Weekend In My Life: Football, Friends & Fireworks

Happy Wednesday, loves!

Today’s post is a little round up of what Matt and I got up to this past weekend, and I’m so excited to share with you. Since I got such a good response to my photo diary of Matt and I’s spa weekend and my last Week In My Life post, I figured I’d follow the same format. Spoiler: our weekend involves a lot of eating and so much fun! Is it bad that it’s only Wednesday and I’m counting down to this weekend too? It’s been a week, guys!

Friday 2nd November

Waking up on Friday morning is always exciting; there’s an eight hour work day between me and the weekend, and I’m ready for it! This morning Matt and I were lucky enough to have a little lie in because he’s off all day (alright for some!) and we spent the morning snuggled up in bed, pretending I didn’t have to go to work.

We stayed curled up for as long as we possibly could, before I went to make us cups of tea. I really love our morning cuppa together, it’s such a great start to the day and lets us spend a little quality time together. I got ready whilst Matthew snoozed, I was so jealous he could stay in bed because it was so cold and icy out, I was already counting down to snuggling back up in bed in the evening!

The first real icy day of the season, I must buy de-icer STAT!

My morning at work went pretty quickly and I got so much work done in a short amount of time, which always seems that little bit harder on a Friday. It was of course Takeaway Friday and today’s choice was Greggs, a little bit boring but I was so happy because it’s been a LONG time since we got lunch from there. The day flew by, as Friday’s usually do, and before I knew it, it was 5pm, and time for the weekend to officially begin.

I headed back home (home being my second home, at Matthew’s house!) to get ready for the evening as Matthew and I were going into town. We had plans to go to Stack and I was so excited because we’ve never been, and some of our friends were joining us too! Stack is a huge outside bar, filled with heaters, fires, and lots of food and drink places – it’s such a cool concept, and sorry my photo doesn’t do it justice! My lovely friend Laura came with us, then we were joined by Keith, Nathan and Jordan (they love to joke around about my blog but they were adamant they got a named mention, HAHA). Matt, Laura & I shared pizzas from Eatalia, they were so good and I’d definitely recommend if you find yourself in Stack anytime soon. We were wrapped up in all the layers and enjoyed a few drinks with our friends, it was such a fun night! 


I love him so much!
#AutumnatedMessage (rolling my eyes)

Saturday 3rd November

We had a relaxed Saturday morning, and lounged in bed with cups of tea before getting ready for the day. Again it was SO cold outside, it may still technically be Autumn but it sure feels like Winter! Matt was a little worse for wear, so we definitely chilled for longer than necessary, but I wasn’t complaining! 

I am OBSESSED with this stuff, it’s so good!

Today we had super fun plans, we were heading to watch the football at St James’ Park. We LOVE going to the games together, and we wish we were able to squeeze more in but due to work commitments it’s not possible. It’s also exciting to me to get wrapped up (ALL the layers were required!) and spend lots of QT with my favourite person, so I was happy as Larry. 

Matt drove into town and we grabbed McDonald’s on the way in because (as per usual) we were running late, but surprisingly there was almost no traffic and we made it to the stadium an hour before the game. We had so much fun (and we won 1-0, YAY!) Matt jokes I’m his good luck charm because every time we go together we never lose! I’d managed to arrange with my dad’s friend for Matthew to meet the players again, I so badly wish I could have kept it a secret to surprise him but I told him as soon as I found out last weekend! We did this back in April, and Matt was literally as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Last time he was a little shy, which is not at all his personality, but he wasn’t this time because he knew what to expect, and it was even better! I was so glad I managed to pull it off because seeing him so happy made me so happy, he’s just so cute I can’t take it! We also got to see DeAndre Yedlin again (he’s literally the nicest person ever, and definitely the sweetest player we’ve met!) and that was so fun.


I love this photo! They’re so cute

We stayed in the players lounge for an hour or so, then we were in a serious rush to make it to the beach in time to watch the firework display! We were going to watch Bonfire Night fireworks in a nearby town, and I can’t actually believe it’s been a whole year since we last did this. I love Bonfire Night and all of the celebrations it involves, even if it is always absolutely freezing. I was however very excited to wear Ugg’s for the first time of the season HAHA! 


We made it  to the beach with minutes to spare, and the firework display was amazing, even better than last year. We loved spending the evening watching them together, and it’s so fun to continue traditions! (Sorry guys, getting photos of fireworks on an iPhone is so damn hard!) When the display finished, we picked up Chinese food and headed home for a cosy Netflix night. This was such a perfect day and definitely one of my favourite days of the whole year! We snuggled in to eat our food, drink strawberry and lime cider (it’s our fave) and watch Michael McIntyre followed by MOTD. We both went to sleep with our hearts so full and feeling so happy! 


Sunday 4th November

After a few hectic weeks/weekends and a busy day yesterday, we were super lucky to not have many plans for the day, other than spending most of it together, so we decided to have a lazy morning before getting ready for the day. We snuggled for a while, Matthew did a little work before this evening (he had to head into work for a meeting and a team night out) and I caught up on a few YouTube subscriptions. I was so excited that a new package of Swiss Miss arrived I couldn’t wait to have one – it’s the best hot chocolate ever and you can’t buy it in the UK! I always order off eBay and it’s so worth the inflated price.


Probably the best part of our day was heading out on a little venture to Home Bargains to find goodies for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. This is such a worthwhile charity and if you’re looking to give back this Christmas season it’s a great way to do so. You can find out all of the information here, but you’ll have to be quick as the deadline to hand shoeboxes in is November 18th! Matt packed a box for a boy aged 5 to 9, and I packed a box for a girl aged 5 to 9. It was such a joy to do this and I really hope the children that receive these boxes enjoy them, and feel all the love we put into them! We’re including photos and a little note about ourselves in our boxes too, so the children that receive them know a little bit about where they came from. 

I posted about this on my Instagram story on the day we went and I was a little nervous to do so, as some people think if you discuss or share giving to charity you’re doing it for the wrong reasons – I completely disagree and think it’s something we should share more often, and encourage others to give too! We also picked up new Christmas stockings for each other (these ones, they’re so cute!!) I can’t WAIT until we have our house and the can hang on the fireplace. *insert all of the cosy, mushy feelings here* LOL.

😍 my love


We headed home and ate bacon sandwiches (I really do make a good bacon sandwich!) and Matt did a little more work, then unfortunately he had to go into work for a little while. When he left I worked on the blog for a few hours, then spent the rest of my evening catching up on Riverdale, Coronation Street and KUTWK. I put fresh bedding on for us, which always makes life seem ten times better, right?! I also squeezed in a Lush bath as I still had a little time, my arthritis is really playing up (I’m pretty sure it’s because of the cold weather but I feel like an eighty year old) and my knees are especially affected, a hot bath helps SO much!

After I got out the bath and dried my hair, I snuggled up to catch up on a few of my YouTube subscriptions and eat Tarka Dahl soup (Matt was going for Indian food as part of his night out – we never eat dinner apart so this was so weird HAHA). I only managed to watch a few Ellie & Jared vlogs before Matt arrived home, so now we’re about to snuggle in to watch a show on Netflix and eat some treats. My dad bought us a box of Celebrations chocolates, and opening them feels like cheating because it’s not Christmas! Snuggling in to watch a show is one of my favourite ways to end the night, it really is the little things that count the most. We’re probably going to have an early night as Matthew starts work at 7am tomorrow! I already can’t wait for a snuggly Monday evening…

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you had a great weekend too? I had so much fun this weekend and I wish I could go back to Friday night and do it all over again so bad. What’s your favourite way to spend the weekend? I think this will be my last ‘In My Life’ post for a little while as I have so much content planned in this month and next, but if you’d like to see another, please let me know and I’ll try to squeeze it in!

-G x

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  1. So jealous that you have your box of celebrations. WE don’t have all of those awesome treats here in the US but we do have some alternatives which can be pretty good. Second, I LOVE your weekend / day-in-the-life posts!

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    1. I really think American chocolate and sweets are SO much better than what we have! Cadbury’s is pretty good (and the ones in the US taste different which is weird). Ghiradelli chocolate is amazing too, it’s approx $15 for a packet of that here, compared to like $5 or less haha!

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      1. Gillian – that just makes me laugh at how we always love something we “can’t” have. My parents are from the UK so I was raised on the British sweets especially because my nanny owned a sweets shop (she would send HUGE boxes but has since passed away) and I would go absolutely WILD on the candy when it arrived. If I could come to England once every six months to stock up on my favorites I would. Do you have any favorite American favorite foods??


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