Get Ready With Me: Date Night

Happy Sunday, loves!

Today I’m sharing with you my pre-date night routine for when I have a little extra time to enjoy getting ready. This was before one of my favourite dates with Matthew, for our one year anniversary! I posted an open letter to Matthew on our anniversary in this post, in case you missed it! Warning: cheesier than a five cheese pizza *insert wink emoji here*

We always take the time to plan dates and spend time together, but as we’re saving for our house (and the Christmas build up is upon us!) we spend lots of our quality time in the house, cooking and relaxing. Date days/nights can be anywhere, any time, just most nights they don’t involve any of the dressing up or making as much of an effort! That being said, we love to go out for dinner and cocktails, so as an anniversary treat we booked Tomahawk Steakhouse at Newcastle Quayside.

So, picture the scene; it’s Saturday afternoon, Matthew is still at work and I’ve got a few hours to myself, so I’m about to have a good two(ish) hour bath because… well, because I bloody well can! I’ve got my new book, This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor, a beautiful candle burning, a face mask on and a Diet Coke to hand, I’d say I feel pretty damn swish right now. 

I love to have a long, hot bubble bath before going out for the evening when I have the time to properly relax. I’m not kidding when I say a quick bath for me is around 45 minutes to an hour, it’s just the perfect space for a bit of ‘me time’ and somewhere to chill out in peace. I first prep the bath; putting all of the products I’m going to need along the back, and removing whatever isn’t mine. Sorry, mam. Lining everything up means there’s no need to get out the bath mid way through to fetch something I’ve forgotten (living between two houses can be difficult if you’re as forgetful as me!) and, well, it makes for a good blog photo, right?!


I lit my candle of choice; Coconut Milk and Almond from DW Home, this is such a beautiful cosy scent, the whole bathroom smelt amazing! I also love the jar, it’s so cute and will definitely be repurposed when the candle is finished. As my bath is running I added a few products in; I used my Acai Berry bubble bath from Radox – it creates the best bubbles! It makes me physically cringe to think I used to buy Laura Mercier bubble bath when this is just as good for £1, oh how times have changed. I added one of my favourite bath bombs, Twilight, and began prepping my face. 


Matt left for work at around 6.30am so I had the whole day to myself; I spent it decluttering, blogging, wrapping Matt’s anniversary presents and having a little browse* around Homesense. *By browse, I mean buying more pumpkin candles, oops. As my day was mainly running errands, I wasn’t wearing much makeup, but I took off what I was wearing with the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm (and double cleansed for good measure). With my face feeling clean and fresh, I slathered my favourite intensive lip balm from Elizabeth Arden onto my lips. The weather really isn’t too cold yet and I’m already suffering from dry lips and dry skin! I applied a new-to-me face mask; the Diamond Dust Refining Scrub Mask by Sanctuary Spa, risky before a date night but I was so impressed by this product! I left it on for around 15 to 20 minutes as I was in the bath (who really times these things?!) then washed off with a flannel; my skin felt and looked so clean and bright. It was a very gentle exfoliator as it didn’t leave my skin red or irritated, I’m excited to add this into my weekly product rotation. 

With my face mask off, I relaxed in the bath reading my book for quite a while – it’s made me cry and laugh and I’m only a quarter of the way through, I’d definitely recommend – and just feel so peaceful. I never take my phone or laptop in the bathroom when I take a bath, I used to make some kind of stand for my laptop and go to town catching up on vlogs or watching Netflix, but now I actually enjoy disconnecting from technology for a small part of my day. Spoiler: nothing bad will happen if you’re not glued to your phone!


I finally put my book down, and busied myself with all of the preening possible. I generally use a Dove shower gel (or a Molton Brown mini, strictly reserved for nights away!) as most other shower gels seem to irritate my sensitive skin. This one leaves my skin so smooth and soft, and when used with a shower pouf is perfect to prep before shaving. Speaking of which, I shaved using my usual Gillette Venus Rollerball razor/Gillette Satin Care shaving foam combo.


Whenever I have a bath and need to wash my hair, I take a quick shower afterwards. I realise this isn’t too great for water usage, but needs must… *grits teeth* I washed my hair with this sulphate free shampoo by L’Oreal; my hair has been needing a lot of TLC recently, and using this has helped lots. It’s a fuss-free, basic formula but it cleans my hair like no other, and ensures it’s shiny and soft after washing. I condition only the lengths of my hair, so from about mid-ear to the ends, with my L’Oreal Dream Lengths conditioner, another product that’s really impressed me. I adore the smell of this and can always smell it on my hair once it’s dried/straightened, which is a nice benefit! 

After a very long, relaxing bath (and shower) I finally get out and start on the fun part of getting ready. I first sit at my vanity table and go through my skincare routine. I take Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad across my face just to make sure my skin is totally clean. I apply my my eye cream from The Body Shop and my current favourite wear-under-makeup moisturiser, also from The Body Shop. I apply more Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream to my lips (it’s a god-send!) and begin prepping my hair. I always use my favourite leave-in conditioner from Bed He’d when I’ve washed my hair and I also use their heat protectant cream – they work so well and smell like sweets!


I love to get ready in my dressing gown – I’m so excited to get a new one for this Autumn/Winter but I haven’t found the perfect one yet! I moisturised using my favourite Sanctuary Spa body butter, and set out my outfit for the evening whilst that sunk in. I dried and straightened my hair, and began on my makeup. On a usual day-to-day basis, doing my makeup takes a maximum of 20 minutes, however when I have the time I like to spend ages – including applying false eyelashes and perfecting my base; this makes my makeup look ten times better, and in turn makes me feel better. I love using the MAC Vanilla and Copper pigments to add an extra sparkle to an evening makeup look, they’re beautiful shimmering colours and catch the light so well!

As I’m getting ready, Matt arrived home from work and is able to unwind from the day and get ready himself, I love catching up on his day when he comes home from work! I kissed him goodbye only about eight hours ago, but I feel like I haven’t seen him in forever (this is a daily feeling, hah)! Tomahawk Steakhouse was incredible; the food and atmosphere was amazing, and it was (in our opinion) very well priced! We had the best night and enjoyed our anniversary on the Sunday with a little road trip to York followed by a cosy night in with a Chinese takeaway.

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know how your own pre date night routine compares? What are some of your must have products to get ready with?

-G x