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Happy Friday, loves!

I’m so incredibly excited it’s almost the weekend! Matt is back from his work trip this afternoon and I just can’t wait to head home to kiss his cute little face!! We’re going to have a snuggly smushy night and I’m pretty much giddy about it, I’ve missed him so much. We also get to have a lazy Saturday morning together, then I’m heading for lunch with my lovely friend, Meg. Matt and I are driving down to Liverpool first thing on Sunday for a spa mini-break, as if the weekend wasn’t dreamy enough. Any recommendations for Liverpool would be great as we’ve never been before! I’ve been reading lots of Savannah‘s blog (I love her!) and figured I’d fill you in on my plans similarly to the way she does in her #WhatUpWednesday posts. What are your plans for this weekend?!   

I’m posting out of my normal schedule again, because I just couldn’t resist getting this post up ASAP! I have so much content planned/scheduled right now, and at the rate I’m going with ideas coming out of my ears, I’d not be getting this post up until December. The lovely Abbie tagged me in her Autumn Tag, I’d suggest you head on over to check it out ASAP! My favourite recent posts of hers are this one and this one, she’s such a great writer and I laugh out loud reading her posts all the time! Now, without further ado…


What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
Okay, so any regular readers will know I’ve been anticipating the start of Autumn for a very long time, it’s my favourite season! I wrote a post all about the things I was excited for in August for goodness’ sake. I know Autumn didn’t really start until 23rd September, however for me I think from mid-September it really started to feel like Autumn. The leaves were beginning to change colour, the weather was cool and crisp, and Homesense was stocking all of the pumpkin candles!

What is your favourite Autumn scent?
I have a lot of favourite Autumn scents, I can’t pick just one! My favourite bath/body scent is absolutely anything from The Body Shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin range; their body butter is my favourite moisturiser. Any and all of the Autumn scented candles from DW Home are right up my street, my current favourites being Sea Salt Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bourbon and Frosted Leaves.

What is your favourite Autumn colour?
Assuming leopard print isn’t a colour as such, I love to wear lots of dark emerald greens, navy, deep burgundy’s and anything camel coloured. Of course I embrace my inner witch, and wear lots of black, too!

Are you a fan of a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) ?
I unfortunately don’t like any coffee, I just can’t get into it. I do love a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate though, which isn’t technically on the menu but it’s delicious. As I said in this post, I always ask for it extra hot, and I get it without whipped cream!

What is your favourite Autumn drink? 
Other than a PSHC (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?) I love the Bonfire Spice hot chocolate’s from Costa this year, they’re one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! Matt and I have a cup of tea together every morning – in bed if we have the time – and I love that more than anything, although that’s more the quality time with him than the drink, I think. I’m a sap.

What’s your favourite coffee shop and their drink of choice?
Lots of drink related questions! I’ve been a loyal Starbucks lover since I can remember, but Costa have sneaked in there at the moment with their Bonfire Spice hot choc. They also do the best ham and cheese toasties!


Apple pie or Pumpkin pie?
I love both, but I’m going to have to say apple pie with lots of cinnamon and custard. Matt and I had the most amazing rhubarb crumble the other night, which I’d actually choose over apple or pumpkin!

What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to in the next few months?
We are so behind the trend, but Matt and I are going to finally start Power in the next few weeks! We’re also really excited for the new Narcos: Mexico series as we loved the first two seasons so much. We’re still obsessed with Hell’s Kitchen, and as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls, it’s giving me all of the Autumnal vibes!

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?
Leopard print everything. It’s a favourite all year round, but it’s so popular right now and I’m in my element! I also love all of the chunky knits, scarves, chunky heeled boots… the list is endless.

What is your favourite comfort food to enjoy in the colder months?
Ooh I have so many! Any kind of sweet sugary crumble with custard is a winner. I love soup with tiger bread for lunch; my favourite is M&S Tarka Dahl, it’s so warming on the cold, dreary days. For a good hearty dinner, Matt and I often go for patatas bravas with garlic bread, and we’ve really been into cooking various pasta and chilli dishes.

What is your favourite Autumn activity?
Autumn is the best season for cosy nights in with my favourite person (Matthew, obviously) before the Christmas party season begins. I’m so not ready for the madness of being out almost every night! We also love morning walks and going for breakfast, it’s so fun when it’s a little chillier and we can cosy up with a hot chocolate after. Another favourite is going to watch Newcastle United, we love to go to the matches together!

Are you a fan of horror movies?
My kind of Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus… Matt hates it but I love it, and he loves me (so that means we get to watch it)!

Do you ever do anything fun for Halloween? 
My mam’s birthday is on Halloween (my younger cousins really think she’s an actual witch, it’s the cutest/funniest thing) so we typically go out for a family meal around the date. Up until I turned 20/21, I’ve spent almost every Halloween in Florida, exploring Disney World. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a personal favourite, but it’s very different here, and since I got older. Last year Matt and I just had a cosy night in which was perfect, this year will be the same unless our friends talk us into other plans.

What was your favourite part about Halloween as a child?
Obviously the sweets, what a silly question! Also, spending most of them at Disney World was pretty damn good.


Are you a bigger fan of Bonfire night or Halloween?
Probably Bonfire Night. Matt and I went to an amazing local display last year and we’re planning to do the same again, although this year I’m making a mental note to wear thermals because it was so cold. We also spent a lovely night with our friends setting off fireworks and eating food, so fingers crossed we’ll get to do that again!

Where is your dream destination to visit in the Autumn?
Much like Abbie, I’d love to go to Banff! It’s on Matt and I’s travel wishlist and I know we’ll go one year, the sooner the better. I’d also like to go to Amsterdam, another place on our wishlist, although I think we’ll probably head there in the Spring.

Do you always forget about the clocks going back?
Yes! All I know is it’s the ‘good one’ meaning we gain an hour of sleep. And that means we gain an hour of cuddles. Winning!

When do you usually start preparing for Christmas?
I typically start buying any time from now, as in the build up to Black Friday lots of websites and shops start having good sales/discounts. I already know pretty much everything I’m buying for people this year and I’ve (naturally) made lists, so I feel quite organised.

What is your favourite clothing item you’ve purchased for the Autumn months?
Without a doubt, my grey jumper from & Other Stories, one I’ve been banging on about for the past ~however many~ blog posts. I’m going to buy the blush one soon as it’s beautiful, and I know I’ll get so much wear out of them both!

What are three of your must-have beauty products for the season?
I am currently really loving my Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede perfume, NARS Madly blush and Pixi Glow Tonic. I also really flipping love Eliabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but I just raved about it in this post, so I’m not going to say anything else on the matter! I’m desperate to get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette which is just absolutely beautiful, but it’s currently sold out.

What does your perfect Autumnal, rainy day look like?
Okay I’m thinking this would be a weekend day; Matt and I would have a lazy morning (more than likely watching Soccer AM – I’m too soft!) and go out for a late breakfast with very good hot chocolates, followed by a cute woodland walk. Our afternoon would be spent shopping and wandering around town before going to watch an NUFC match, maybe (definitely) grabbing a donut! We’d head back to Matt’s for a cosy night in watching a film, splitting a bottle of wine (or two) with his parents and I’d also like a Chinese takeaway because, well, we love Chinese food!

I loved doing this tag, I found it so much fun and very reminiscent of the old YouTube trend of tag videos. They were some of my favourite videos and it was so fun to participate in my own way! I added three questions of my own on the end, just for fun. I’ve tagged a few girls whose content I truly admire, I’d love to see you guys do it!

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  1. Babe I loved this and thank you so much for your kind words about little old me!! I too love the vanilla pumpkin range I can’t believe I forgot about that! Similarly I am obsessed with Lush’s Snow Fairy range, that always reminds me Christmas isn’t too far around the corner. Have the best weekend beaut, I am SO jealous of your spa break. I can’t wait to read all about it! xx

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  2. Hey Girl! Thank you so much for tagging me! I loved this post, and am totally going to do it this Thursday 🙂 I’m totally with you on your dream autumn destination. Banff is my favorite place in this entire world, and I’d love to see it when the trees are all colorful!

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