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Today, as the title would suggest, I’m sharing with you my favourite Autumn candles. It’s officially Autumn from September 23rd (10 days to go, the countdown is on!), and I’m hoping this post may give you a little inspiration to jazz up your space for the upcoming season. In my opinion candles ‘make’ a room – they look good whether you’re burning them or using them as a decoration, and you can always upcycle any pretty jars once you’ve used them.

Let’s just be clear I am a candle obsessive, and I’ve been adding to this collection since the end of July – the excitement is real! I genuinely can’t wait to burn all of these new scents; Autumn and Winter candles are always my favourite. There aren’t many things better to me than snuggling up with Matthew for a cosy night in, and having a beautiful scented candle burning!


I was originally planning to write about each candle individually but let’s be honest, how many ways can I possibly write ‘I love this! It smells like pumpkins!‘?! These candles are my favourites, so of course I love them. My favourite places to pick up candles for Autumn are Homesense @ TK Maxx – all of the American goodness you can imagine, Candles Direct – they always stock Yankee Candle at better prices than anywhere else and eBay for those hard-to-get Bath and Body Works must-haves. I also recently have become a huge advocate of Aldi’s newest range of candles; they’re 100% Diptyque knock-offs and not necessarily Autumnal, but I’m okay with that because they’re bloody brilliant. If you’re going to buy anything from this post I’d recommend the DW Home candles from Homesense over anything else – they burn so well, smell (and look) fantastic and they last for ages. They’re so inexpensive and the selection is huge – you really can’t go wrong.

I personally love sweet, bakery-like scents all year round, but even more-so at this time of year. I adore anything pumpkin, vanilla or cinnamon scented especially; and this seems to be the theme of my little (*rather large) collection. Leaves from Bath & Body Works is a huge exception to the rule; my family usually go to Florida during September/October – up until last year I always went with them – and this is a product I used to bring back by the suitcase load! (Well, I’d bring back a few, anyway). It is just Autumn in a jar to me, and probably my favourite candle of all time.

Matthew isn’t always a fan of the sweeter scents I go for but he actually likes all of these – not that he had much choice, hehe. I burn candles pretty much any time we’re in the house, especially during the colder months; during dinner, whilst in the bath, watching a movie – you name it, they’re burning. I picked up a few smaller candles for whilst I’m in the bath specifically as I just think they’re so cute! Apologies in advance, and fair warning, you’re probably going to see these in the backgrounds of most of my blog pictures over the next few months! I’ve linked below all of the candles I could find, and I’m sure I’ll probably add to my collection as the season goes on.


Aldi Fig
Bath & Body Works Leaves
Bath & Body Works Vanilla Pumpkin
DW Home Apple Pumpkin
DW Home Be Grateful – Pumpkin & Marshmallow
DW Home Pumpkin Pie & Vanilla
DW Home Pumpkin Bourbon
DW Home White Pumpkin
Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir – I really need to replace this soon!
Yankee Candle Luscious Pumpkin Trifle
Yankee Candle Spiced Cinnamon Apple
Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin *gift from my parents (bought in USA)

Thank you so much for reading, did you feel the cosy vibes seeping through the screen?! Apologies in advance for the urge you may feel to go shopping right now! I’d love to know your favourite candles for this time of year?

-G x

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