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Today I’m taking you through the top twelve pieces in my wardrobe; items that are a must-have for me personally, and things I think all of us ladies should have in our wardrobes. I recently decluttered my wardrobe, as I talked through in this post, and I’m really focusing on buying key pieces; timeless, chic items that will go with things I already own and be wearable season to season.

I’m looking to only buy sustainable, good-for-the-environment (little to no Polyester, Acrylic etc!) and good-for-me pieces going forward, although I’m not discarding anything I had previously which doesn’t fit into this category. A blog post all about changing the way I shop will be up in next week, it’s a very long one and I’m very excited to share my thoughts with you. 


A Slogan Tee
I am a sucker for a slogan tee! I have several, even after the Great Wardrobe Declutter of 2018, and I really think they come in so handy. They’re not a seasonal piece, and you can pair them with any bottom – I love wearing a fun slogan tee with a midi skirt and leather jacket at the moment, transitional dressing between seasons is actually quite fun! This one was a present from my lovely boyfriend for our anniversary, and I bloody love it. It’s from Whistles and it’s a perfect fit/shape for me. I have to admit, slogan tees with French writing might be the ultimate fave! 

Slogan t-shirt (similar)


A (Faux) Leather Jacket
Whether I’m heading out day or night, dressy or casual, my go-to throw it on cover up always has been and always will be a leather jacket! You can’t go wrong with a classic black one (I especially love that this one has silver detailing also, as I only wear silver jewellery). I am a neutrals girl through and through; black, white, greys, beiges and navy are all right up my street. I picked this up from Zara’s TRF range in the Spring (a great range if you want to pick up a bargain, in my opinion). It has such a smooth, buttery feel and I think it looks way more expensive than it is! It is the perfect cut on me; lying just between my waist and hips, so although it’s a boxy fit it doesn’t make me look too wide.

Leather Jacket


A Breton Top
I say ‘a’ Breton top, but what I really mean is all the Breton tops you can justify purchasing. If there’s one thing every girl needs in her wardrobe, in my opinion, it has to be a striped tee! I have tons – short sleeve and long sleeve, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll always purchase another, no matter how many I have. (The whole curated wardrobe concept hasn’t completely sunk in yet, I guess)! This one from & Other Stories is perfect and it’s 100% cotton; versatile and sustainable. I like to throw a Breton top on with skinny jeans for a casual day of running errands, I just feel like it’s a very simple look but feels chic and put together without much thought. Pair with white converse and you’re good to go!

Breton Tee


A Thin Knit
The perfect go-with-everything piece for this time of year. This does the same job as a slogan tee, it’s just a little more understated and will keep you warmer. My favourites are always from Zara’s basics collection – they’re £19.99 and worth every penny. I find these wash well, never bobble or lose shape, and I definitely get a lot of wear out of these each year from early Autumn through to Spring. I have several colours, but camel, grey and black are essential for me – they go perfectly with jeans, a skirt or fitted trousers, and are very cosy. I, like with pretty much any top I wear, like to go for a half-tuck in the front, and leave the sides/back out – the only exception being if I was tucking into a high-waisted skirt.

Zara Knit (similar)


‘Classy’ Lounge Pants
Yes, you read that correctly! While the general consensus of this post is all for cute, chic dressing when you leave the house, there’s no reason you can’t do the same when you’re in the house. These lounge pants from Next are my favourite – they are so incredibly soft, comfy as can be and wash really well (always a bonus, in my opinion). I picked up a grey pair around two months ago, then picked up a black pair in the last few weeks, and I’d like at least one more pair! I think it’s worth noting I’m one of those people who likes to take their makeup off and get into comfy clothing as soon as I know I’m not required to leave the house for the rest of the day. During this time of year especially, the second we get home from work Matt and I love to have a hot bath and get into our comfies to enjoy our evening, as the nights get colder the desire to be warm and cosy is stronger! At £22 they won’t break the bank, and if you’re after some pretty swish PJ pants – that you can also run to Sainsbury’s in without getting a death stare – I’d highly recommend!

Lounge Pants


A Plain Bodysuit
Bodysuits are a funny category for me; I see so many styles that I love, but they almost always come with a full-knicker style bottom, and I hate that! I do not like nor do I own any underwear other than thongs and I just can’t stand the thought – something my friends get a laugh out of as I’m so particular about it. Bodysuits are a must-have because they can be worn with pretty much anything, and there’s never a risk of a bulk in your clothing where a top is tucked in, and you also don’t have to worry about it coming untucked. I love this one as it’s so plain and comfy – I can wear it day or night, with jeans, trousers or a skirt. This also will work well as a layering piece in colder months under jumpers!

Black Bodysuit


A Good Pair of Skinny Jeans
Topshop Jamie jeans are my go-to! I also really like Zara’s TRF Mom style jeans (the ones that are £25.99) but I don’t think they’re as versatile as a good pair of Jamie’s. I have several pairs of these, and am always looking to pick up another as I wear them approximately every other time I leave the house. They are high-waisted and a very flattering style; they hug my bum in the best way and aren’t too tight that I have to undo the top button after a big meal. Been there, done that. The black ones do fade pretty quickly with regular washing – as do all black jeans – but I dye mine back black every few months and they look good as new. Also, skinny jeans go with all of the tops mentioned in this post – if a dog is man’s best friend, a good pair of skinnies are definitely a woman’s. And maybe diamonds.

Jamie Jeans in Black
Jamie Jeans in Blue


Statement Boots
If you had have asked me a year or two ago, statement boots would certainly not have made it into my ‘must-haves’ but now I couldn’t recommend them more! My three options here are all with a chunky heel which is my preference, I love a good block heel as they’re way more comfy and means nights out don’t end in Matthew carrying me to the taxi because my blisters have blisters. (That being said, alcohol consumption may lead to an occasional carry to the taxi, ha!) I think a good pair of statement boots – whether that be print, texture or decoration – can really jazz an outfit up. I especially love wearing them with a super plain outfit, like a black cami and black skinny jeans, as it keeps the focus on the boots.

Leopard Print Boots


The Perfect Jumper
In my opinion, finding a good jumper is hard. I picked this one up from & Other Stories (one of my favourite stores and one I wish I could browse IRL – come on, Newcastle!) a few weeks ago and I’ve already worn it three times. Does anyone else do that? Get a new clothing item and wear it to death because it’s just so exciting to find something you really love?! This is the perfect shade of grey for me and it goes perfectly with any shade of denim I wear. I love the crew neck shape and cosy sleeves, I think the design gives it a little more shape than your bog-standard jumper. One thing I especially love is that it’s not too long, which means I can easily tuck it into skirts, or do my standard tuck-the-front-in-to-jeans style with no issue.

Grey jumper


A Black Jumpsuit
Move over LBD, the LBJ is in town! I love jumpsuits, and nine times out of ten I do prefer them to dresses. No risk of cold legs or flashing your underwear – what’s not to love?! The only issue I do have with a jumpsuit is the whole getting-naked-to-go-for-a-wee situation, but I can deal with that. My favourite kind of jumpsuits are tailored and nipped in at the waist; it’s a flattering style and makes me feel dressed up in seconds. The cigarette leg on this particular jumpsuit is also very flattering, it’s fitted but not tight, meaning it’s comfy, roomy, and hides the bloated stomach I often am blessed with after one too many gin and lemonades! I picked this one up last year from Miss Selfridge and have worn it so many times since. It is the perfect throw-on piece for a spontaneous date night or drinks with the girls. 

Black Jumpsuit (similar)


A Cami
If Matt and I are going out on the weekend and I need an outfit to go from day to night, my go-to outfit will pretty much always be a cami tucked into high-waisted jeans or a midi skirt with a pair of heeled boots. I’d wear this with my afore-mentioned leather jacket during the colder months, and go without when it’s warm. I picked this one up from Topshop and I just love it, the square neckline is so flattering. Most importantly it can be worn comfortably without a bra – something I love as when possible I tend to not bother wearing one, nobody likes boob jail! I am currently in the market for a plain black cami with lace in the front and I think I’m going to purchase the one linked below.

Black cami (similar)


Not the kind you’d wear to the gym (although I do love a good pair of Nikes), the kind you can throw on with any given outfit and feel comfy, but still put-together. My favourites are either my (previously) white Converse or black Old Skool Vans as I think they’re the most easy-to-wear shoes with any casual outfit, and as you can see they’re very well loved. Over the past few weeks I’ve worn my Converse with midi-skirts a few times and was surprised by how much I liked the look. It took me a long time but I’m ever so slowly getting into mixing casual and going-out clothing and I am a big fan. You just can’t go wrong with either (or both) of these.

White Converse
Black Old Skool Vans

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know what your essential pieces are? Do you have all of my top twelve pieces in your wardrobe currently, and do you get lots of wear out of them? I would love to do a similar style post all about jewellery and accessories if that’s something you’d like to see!

-G x

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