The Happiest Year

Hi, loves!

This blog post is very personal, and is essentially an open letter to my boyfriend. It might not be to everyone’s taste, and that’s okay. This whole post is from the heart and I hope is still enjoyable to read. Today is our one year anniversary, and I want him to know just how he loved he is!

*Warning: if you think I’ve been a little bit mushy and lovey-dovey in previous posts, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’m a cheeseball and that’s okay!* 🙈



Dear Matthew,

I love you. I love that your arms feel like home. I love your ambition in everything you do. I love how outgoing and friendly you are to everyone you meet. I love that you dream big and follow your passions. I love the way you always pull me so close. I love how determined you are to make our future the best it can be. I love the way your eyes light up when you smile or laugh. I love how quickly we find the perfect spooning position. I love how hard you make me laugh. I love cooking with you. I love the way my hand fits in yours. I love that you follow your dreams whole heartedly. I love your kisses and cuddles. I love how much joy you get from football and golf. I love learning to cook with you. I love travelling with you. I love that you’re as bad as me at telling stories. I love exploring and being silly with you. I love date days/nights with you. I love that my happy place is with you. I love our inside jokes. I love the way we know what each other is thinking all the time. I love that your sense of humour matches perfectly with mine. I love going to football matches with you. I love having dinner with you and catching up on our days every night. I love the feeling inside when we are reunited after a long day. I love falling asleep with you and waking up with you every day. I love the relationship we have built together. I love everything about you.

I count my lucky stars (*cough cough* in Cetus… if you know, you know) every day that we found each other! You came into my life at a time where I didn’t know how much I needed you; you made each day feel a little bit better. You made me laugh so hard. You shared your life with me, and I shared my life with you. You made me feel the strangest things; excitement and joy and even worry. I fell for you so hard and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I have never put myself ‘out there’ like I did with you, and I still can’t explain why I did that. All I know is I did it because it was the right thing to do, and as embarrassing as it was at the time, I’m proud of myself for badgering you until you finally asked me on a date. LOL!

Since day one you made me feel something I had never felt before. I knew from that first night that I wanted to be with you, and I couldn’t believe you felt the same. I wanted so badly to impress you; to want you to think I was good enough and to be the best version of myself. A year later I can definitely say you’ve seen every version of me – my normal self, happy, excited, upset, hungover, sick, tired, cold, sad, worried, and every other emotion/feeling possible, and you still treat me so perfectly. The funny thing is I never once had to try to be something I wasn’t; we clicked and we just worked. When we were ‘just dating’, everything seemed to flow so well, and I got nervously excited every time I thought about the future – would we be boyfriend and girlfriend?! It’s hilarious to me now because honestly, I can’t imagine anything else, and I never ever want to. For real, holding hands across the table in Harry’s, post NUFC match, was one of the best days! You were finally my boyfriend and to be honest I’ve never came back down to earth since that very moment – you make life amazing, Matthew, and *cheesy but true* it gets better every day. 

We’ve known of each other for over five years, but over the past year I have truly became a better person, all because of you. You are everything I could ever need or want, and I strive to be the girlfriend you deserve every day. I love our routines, and our ambitions and our goals, and I have no doubt that together we will do anything everything we set out to do. We always say we love being part of our team, but I can’t tell you how much I mean that. I know we always have each other’s best interest at heart; we look out for each other and we nurture each other. What more could I possibly ask for?

I am still thankful for how well we fit into each others lives, from the very beginning. We spend so much of our time together, and it’s never a chore or something we feel like we have to do. Well, at least I hope you don’t feel that, that would be awkward… ha! I love that your family feels like my family, and my family feels like yours. Our parents say we are family, and that means the world to me. That first night, I never dreamed we would become what we have, but gaining a whole other family has to be one of the best things that could have ever happened. I still remember the first time I met your parents like it was yesterday; I was terrified because we’d already got to know each other so well and I knew exactly how close you were with them. I also knew that if they didn’t like me it could be game over! Thankfully, somehow, they did like me (and now I’m pretty sure they prefer me to you… just saying!) 

You make me so excited for our future. I love that we talk about our future and make plans, and I genuinely cannot wait until we buy a house and make it our home. I can’t wait until we get our dog; I’m also very grateful you came round to the name Storm. Let’s be honest, I love that name so we were always going to go with that… hehe. I love that we already talk about him like he’s real, we’re a right pair!

You work so hard and I admire your determination and strength more than you know. I am so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved; before we knew each other and everything I’ve been by your side for since. I am your number one fan and I promise to support you through anything and everything that will come in the future. I look up to you, and I’m forever proud of how strong you are in your job. You are the most hard working man I know and I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to call you mine.

Thank you, Matthew, for showing me what love is. For showing me how good life can be – from our cosy weeknights in cooking dinner and watching Netflix, to our trips and holidays, to our date nights, to our road trips and Costco dates – every second I am with you will never be enough. The minute I kiss you goodbye in the morning I miss you, and the minute we reunite that evening I feel that little bit happier. Thank you for everything you do for me; your love and support makes me feel like I can conquer anything. Honestly, I know I can with you by my side! You bring so much love and happiness into my life and I don’t know I’ll ever repay that, but I promise to do my best to make you feel the same way, every day.

Thank you for making me the happiest I’ve ever been. Here’s to many more adventures, memories and wonderful years to come baby, happy anniversary! 

I love you so much!

All my love,

Gill xxx

Well, if you made it to the end, thank you!! We love to share snippets of our life on social media – particularly Instagram – but that can’t show even half of how much fun we have or how much love we have for each other. I know I am so blessed to have what I have with Matthew, and trust me I fully realise this, every day! I read books and watched movies growing up, wishing and hoping for a smidge of the kind of love talked about. I had no idea that one day I’d find something so much better; real and true and genuine! One year has flown by, and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us.

-G x 

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