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I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I spent yesterday Christmas shopping and catching up on my shows while Matthew went out with the boys for the afternoon, then we had a cosy evening enjoying a takeaway and watching a few more episodes of Making A Murderer! I’m so excited to spend today relaxing together, maybe going for a walk at the beach and definitely out for a Sunday roast! Tonight we’ll be snuggling in to watch I’m A Celebrity, I’m really excited to see how Holly and Dec’s dynamic will play out, I love her on This Morning and I’m sure she’ll be great! Are you going to be watching?

Today’s post is exciting because using a face mask is one of my favourite self care/skincare routines, it genuinely makes me happy! Real talk: Matthew and I love a pamper evening together, and around once per week after we dinner we quite enjoy throwing a face mask on and snuggling in to watch a show (or three) on Netflix. Matthew has pretty great skin all year round, and let’s be real he’s not too fussed on which masks we use, but I’ve finally found three masks I’d recommend over anything else and I’m sharing them with you today! If you fancy treating yourself to a little pre-Christmas night out pamper, or if you’re looking for stocking fillers I think these are a great purchase!

Garnier Skin Active Replumping Shot Sheet Mask

This is hands down my favourite sheet mask EVER, and actually the reasoning behind this post! First of all, it’s pretty much the perfect size for my face. One of my biggest pet hates about most all-in-one sheet masks is there is always so much extra material that either bunches up on your cheeks or hangs awkwardly around your neck… not cute.

The two masks in this range are the first DIY sheet mask on the market – high end or drugstore – and I just know over the next few months lots of other brands will release their own versions! The mask is separated in the packet – the sheet mask is dry when you purchase, and the serum to saturate the mask is in it’s own pocket in the bottom. To mix the two you fold along the lines on the back, and push the serum through into the dry sheet. I tend to shake the packet to make sure the serum is fully coating the mask, then open and put on my face. I probably made that sound way more complicated than it is, I promise it’s super easy and there’s step by step instructions on the back of the packet. There is 30ml of serum in this mask – THIRTY!! That’s the same as a whole bottle you’d use over X amount of months, but all in one go! The serum is Hyaluronic Acid which works miracles for my skin, it is so hydrating and moisturising. My skin always looks glowy and fresh after use, it’s the perfect pre date night mask and it’s a great product to add a little more hydration in the colder weather.

RRP: £4.00- buy it here.

Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble Mask

Sanctuary Spa’s venture into the skincare world is so underrated in my opinion, I’ve tried a few products from their newest range – I love their bath and body produdcts already – and everything seems such high quality. This mask is great for drawing the impurities out of your skin, but I can’t tell you how weird the sensation is on first use! This mask is in two separate parts – I apply the first part to the top of my face first, then put the bottom half on. When you take the mask out of the packet it’s a dark grey colour (and smells divine!) then it gradually turns light grey/white as the mask begins to bubble. The bubbling sensation isn’t too noticeable after the first 30 seconds or so but you can definitely feel it happening, it’s quite a weird feeling! I love to use this mask in the bath as it’s a little messy, but it is such a fun concept. It’s not a gimmick product as it may sound, it really draws the crap out of my face! I’d advise if you are wanting to try this out to use it at least three days prior to an event or night out as it always leaves me with spots the next day, but then my skin looks/feels better than ever a few days later. I’ve not tried the Bubblemask from Glamglow, although I assume this is very similar and a great alternative!

RRP £5.00 – buy it here.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask

This is the first under eye mask I’ve found to really make a difference, and I’m obsessed with it! I apply this under my eyes and leave on for around 10 to 15 minutes, usually whilst I’m pottering around, making Matt and I a cup of tea on a weekend morning! I really love using this mask on a weekend morning, as it means I can then massage the residue in after use and apply my skincare and makeup. If you’re a regular reader you probably already know I have dry, irritated skin under my eyes and this (along with my favourite eye cream – you can read about that in this post!) is making a huge difference. I find my makeup goes on SO much better after, it’s like it completely rejuvenates the skin under my eye. There is a note on the back of the packet to try putting the mask in the fridge prior to use, and I’m definitely going to try that next time!

RRP £3.00 – buy it here.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? Do you have any favourite products containing hyaluronic acid that I should purchase?!

Also, I’ll be back on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week, any guesses why?! 

-G x

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