a book for £6.49 (Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland – her first book was really enjoyable)! Dinner was so good – we have it so often but we love it – and we spent the evening watching Central Intelligence which was hilarious, it’s on Netflix if you haven’t seen it! 

Total spend: £20.49

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Friday 10th August

I had to add an extra photo in today, to sum up our lovely little cosy morning! I feel so grateful every morning waking up with Matthew (even when I get up earlier to make us a cuppa and he leaves his… hehe)

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Okay so lunch on a Friday is kind of a thing at work – we do ‘Fat Friday’s’ and basically eat anything and everything unhealthy – however we did breakfasts instead of lunch today and I spent a grand total of £1.60. Tonight we went for a double date with my beautiful friend Jess and her boyfriend, Tom, at Ora in Tynemouth. The food was great and the company was even better – we split the bill 50/50 between the couples, which was £54.60 each, and it was my turn to pay between Matt and I. Dinner and drinks were so much fun; I loved tonight and I’m so grateful for nights like this! Matt paid for the rest of our drinks and the taxis so I didn’t spend anything else, what a sweetheart.

Total spend: £56.20

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Saturday 11th August

A chilled morning with Matt (still not going out for breakfast!) meant we didn’t spend a penny. I dropped Matthew and his friend off to watch the Newcastle match in town, and also transferred him £15 for a few pints on me – major girlfriend points. I then took my grandma some flowers from Matt and I, she’s just come out of hospital and it was so nice to see her looking back to her normal self. The flowers were only £3 – I definitely wasn’t being a cheap skate but her favourite flowers are sunflowers and they’re so cheap!

I headed to Lidl to get steaks, chorizo and vegetables for our meal that evening, fruit, Matthew’s lunch for Monday and some sweets for a cosy night in – I spent £13.12. I’d highly recommend Lidl (if you live locally, the new one in Forest Hall is the best) for groceries – it’s much cheaper than anywhere else and really good quality. I picked up a pack of Diet Coke and a bottle of red wine for Matt’s parents in Asda, which cost £10.50. I chilled at Matt’s for the afternoon, then I still had a few hours to kill before I had to go pick Matt up, so I went to the Metro Centre… oops! I got a cute new date night top from Zara for £15.99, a leopard print skirt and a jumper (my first of the A/W season!) from Primark for £20 and then I spent £7.80 in Boots on Simple micellar water and Ribena for Matt and I – we were planning on going to York on Sunday but it was so rainy we didn’t fancy the drive. Once I picked up Matt we went home for a cosy night; we spent the evening cooking and watching Michael McIntyre, which was bliss.

Total spend: £85.41

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That brings my grand total of spending during the week to £219.30 (!!!)

Wow! This really was so interesting for me, even if Matt and I are the only ones who benefitted, ha. I definitely spent more as we had a date night and I went shopping at the Metro Centre, but I am actually shocked at the amount I’ve spent. I am however very excited to see how I can start cutting my spending, and trying to plan my week in advance better, especially when it comes to food purchases throughout the week! I’d really like to do more posts centering around finances – money saving ideas, budget shopping trips etc – if this is something you’d be interested in?

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know your thoughts!

-G x

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