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How is it already Wednesday?! I’ve loved the beginning of this week, however at the time this post goes live I will be taking Matthew and his colleague to the airport as they’re heading off on a work trip. I’m so excited for him to have a great time with his colleagues but I know I’ll already be counting down to being reunited on Friday evening! Being apart, even for two nights, sucks! Hopefully your week is more fun?! Anyhow, on with the post… if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll already know I love Autumn, and everything that comes with it. I talked about all of the things I’m most excited for in this post.

I love reading monthly favourites posts, and of course watching monthly favourite videos on YouTube, but I just don’t think I use or try enough new items month-to-month to be able to share with you, and keep it somewhat interesting. If it’s something you’d like to see, I’d love to do these kind of posts on a seasonal basis? Today I’m talking all about my current favourite products, activities and items during the past few weeks, it’s all about the cosy Autumnal vibes!


Autumn scented candles.
I’m a sucker for a scented candle, and my favourite time of year to buy them (and burn them) is always during the Autumn/Winter months. As you may have seen from this post, I went a little crazy buying candles in the last few weeks, but no regrets… right? Matthew and I have candles burning from the minute we get home and they’re definitely an essential for our cosy nights in. When it’s cold and dreary outside, having a candle lit seems to make everything a whole lot better! My favourites are from DW Home at Homesense as they smell incredible, last for so long and, let’s be honest, they’re very aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been loving Frosted Leaves, Sea Salt Pumpkin and Apple Cider, especially. 

My evening skincare routine. 
This combination of products has been my ultimate favourite to help my skin cope with the colder weather we’re experiencing. Since buying the serum back in June, and the eye cream just a few weeks ago, I can’t recommend these products highly enough. Moisture Surge is absolutely my favourite moisturiser for the colder weather and one I use religiously during my day-to-day evening skincare routine. I’ve already raved about these products in previous posts, so I’m not going to repeat myself too much, but I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Chunky scarves.
Scarves and bobble hats are my favourite accessories to pair with my Autumn/Winter outfits, but sadly it’s not quite cold enough for a bobble hat just yet. It’s still that awkward kind of weather where it’s freezing cold early morning and late at night, but during the day the temperature sits somewhere between 12 and 16 degrees, so dressing appropriately for the weather is hard! Plaid and leopard print scarves are my favourite (naturally), and I feel like they go with any outfit. Leopard print is a neutral, right?


Berry toned lips.
I love nude lipsticks/lip glosses as much as the next girl, but boy do I like a berry toned lip at this time of year. Mademoiselle from Chanel, Kristen from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Dolly from Buxom are my top three lip products for the season. Dolly lip gloss also smells like cinnamon, which just makes it perfect. I think berry-toned lips paired with gold or copper toned eyeshadow looks so pretty, it’s such a good season for sparkly makeup! Spoiler: a post with all of my Autumn make up favourites will be up in the next few weeks.

Chunky jumpers.
Okay, so my love of chunky jumpers is absolutely not limited to Autumn, but it is finally getting cold enough to wear thicker knits and my obsession is bigger than ever. This one from & Other Stories is perfect; it’s made mostly of sustainable materials and it’s so warm and cosy. I love wearing grey, especially with blue jeans! This jumper is just perfect, and I’m definitely going to buy the blush coloured one at some point. I’ve already raved about the jumper in this post and you’re definitely going to see it all over my Instagram and blog for the next few months! Sorry, not sorry. I’ve also had several compliments whilst wearing this, which makes me very happy.


Options Belgian Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.
I love hot chocolate and the colder weather means I’ve been enjoying them much more often. I have been a huge fan of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice hot chocolate for the past few years and I highly recommend, tip: ask for it extra hot. This year I’ve discovered the bonfire spiced hot chocolates from Costa and oh my goodness they are literally Autumn in a cup! Unfortunately I can’t camp out in Costa, so when I’m at home I opt for an Options salted caramel hot chocolate. Matt loves the Options White hot chocolate, which is also so good! They taste best when made with milk, and of course adding marshmallows is a necessity. We’re also mildly obsessed with Lotus Biscoff biscuits recently, they are just the best! *How amazing is this mug – a reminder we all need in our lives!*

Cosy nights in with Matthew.
Again, definitely not a favourite just during Autumn, but I’m welcoming the cooler weather and in turn, all of the cosy nights in! There’s a weird pressure to be outside more during the Summer months, but when Autumn rolls around it disappears. Matt and I always love a cosy night in no matter the weather, but it does feel even better when it’s cold, dreary and rainy outside. Spending our evenings cooking, cuddling and watching Netflix are the norm again, and we are loving it! We’re together every night (yay for Matthew’s new work schedule!) and we tend to stay at his house one night, mine the next, and so on. As we’re getting up in the mornings for work I’m usually already counting down the hours until we can snuggle back up… I’m a such a creature of comfort (and I really like cuddles *shrugs shoulders*).

Autumnal bath products.
Okay, so we all know Lush and The Body Shop are the places to go for anything bath-related, and their seasonal ranges are always my favourite. The Vanilla Pumpkin range from The Body Shop is incredible; it’s a light, vanilla based scent, and the products are such good quality. I especially love the body butter; it smells amazing, is so moisturising and the hydration lasts all day. My picks from Lush’s Halloween range have to be the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, they’ve been favourites for the past few years and I always repurchase lots before they disappear until the next year. Also, not bath-related, but I love The Body Shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream, and Bath & Body Works’ hand sanitizers, too. My favourite is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, it literally smells like Autumn in a pot!

Enjoying treats.
Much like the pressure to go outside being lifted during the Autumn/Winter months, so is the pressure to eat super healthy. Matt and I are partial to a few snacks during the evening, we get peckish after dinner! Percy Pigs are Matt and I’s favourite treat, but let’s be honest, they taste even better in Halloween form! We absolutely love them, and go through packets a lot quicker than we’d like to admit, they are just so addictive. We recently have eaten lots of Godiva chocolate and Malteser truffles, definitely our current favourite chocolates. (I didn’t even have any truffles to photograph as we’d eaten them all, oops!) We were also very happy to find out last week Smarties McFlurry’s are back at McDonald’s, they’re our favourite and we’ll be making the most of them before they’re gone again!

Another favourite is absolutely a potato side-dish Matt and I have been making pretty much every other day, that I’m going to talk through in an upcoming post. It’s definitely a comfort food, goes with anything and it’s delicious. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve been enjoying Gilmore Girls (for possibly the third? fourth? time…) I’ve been watching it whilst getting ready in the morning when Matt has left for work and I just love it. Lorelai is one of my favourite TV characters ever, Stars Hollow is just a dream place! Hell’s Kitchen has been Matt and I’s TV show of choice for the past few weeks, and after missing out on the hype for the past few years, we’re definitely on the Gordon Ramsay train.

As you can hopefully tell, I tried to step it up a notch with my photos for this post and I’d love to know what you think? What are some of your current favourite products? Do you have any Autumn essentials I should check out? Thank you so much for reading!

-G x

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