Spa Break: Photo Diary

Happy Sunday, loves!

Today’s post is all about what we got up to last weekend; Matt and I went on the best spa break at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. We really wanted to take some time away together to just relax and unwind; Matt has been so busy with work (and it’s just going to get busier!) so we thought the perfect way to chill would be a spa break. This was also a late anniversary celebration for us, as when we celebrated our anniversary last month we couldn’t get away for the weekend! We seen a little of Liverpool, and a little of Manchester (it’d be rude not to go to the Trafford Centre when we were right by it!) 

I am so thankful for my amazing boyfriend and everything he does for me and for us. I know I sing his praises all of the time, but I promise you, he’s the most dedicated, hard working man I know and I’m so lucky to call him mine. Matthew, thank you for another perfect weekend away, I love you so much!

Sunday 14th October

We woke up to a 6.30am alarm, which normally would feel awful but we were so excited to be headed on a road trip and not to work! We got ready pretty quickly, tidied my room and the bathroom as quick as possible (nobody likes coming back to a mess) and packed up the car. Apologies, this is the only photo taken with a Snapchat filter!


We left around 7.30am so it was still dark – as much as I love the dark evenings, I’m so not a fan of the dark mornings! – and it was pretty cold. We settled down for the three hour drive, I took provisions of my blanket (I’m secretly five years old) and obviously Swedish fish, we love these so much! We only stopped off once but the drive went by so fast; we spent the whole time singing along to the radio and talking. Matt ‘rapping’ Eminem’s part in Smack That by Akon was a personal highlight! One of my favourite ever things is that Matt always holds my hand for a little when he’s driving. He’s so cute!


We arrived at the Titanic hotel around 11am and pre-checked in since check in wasn’t technically open yet. We left Matt’s car and our suitcase (one suitcase between both of us, I was SO proud! I totally followed my own tips from this post, haha) and got a taxi straight into the city centre. We walked around the shopping area and I picked up a replacement Nars Soft Matte Concealer, mine was so done! It’s seriously the best concealer ever, it blows anything else I’ve ever used out of the water. Matt was so sweet and bought me the Fenty Beauty foundation, spoiler: I am obsessed with it! We also had to run to Boots because we forgot our toothbrushes… doh! We grabbed lunch at Tortilla; we both got burritos and they were so good! Matt got beef and chorizo, and I got chicken with gauc. Why is guac always extra?!


Of course we had to go to the Cavern Club whilst we were in Liverpool! If you don’t already know this was the place that The Beatles began playing at and SO many other artists have played here since. All of the walls are covered in signatures and names of all the people who have played or visited. There was a live singer named Richard Batty playing while we were there, and he was incredible. The vibe was so good, we’re not the biggest music fans ever but it was fun to see such a cool place. We went back to the hotel and had a quick drink in the lobby as our room still wasn’t ready, Matt got a cuba libre and I’m sure he was pretending we were back in Kos, he drank them all day every day when we were there, haha!


We were so impressed with our room, it was seriously HUGE! The photos really don’t do it justice; there was a queen sized bed, sitting area, TV, table, and then a huge bathroom too. I was so excited eye-ing up the bath because we knew we’d be headed right there post spa! The building was formerly a warehouse, so they’ve kept the industrial vibe where possible (hence the metal bars through the ceiling) and it’s one of the most beautiful hotels we’ve stayed in. I loved the exposed brick everywhere, it looked so beautiful and the decor was kept super simple to compliment it. Tip: I would say if you’re going to go, don’t bother paying extra for a ‘dockside view’ – it’s literally a view of the derelict building opposite!


The rainfall shower was AMAZING


We headed down to the spa and had the most relaxing two hours of our life! It was seriously so tranquil and chilled, we were so happy. The spa was underneath the hotel, it felt like we were in an old cave or something, which I’m sure was the kind of vibe they were going for. We were obsessed with the Jacuzzi area and one of the saunas that pumped essential oils through, even though we were SO flipping hot every time we went in! Two hours went by so fast, and we came out of the spa feeling almost drunk because we had been that relaxed. It was so needed to unwind, we loved every second!


A super sweet girl took photos for us, she literally took about 40! Be that girl!!


As sad as we were to leave the spa, it was time for a bath!! One of our favourite things about staying in nice hotels is taking a bath together, it’s the best. One huge requirement for our future house: a roll top bath. In our dreams! We enjoyed a bottle of champagne (I bought this one for Matt to celebrate his promotion back in July, and we just got round to drinking it!) and I mean come on, it was the best start to date night.

You can see the afore-mentioned derelict building in the background… NOT CUTE!


After our bath, it was time to get ready for the evening! We were planning on heading down for dinner in the hotel restaurant so spent our time leisurely getting ready, however we couldn’t get a reservation, which sucked. We instead headed to Gino’s My Restaurant, which we were certainly not disappointed with. We’d visited a different branch when we went to Harrogate back in May (remember this post?) The food was SO good again, and this soup was to die for! I want it right now!!


We headed back to the hotel quite early and after doing my full skincare routine (*pats self on back*), we snuggled up in bed to watch TV. We’re wild, I know! But, this break was all about relaxing and unwinding after lots of busy weeks and weekends, so that’s exactly what we did. I would say if you’re planning a break to Liverpool any time soon it’s definitely worth getting Uber’s not taxis, they were literally half of what the first taxi cost! We fell asleep and had the best nights sleep in forever…

😍 I love this handsome guy SO MUCH!

Monday 15th October 

Morning came around far too quickly, however we slept until our 8.30am alarm!! That NEVER happens, we’re such early birds. 8.30am is a serious lie in for us, so we felt so much more refreshed and ready for the day. We may have spent another hour or so lounging in bed, but we were allowed, right?!

Matt and I are so lucky to be able to go for nights/ or weekend trips away quite often and we never ever take it for granted!


Matt needed to fill up on petrol and we’d already spotted a huge Costco right by the hotel the previous day (we’re like magnets to the place I swear) so we may have found ourselves heading there, just for a quick browse! It’s definitely got to be the first time we’ve been to Costco and not purchased anything. How beautiful are these books?! They’d make a great Christmas gift!


Once we were back on the road, Matt was determined to drive past Anfield Stadium. We found it even though we were seriously doubting Google maps, it’s literally in the middle of a housing estate which was so weird to us as our stadium (NUFC represent!) is in the middle of our city. Our time in Liverpool was short but oh-so-sweet, and we were headed back North. We had already planned to go to the Trafford Centre on our way home as it’s 10,000 times better than any shopping malls around where we live! I treated Matt to lunch at Bill’s (one of our favourite places) and it was SO. GOOD. Matt got steak and eggs with fries, and I got mac n cheese – if you know me, you’ll know it’s my favourite ever meal! We intended to ‘browse’, but of course I got new underwear from Victoria’s Secret, I was a happy camper! Matt got a new shirt, he finds the best deals every time we go shopping. I wish I was as good at bargain hunting as he is! Why is he just so good at everything?!

Not a bad shot from a moving car, right?! Can you see my blanket in the reflection? Haha


Sadly it was now time to make the drive home! We left around 4pm, and naturally hit lots of traffic… we luckily had Cadbury’s chocolate buttons (our fave) to make it lots better! The drive went by so quickly again, we just enjoyed spending time together.


We made it back in good time, so went to see Matt’s parents for half an hour, which was so nice. They’re so good to us! We snuggled up on the sofa and caught up on each other’s weekends, then headed back to home for Domino’s and football. We caught up with my mam and dad, then showered and watched the game, we won 3-2 yay! We did have an early night as Matt had a 6am start the next day. I have to say I secretly love it when Matt’s super tired because he is extra kissy and cuddly, it’s the best!


As you can see, we ate super healthy over these two days… NOT! I guess that’s part of the fun of a mini break, right?! I’ve actually wrote a week in my life for the remainder of this week which will be up next Sunday! I’m so excited to share it with you, it’s been really fun to write so far, and I hope it’s somewhat interesting!

Thank you so much for reading, and for following along on our weekend trip! Have you been on a spa break or weekend away recently? Have you got any trips coming up?!

-G x