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Happy Sunday, loves!

I’m so happy it’s the weekend – Matt and I are having a cosy Sunday today and I can’t tell you how excited I am! We’re just going to potter around and go out for Sunday lunch, which is exactly what we need after a busy week. This is the kind of post I love to read – very personal, cosy, homey and good for anyone who likes to have a nosy into people’s private lives… let’s be honest, we all do. I hope you enjoy!

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My bedside table matches my built-in wardrobes and vanity table that I picked when I was 15, and as much as it’s not exactly cute or chic like all the ones you see on the Instagram Explore page, it does the job. I try to make it look somewhat pretty (although looking at these photos it might be mistaken for cluttered – oops!) and I like to keep it as tidy as possible as it’s somewhere I’m in and out of all the time. The top drawer is mainly filled with anything I might need close by late at night/early in the morning. The bottom drawer is actually Matt’s for all his small bits and bobs like toiletries and underwear – we’re together almost every night so there’s no point in him having to bring his stuff back and forth all the time! We also keep all the good stuff (eg chocolate and sweets) in this drawer – it’s not a secret most people keeps snacks in their bedside table… we’re guilty!

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I love these photos Matthew and I took when we went to Gino’s My Restaurant in Harrogate for my birthday back in May. I picked up the photo frame from George Home; I feel like Asda’s homeware range has grown so much over the past few years and they bring out really lovely pieces. 99% of the time I’m falling asleep with the real deal snuggled up next to me, but on the odd occasion my babe isn’t here I love to see his cute little face before I go to sleep! (He’s also in the photos on my phone backgrounds so this probably makes no sense). There’s a wristband on the corner of the frame from the Ed Sheeran concert we went to in May; one of my favourite nights of the year. I talked about this in lots of detail in my May monthly recap post – Matt unfortunately lost his band! I got my lamp from HomeSense at TK Maxx, it’s pretty old now and I’ve been looking for a new one for ages but just can’t find one I love. Matt bought me the Me To You bear for Valentine’s Day to go with my present and I love it – I’ve had a weird little obsession with Me To You since I can remember, everything is just so adorable.

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Bath & Body Works candles are my favourite as they have such a strong scent, and last a really long time. I jumped the gun (what’s new?) and picked up some Autumn scents early; this one is delicious! I have bought this scent the past few years and I have to admit I bloody love it. Matt normally isn’t a fan of the sickly sweet scents I go for, but he likes this one… not that he had much choice! I’m yet to burn it as I feel like that maybe is a little too eager – but I really can’t wait to. 

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I always have my current book sitting on my bedside table, right now I’m reading The Distance by Zoe Folbigg. This is her second book; I loved her first so much and I’m so excited to read more of this as I’m only a few chapters in. It’s actually very rare I’ll read in bed as Matt and I always watch a show before we go to sleep and then spend our time one-on-one together, but for some reason I always keep my book on my bedside table. I actually read the most in the bath – it’s so therapeutic! 

I really bloody love lip balms, and I have so many favourites I’d be here forever talking about them. Before I go to sleep I religiously apply either Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, or Aquaphor lip repair. My lips have been getting so chapped recently, I think this is probably because of the colder weather, so these have been a godsend. They are very thick in texture and feel so luxurious to apply; they sink in and leave my lips feeling hydrated and soft. The best thing about both of these products is they aren’t sticky; so I can give Matt all the kisses and cuddles after (you can bet I do, too!) and he doesn’t whinge about the product being transferred – win, win! Eight Hour Cream is generally such a good multi use product, and one every beauty fanatic needs in their collection. I also keep another Aquaphor lip repair in my bag at all times, it’s become a necessity over the past few months. 

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I was given this little trinket tray from Zoella’s lifestyle range as a present, and it’s so cute and handy! It’s pink, white and gold – of course I was going to love it. I usually take off my jewellery pretty much the second I walk through the door, and it goes straight in here. Pictured is my beloved Pandora bracelet and one of my Missoma necklaces; this one has a small lightning bolt charm. It was an extremely generous birthday gift from my lovely coworkers, it’s one of my favourite necklaces! 

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I am a huge fan of anything Kate Spade, and their mugs and travel cups are all perfect! I love this one; it’s the perfect shade of millennial pink and the quote is so cute. I don’t actually drink coffee, but I often have a chai tea or a regular old English Breakfast on my bedside table when I’m in the house. If not, I can guarantee there’ll be a can of Diet Coke there. Matt and I also litter my bedside table with water bottles – without fail, every night, we each take a bottle of water to bed, yet very rarely even touch them. I’m pretty sure we’ve been putting the same bottles in and out of the fridge for weeks at this point!

I tend to keep skincare essentials and a few extras in my drawer, basically anything I might need to grab in a pinch! I really try to keep things neat and organised. I’m currently mid clear out of all my skincare/makeup and working out where to put what – so this might change a little over the next few weeks. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I live between my house and my boyfriends so I have duplicates of most of my products for ease, and anything else I’ll just transport between the two houses. I am however the most forgetful person I know, so doing that means I’m often without my favourite products as I can guarantee I’ll leave them at the wrong house. This obviously will not be an issue when we buy our home so I’m trying to look on the positive side, and remember this is just temporary! 

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Please do not judge me, but yes, there are face wipes in this drawer. Almost daily I’ll remove my makeup with a cleansing balm pre bath/shower, but some nights we fall into bed so late (or I just can’t be bothered!) and I do grab a makeup wipe. I make sure to double cleanse the morning after, whilst praying to the skin Gods for forgiveness (and then just hope for the best). For real though, Simple are my favourite brand as their wipes are actually wet and remove makeup pretty well – some face wipes make me cringe because you may as well be using a dry tissue! 

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My new number one skincare product has to be The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Oil-In-Serum which I have recently become a little bit obsessed with. I have a post going up in the next few weeks talking about this in more detail so be sure to come back and find out more! I also have a mini Sunday Riley serum which I really want to try out; unfortunately I had a really bad reaction to a new moisturiser so I’m trying to stay away from trying new products until it clears up.

I have a mini of my favourite night moisturiser, the Clinique Moisture Surge, for the kind of nights mentioned above. I also have a mini Ole Henrikson night moisturiser in here to try – I always try miniature products before putting them in with my travel minis as I don’t want to have a bad reaction whilst on a trip; my skin is so sensitive. I of course have a Glossier balm dot com lying around in here; it’s one of my favourite products and I really do have them dotted everywhere. I keep bobby pins and an Invisibobble; the only kind of hair tie I use; to hand, as they are a necessity! I always have my hair tied back for bed, either in a low ponytail or a high messy bun, and I would be so irritated if I couldn’t find a hair tie. (So would Matthew!)

I keep my Geranium and Walnut hand cream from Jo Malone in here as well for when I really want to feel pampered before going to sleep; I got this as a gift from my mam and dad. It smells so beautiful and feels luxurious, like every product from Jo Malone. Other little bits I keep close by include my Bath & Body Works pillow mist, a mini Soap & Glory righteous butter and a spare pair of contact lenses. 

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In the back of the drawer I have the next book I’m planning to read; Make Or Break by Catherine Bennetto. This had really good reviews on Amazon so I’m very excited about it! Tucked in the middle are mine and Matthew’s passports, for safe keeping. I am somehow the trusted one in our relationship that is in charge of all these kind of things – so I definitely don’t want to lose them! I also keep the supply of my pill (Cerelle) in here as it’s something else I obviously can’t misplace. For some reason I have one of my Missoma jewellery boxes in here, I’m not quite sure why. My dad used to work in Japan for years and years and he brought back so many presents from his trips. One random thing was a purple satin tag that that was blessed at a temple to bring the recipient good luck and good fortune, and I’ve kept it by my bed ever since he gave it to me. 

I keep two kinds of Ibuprofen in my drawer as I have arthritis and always need it to hand; my knees are worst affected by it and *warning: long, boring story* it seems to be getting worse. Over the past few months I’ve cried with pain during the middle of the night as it’s gotten so bad. It’s weird as it doesn’t actually wake me up; I wake Matt up (worst girlfriend ever) by crying then he wakes me up to help stop the pain. Luckily, my wonderful boyfriend knows exactly how to stretch/massage my leg to make it feel better and the pain subsides, but I’ve actually lost count of how many times it’s happened. Matt is so understanding which I’m so grateful for, but if anyone has any tips or tricks for dealing with arthritis pain, please share your knowledge with me!

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I’d love to know what you thought of this post – hopefully it was interesting for you, maybe it even made you want to reorganise your space? I’d love to know if you have any bedside beauty essentials I’m missing? 

Thank you so much for reading, I’m now so ready to dive into here!


-G x


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