Easy DIY Christmas Hamper

Hi, loves!

Today’s post is a fun, easy DIY that’s perfect for anyone in need of a last minute Christmas gift. I included this as an idea in the couples section of my gift guides posted at the end of November (you can check those out here and here if you missed them) and I received a few messages asking where people could buy bits and bobs to go in them, and what I’d include.

This is such a quick, easy present to put together, and can be tailored specifically to the people/person the gift is for. Matt and I (okay, so I did most of the work HAHA) bought joint gifts for all our parents, grandparents and my brother this year, however we’ve made variations of the hamper featured in this post to give to our aunts and uncles . Items in the hamper will of course vary per recipient, and as you’ll be able to tell by the alcohol, this gift is for a couple aged over 18 (only just, they don’t look a day over twenty-one…) HAHA.

My mam picked up the gift baskets we used from a local store, but there are so many options available you can find them anywhere! I lined them with tissue paper and added shredded paper on top to create a base layer, then filled the baskets with some fun Christmas items. This hamper includes;

Mini bottle of prosecco
Mini set of whiskeys
M&S biscuits cracker
Clotted cream fudge
M&S Belgian truffles
Gin & rhubarb marshmallows
Dark chocolate and peppermint cookies
M&S strawberry jam
Cranberry and clementine cookies
DW Home candle
Yorkshire tea teabags
Homemade chutney (my dad makes this, it’s so good!)
M&S Christmas pudding

*Not pictured as he hadn’t made the batch to go in here yet!

I arranged the items best I could inside of the basket with tissue paper as a filler in the bottom, and wrapped with a pretty red and white glittery ribbon. (I’ll probably try to get this neater before I wrap it HAHA). I picked up a few rolls of this beautiful ribbon from Costco two or three years ago and I still have so much left! To decorate, I added a tag, addressed to the recipients.

The best thing about this gift is just how customisable it is. Other ideas of things you could include are;

Mini bottles of gin/wine/vodka etc
Mini Christmas pudding/cake
Homemade cookies
Teapigs tea
Locally sourced honey
Hot chocolate mix
Chocolate bar(s)
Luxury coffee
Homemade peppermint bark (I show you the best way to make this in an upcoming post, it’s so easy and delicious !)
Mince pies
Chocolate coated almonds

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this post helpful, and if you make any hampers like this be sure to let me know. You could easily adapt this hamper for a gift at any time of the year, and make fun gifts for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

-G x