Secret Santa Gifting

Happy Thursday, loves!

Today’s post is the first in the Twelve Days of Christmas series on my blog, I’m so excited!

I posted my gift guides for her and for him at the end of November, and got the BEST response to both posts. I was so pleasantly surprised by how well received my posts were, thank you so much for reading, I hope they helped with any shopping stress!

After I posted those gift guides, I received a message asking if I could please make a Secret Santa gift guide, so I set to work to include it in my Twelve Days of Christmas posts. I’ve rounded up the best Secret Santa gifts that are not your typical box of Celebrations and a bottle of wine (not that there’s anything wrong with those!) that I think would be perfect for co-workers, family and friends.

Most Secret Santa gifts are capped at somewhere between £10 and £20 in my experience so I’ve got 10 for you under £10, and 10 under £20. You can always add some sweets or chocolate to make the present up to full value, that’s what I would do!

Ten Gifts Under £10
1. Escape Room Game
2. This Works Dream Team Sleep Set
3. Wine Bottle Glass
4. Happy Socks Gingerbread Man Socks
5. Bird & Blend Tea Co Snowball Tea
6. Spider Catcher
7. Mobile Phone Jail Cell
8. Foodie City Breaks of Europe Book
9. Citrus Bottle Opener
10. Desktop Golf

Ten Gifts Under £20
1. Anthropologie Plant Pot
2. Nanoblock Space Shuttle & Launch Tower
3. Pink Pantone Mug
4. Belgian Waffle Maker
5. Mens Superdry Gloves
6. Tiger Eye Mask
7. Monki Fluffy Slippers
8. Christmas Eve Yankee Candle
9. Friends Central Perk Cookie Jar
10. Bear Post-It Note Dispenser

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post helped if you’re looking any last minute gifts (they’d also make great stocking fillers if there wasn’t enough options in my previous gift guides!)

Did you give or receive a great Secret Santa gift one year? What was it?!

-G x