Lessons I’ve Learned Since Joining The Blogging World

Happy Wednesday, loves!

I hope you’re all having a great week, although if you’re like me you’ll probably be so ready for the weekend coming up… (some things never change haha). I’m sad Matt’s at work all weekend, but I’m grateful we’ll squeeze in a little time together in the mornings and evenings, and we have another great week ahead of us next week! I am so happy it’s December, it’s finally time to break out the matching Christmas jumpers with my handsome boyfriend! I actually am enjoying the freezing cold weather too, it feels so Christmassy all of a sudden. Matt and I have been spending our evenings this week relaxing and binge-watching the new Narcos: Mexico season and I’m A Celebrity. It’s pretty good this year! We both love Harry SO much, he’s such a sweetheart. What’s your week looking like?

Today’s post is another personal one, talking about the lessons I’ve learned since I joined the blogging world a mere five months ago. I love writing and I wish I’d taken the leap years ago to create my own little corner of the Internet, when I first became interested in blogs! Every so often on my Timehop, I’m reminded how many times I tweeted about wanting to create a blog. However, I definitely don’t regret not starting earlier as I really think I’ve found my feet in my own time, and I’m so happy with the little community I’m building day by day.

This was probably the first thing I learned, and something that I’ve tried so hard to do throughout my short time in the blogging world. I have read blogs for years, and it’s definitely something that is talked about often, but I really feel it’s so important to stay true to yourself, and to write about things that truly interest you. One thing I was so nervous about when first posting was my Week In My Life posts, but they always get high engagement and people seem to really enjoy them! I’ve been told by several people that when they read these posts they feel like they can hear me talking, and that’s exactly what I was going for. In a similar way to my love of vlogs, personal posts give an insight into my life that you wouldn’t otherwise see, and I think that’s why people like them! My beauty related posts also get a lot of good feedback, and people tell me they buy things on my recommendation which blows my mind! I really want to focus more on fashion posts in the upcoming year, as well as lots of travel related posts. Matt and I are already planning a few fun trips and adventures and I’m so excited to be able to share those with you. I’d really love to know what kinds of posts you’d like to see in the new year from me?  

I’m very lucky in the fact that my boyfriend, close friends and family have been such huge supporters of my blog since day one, and enjoy what I write as much as I do (or at least pretend to LOL). I’m still shocked that people from all over the world read and interact with my posts, it’s a very weird feeling! When I first began posting I looked forward to seeing my engagement related to each post so much you’d think my life depended on it. I checked my stats hourly when a new post went up, and then I got myself upset and worried when numbers varied day by day, post by post. The fact is that sometimes you will have a lull in readers, and that’s okay. I always let people know about a new post on my Instagram story and Twitter, and I occasionally mention a new post going live on my Instagram grid. It’s all about balance, and in time I’m finding that the same people come back time and time again – and hopefully they tell their friends, too! It blows my mind that anyone wants to read my blog, seriously thank you all SO much. I also have to add that Matt tells me he’s proud of me every time a new post goes up, and that means the world to me!

Before I even pressed publish on my very first post, I had already planned out a schedule in my head, and I made sure my readers knew what it was. I have since changed the days slightly, and I now schedule all my posts for Sundays and Wednesdays at 6am. I always find I work better to deadlines and with structure in my day-to-day life, so this helps to ensure I’m consistent and never behind on posting. That is something I really appreciate in blogs too, for example Anna from The Anna Edit always posts Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so part of my routine is to go and read her latest posts on those days. My schedule works for me as I always write in advance (I’ve currently written almost all of December’s posts which is crazy!) and then I edit – sometimes over and over again – and add in any relevant things a day or two before the post goes live. I also like my routine as I can write posts before I take photos to go with them, therefore allowing me to plan photos with an idea behind them. I also really appreciate that I’ve been told by a few people they check back on my blog each Sunday and Wednesday to see my new post – that makes me so happy! 

Similarly to writing about what you want to read about, I think it’s key to have your own writing style, and allow your personality to shine through in your posts. Over the past month or two I ‘ve began including something personal to me at the beginning of each post – whether that’s a round up of what I’ve been up to the past week/weekend, or my thoughts on something going on currently. A lot of people have told me that makes them feel like they know me a little better, which is a great feeling. I read so many blogs from people all over the world, and because one thing works for one person, it doesn’t mean it will work for another. For example, I love reading DIY posts and luxury handbag reviews, however I am rubbish at most DIY’s (I can copy a few I find on Pinterest but that’s cheating to write about it as my own) and my budget does not allow me to purchase luxury handbags, as much as I’d love to #doitfortheblog. I had to adjust over recent weeks to being photographed myself, not because that is what other people do, but because it fitted the image I had in my head for my blog and for my posts. (The post I’m talking about will be up soon!) I know people read my blog because they like it (or me, maybe?) and that’s something I need to own rather than be embarrassed by.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know any of my fellow bloggers thoughts on this post! Do you agree? Have you had any similar experiences to me? I also hope if any of you reading are thinking about giving this blogging thing a whirl this post has been helpful!

-G x

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  1. Gillian, I have to agree with the masses … I definitely enjoy your day in the life posts and I also check in and read your posts whenever they pop-up in my wordpress reader. I don’t think I had realized that you only posted two times a week BUT would ALWAYS be open to reading more because I honestly love reading about your life in England (where I would move in an instant, if I could). I also love the fact that your family loves your blogging and supports you fully. I tried blogging for a while and it just was too much for me. I do use instagram now from time to time but other than that I really just enjoy blog reading. ❤
    Have you and Matt decided what you will be doing for each other for Christmas yet?? Maybe booking a holiday instead of gifts?? Have you been to Disneyland Paris? I'd love to go there eventually.

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