What’s In My Makeup Bag

*disclaimer: I know the quality in some of these photos isn’t great – I took them on a cloudy Saturday afternoon and natural light was not my friend on this day!*

Welcome back, loves!


Today I thought I’d take you through my daily makeup routine! Last month, I wrote all about my high end beauty favourites and in that post, I said I’d be doing a drugstore beauty favorites soon. However to be honest, I really don’t have enough products that I love from the drugstore right now. I’m trying out some new things and I will still definitely make the post in time – if you have any recommendations for products you love, please let me know!

I actually keep my daily makeup products in a makeup bag as living between my house and my boyfriends means I’m constantly on the go and don’t want to waste time packing and unpacking my makeup every other day. I sit my bags on the edge of my vanity table when we’re staying at home, it doesn’t look too pretty but it does the job! The makeup bag I’m currently using is from Elizabeth Scarlett and it’s perfect – it’s so roomy and looks beautiful. The Ted Baker bag is where I keep all my daily skincare products, and the Zoeva bag is the home of my most used daily makeup brushes. 


I thought I’d share a little of my vanity table with you too – I am currently in the process of clearing out and organising all my beauty products; skincare, hair care, makeup and everything else! When I’m done I’m going to share the decluttering process with you – don’t worry I’m documenting everything as I go!


Let’s take a peek inside…


L’Oreal Infallible Pore Perfecting Primer – one of the newest additions to my makeup bag and already a firm favourite. I tend to change up my primer every time I finish the previous one as none seem to make much difference in my opinion. I already know I’m going to repurchase this one when it runs out! One pump is enough for my whole face, and the consistency is not at all runny; meaning no product is wasted. It makes my skin look smooth and is a great base to apply makeup on top of.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light – my favourite foundation. I’ve already raved about this product in this post (along with lots of other products featured in this post!) but I just love this stuff. I never thought I’d find a foundation that worked as well for me as the regular Double Wear, but this is ten times better. It applies beautifully, lasts all day, and doesn’t break me out. Over the past year I finally began to use foundation to even out my skin tone, not to cover any imperfections. That is what concealer is for! I use the tiniest amount of this so a tube lasts me forever.

Nars Soft Matte Concealer – I am obsessed with this stuff. I have used and loved the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for years now, and after seeing so many people rave about this I finally ordered it during a late night Feel Unique shopping spree. I am so glad I did; I love this even more! It is, as the name suggests, matte and very full coverage – it covers blemishes/redness/pigmentation with no issue and doesn’t look at all cakey. Although the product is very soft in the tub (the only part I don’t love about this product is scooping it out with my finger) it lasts all day on the skin.

Kat Von D Loose Setting Powder – another product I’ve previously mentioned on the blog. This powder is great; it is the perfect setting powder and the best I’ve personally used. I used to use the Laura Mercier and honestly, this does the same thing for around half the price (I’d recommend if you’re going to buy to wait until Debenhams have 10% off  – they seem to ever other week!) I tap a little of this powder into the lid and swirl my brush in it; then pat into my skin rather than brush up/down – this doesn’t move any of the cream products underneath and helps my makeup to stay put all day.

Real Techniques Sponge – I always use a sponge to apply my foundation and concealer – either this one or a regular beauty blender. I did think a beauty blender did a better job but honestly I can’t tell the difference any more, so I just opt for the cheaper one! I always use mine damp, and try to clean it as often as I can. It does really annoy me though that once you use a sponge once they look permanently grubby!


Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser – I think this is the best under eye concealer I’ve tried; it doesn’t crease, covers any darkness (all those late nights watching Netflix with Matthew are catching up!) and a tube also seems to last forever. The top of this product is so gross I almost didn’t take a photo, I probably could have cleaned the cap, oops. I use the ‘brightener’ shade and it really does brighten up my under eyes; mine are terribly dark!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – an oldie but a goodie! This is the perfect contour shade for me (I know this is a bronzer, but makeup has no rules, right?!) It’s not too orange toned or too grey toned, and it never looks smudgey or harsh on the skin. I am very fair skinned and often contour shades are hard to blend and generally look uneven. I think this is probably going to be one of those products I always repurchase. 

MAC Blush in Peachykeen – a blush I always go back to in Spring/Summer. I always gravitate towards MAC and Nars blushes in general; they have extensive colour ranges and the products are such high quality. This has a very slight glittery shimmer running through it that leaves your cheeks looking slightly glowing and very healthy. I think this leans more towards pink than peach, and a quick sweep of the pan is enough for both cheeks. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a blush – they literally last forever.

Bare Minerals Invisible Glow in Fair to Light – this is my perfect day time highlight. I love this for adding a glow to my face without the added glitter; I definitely do not want to look like a disco ball (if that is your style then that’s totally fine)! This just gives a very subtle, light sheen across the skin and isn’t at all glittery – it blends like a dream. I use this on my cheekbones, brow bone, down my nose and on my cupids bow.


MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre – the only eyeshadow base I use! I wear eyeshadow every day (usually just matte browns during the day unless I’m feeling ~fancy~ and add a little shimmer) and I always use a paint pot for the base. I never have issues with eyeshadow creasing or coming off throughout the day, no matter the brand, and I know it’s because this product is so good. It’s also great if you use loose glitter shadows (MAC Copper is a personal favourite) as it really keeps the glitter in place.

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette – I picked this up on a whim, because Matt and I go on so many trips and I was sick of carting big palettes around with me. (I also had a Naked 2 palette break!) As I said earlier, I live between my house and my boyfriends, so minimising products makes it easier to transport them between houses! I love the colours in this for an every day look. I use Strike, the darkest shade, as an ‘eyeliner’ along my top lash line most days. I do wish the lightest shade was a shimmer as it’s the only thing I think this palette is missing but it’s still pretty much my perfect mini palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette – my new little baby. I purchased this palette a few weeks ago, and got to wear it the night I purchased for a double date with my babe, my bestie and her boyfriend. I was so excited to try out a new palette I used most of the colours (yes, it is possible) however I’ve experimented with this the past few weeks and I especially love Rustic, Sienna and Sultry. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and there is very little fallout – the brush that comes in this palette is also very good!


Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara – okay, after reading so many blog posts raving about this mascara, I purchased this and was incredibly disappointed to begin with. I persevered and as the mascara started to dry out (within about a week) it became a much better product. It really bugs me so many mascaras have this issue! The formula is super black, and it doesn’t flake off throughout the day. The brush is so big I thought I would definitely get this all over when applying, but it’s very easy to use and doesn’t transfer onto the top lid – something that happens often because I have naturally long eyelashes. This gives lots of length and definition to my lashes, but I definitely think it becomes clumpy with more than two coats; I don’t like that look personally and usually one coat is enough for me.

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara – I use this as my bottom lash mascara. I was so excited when Glossier finally released a mascara, then I was gutted to find out I didn’t like it very much. It gives lots of length but very little volume; as I said, I do have pretty long eyelashes naturally, but I just felt it didn’t do much for my top lashes. I do however love it for my bottom lashes – it doesn’t smudge, but separates and lengthens perfectly. I also love this packaging – Glossier know how to make a pretty product! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette – this is probably my number one desert island beauty product, I love it! I’ve used the brow wiz for years and have repurchased so many times. My eyebrows are so sparse and this makes drawing hair-like strokes easy as pie. It lasts all day, the spoolie on the end if perfect for brushing the product through, and it’s so easy to use. I’m really thinking about getting HD brows but for some reason I’m scared to; anyone’s personal experience would be helpful?!

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown – another long time favourite of mine. To be honest, I really like brow gels I’ve tried from ABH and MAC just as much, but for some reason this is the one I tend to repurchase over and over. It adds dimension and gives the appearance of texture on my brows; making them look fuller and bolder. For minimal makeup days I can just brush this through my eyebrows without using my brow wiz and it does a great job.

L’Oreal Tattoo Signature Eyeliner in Black – if you know me, you’ll know I’m not really a liquid eyeliner kind of girl. I tend to keep my day-to-day makeup fresh and simple, and generally can’t be bothered with the faff or stress of doing anything tedious. That being said, recently I’ve been using liquid eyeliner for evening looks, or if I have a little more time to get ready at the weekend, and I’ve really enjoyed this one. The tip is flexible, the formula is very black and it doesn’t seem to dry out quickly. I’ve found this lasts all day/night on my lids, and never transfers above. I also find it much easier to do a wing with this eyeliner as the tip is very fine and sharp.


Aquaphor Lip Repair – this lip balm is the best! I love my Glossier balm dot com too, but this is great for when my lips need a little extra hydration. It’s a thick texture, but not goopy or uncomfortable. I really think this lip balm is as good as the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, and comes in much smaller packaging – perfect for my handbag.

Chanel Lipstick in Mademoiselle – my favourite lipstick of all time, and one I’ve also talked about on the blog before. I’m not going to go into too much detail but this is my favourite ‘your lips but better’ colour; it’s slightly darker but the rosiness of the shade makes it so wearable. I often wear this for date night as it’s a little darker, yet doesn’t come off on straws (or on Matt’s lips, ha!) It’s my go-to lipstick all year round, but I know I especially love this in the Autumn months.

Glossier Balm Dot Com in Coconut – I prefer to wear this balm under my lip product of choice that day. It’s fairly matte once it’s on the lips, so doesn’t alter whatever product that you put on top of it. It smells divine; it’s such a holiday scent and will always remind me of Kos because I used this every evening whilst doing my makeup.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristen – my favourite lip gloss of the moment, and another favourite for date nights. This isn’t too sticky and is a similar ‘your lips but better’ shade. The applicator is perfect, you don’t get too much product and it’s so easy to apply.

Rimmel Lip Liner in East End Snob – another oldie but a goodie! This lip liner is such good quality for the price (it’s less than £4!) and it is the perfect shade of pink for my skin tone. I have worn this on and off for years – Amelia Liana used to rave about this product and that was what first got me into it. It’s currently replacing my Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow Talk and I’m enjoying using it again.

Buxom Lip Gloss in Dolly – I love this lip gloss! The consistency is perfect; it’s not sticky and lasts very well for a lip gloss. It smells like Autumn (just kind of warm and spicy? I think it’s a cinnamon scent) and the slight shimmer/glitter throughout makes your lips look full and pouty. It’s one of those amazing lip products you can apply without a mirror and you’ll still look great!


Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite products in your makeup bag right now?

-G x

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