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Today’s post is a round up of my top five lip balms, which are definitely my favourite beauty item. I am a lip balm hoarder and up until this year I was always trying out something new, and trying to find one better than my current favourite. As a result, I’ve tried and tested a lot of products, and I’ve got a good stash I absolutely love and can’t be without. 



As the weather is now getting a lot cooler, lip balm is becoming more important than ever in our beauty routines, and with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Let’s hope this post may give you a few ideas (and they’d all make great stocking fillers for Christmas… oops I said the C word!)


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
This is my favourite moisturising, thick lip balm, and I can’t say enough good things about it. I take this everywhere with me like I do with my phone, it’s a necessity! During August my lips were very chapped and this worked miracles to heal them so quickly; I use this morning, night and throughout the day, and I love how soft it makes my lips. It is a very thick, almost goo-ey texture, but that makes it work so well. This is also a skin salve, and is a great multi-purpose product. Matt’s secretly a fan of this product too, shh!


Nuxe Reve de Miel – Ultra Nourishing
This is the newest addition to my lip balm collection, but already I feel like it could give the Eight Hour Cream a run for it’s money. It’s made by the number one brand in French pharmacies, and as the French ladies know their beauty/fashion stuff it’s not surprisingly become a cult favourite. The only con with this product is the packaging; it’s a glass pot, and you have to stick your finger in to get the product, which doesn’t make it very friendly for being on the go. That being said, I’ve used this every night since I got it and I feel like it does a very similar job to my beloved Eight Hour Cream, yet it’s less than half the price. I have however been carrying it round in my handbag as I’ve stayed at Matt’s the past few nights (usually we alternate between my house and his every other day) and I’ve been reaching for this over anything in my bag.


Dior Addict Lip Glow
I’m not generally a huge fan of tinted lip balms, but this is an exception, and blows any other product I’ve tried out of the water. I own a few shades, but my favourites have to be 001 Pink and 007 Raspberry. I picked up the Raspberry shade on a whim in the airport when Matt and I went to Dublin, and it’s become one of my favourite ever lip products. Like everything from Dior, the packaging is just beautiful, and it looks so chic and classic. It’s a product that I tend to throw in my handbag (which, let’s be honest is 90% lip products, and the other 10% is more than likely Matt’s things that he’s asked me to squeeze in!) I’d definitely recommend picking one of these up, and I’m sure I’ll add more shades to my collection in time. I have the new NARS Orgasm lip balm on my beauty wishlist as I think it may be similar, too.


Glossier Balm Dot Com
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, this will be no surprise to you as the balm dot com features in most of my beauty related posts, (like this one and this one *push, push*). We all know this is a cult favourite lip balm among the millennial generation, and for good reason. This is the perfect texture to wear under lipstick; it appears matte on the lips (except the Birthday and Cherry flavours) and I just love the formula. I own all six flavours, and I have one on my bedside table, Matt’s bedside table, my desk at work and in my handbag, whilst the other two float about in my beauty stash! This is also a skin salve, so it’s great for your cuticles and any pesky dry skin patches. It’s a go-to lip balm for me, it’s easy to travel with, and I can’t wait until Glossier inevitably come out with more flavours in their lip balm collection. You can bet I’ll buy them!


Carmex Wild
A fantastic option, that is definitely budget-friendly. I love the design of the pot; the leopard print design is adorable! I have purchased Carmex products since I was in middle school and first realised that lip balms were a beauty love of mine, and I feel like I’ll never stop purchasing them. Although, because this is in a pot application is a little more fiddly, but I do think the formula is better than the stick format it also is sold in. In my opinion, the hydration doesn’t last too long on the lips, and you do need to re-apply a little more often than the others mentioned in this post, however at £2.79 a pop, you can’t really complain! 

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know your favourite lip balm? Apologies in advance if you now feel the need for a shopping spree, thankfully it’s just been pay day! Please tell me I’m not alone and you have a lip balm you need in your bag at all times too? 

-G x

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  1. I am obsessed with lip balms too haha! I don’t think you can ever have enough! I also don’t think I’ve ever ‘completed’ a lip balm. I totally agree with you about Carmex. It reminds me of being in school and I’d always carry a tin on me. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips!

    I absolutely adore your writing style and your blog so much so I have actually tagged you in my latest blog post The Autumn Tag which went up this evening! If you’re not a ‘taggy’ person that’s totally cool. I just want to say I am really glad I discovered your slice of the internet!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Abbie 🙂 x

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