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Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, 31st March, and today I’m sharing with you a few gift ideas as I know sometimes it can be hard to find that little bit of inspiration. Don’t worry, there’s still a few days left before Sunday, which means there’s plenty of time to go grab any last minute gifts!

Gifting is very personal, and I’m aware it’s also not something that everyone participates in; some people are happy to buy/receive a card and that’s absolutely fine. I personally always enjoy spoiling my mum a little on Mother’s Day, it’s the one day of the year I think I get to really show how much I appreciate and love her, and although I definitely agree it’s not about how much you spend, it’s just nice to be able to treat her. I’m sure most of us can relate to this meme that is recycled every Mother’s Day:

But, let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of things how much you spend doesn’t matter at all, and as with all gifts it’s truly the thought that counts. Matt and I have picked up the same presents for both of our mum’s this year (from both of us, and my brother’s in on the present to our mum) but they may read this so I can’t share what we’ve bought! That being said, I think there are some great options in here for all different budgets and different personalities, and these ideas can easily be tweaked to work best for your mum.

Pricing Key:
£ – £20 or under
££ – £20 – £50
£££ – £50+

Beauty Gift Sets
Price Point: £ – ££

There are some beautiful gift sets available all year round, but of course brands release sets especially for Mother’s Day too. I think there are so many amazing brands you could look at for this, personal favourites include this cute one from Sanctuary Spa, this duo from The White Company (in my favourite scent, Seychelles!) and this amazing set created by Fleur for L’Occitane. You could also buy several smaller items or sets and make a little bundle from various brands if you couldn’t just pick one, and create your own gift set.

Price Point: ££ – £££

One of my favourite presents to give (and receive!) is jewellery. There are so many options, whether you pick up some chic, on trend pieces in Topshop or H&M, or opt for something a little more high end like a new addition to your mum’s Pandora charm bracelet, there’s something for every budget. I love this Mum In A Million charm from Pandora, and I think it would be such a sweet gift to give, that will be treasured for years to come. My favourite ever jewellery brand, Missoma, have wonderful pieces for any personality, although you just can’t go wrong with these gorgeous star and moon mis-matched studs – and they come in gold too if that’s more up your mum’s street!

Price Point: ££

I’m probably a little bias to recommend pj’s, as if I was a mum and could pick anything I’d like to recieve, I’d probably go for a snazzy new pair of pyjamas. I love cosy loungewear, and I think they’re a great present for any homebody. I know my mum loves to have a bath and unwind from her work day as soon as she’s able to, and I’m sure a new pyjama set would brighten up her usual routine. You can buy cute pj’s from almost anywhere, but I really love this gorgeous set if you’re looking for something a little more fancy. *adds to ASOS basket for myself*

Her Favourite Tipple
Price Point: ££

My mum only drinks lager – when she has a drink, lol – but Debbie (Matt’s mum) is a huge fan of this flavoured gin, and so are Matt and I! Whatever your mum likes to drink, a nice shiny new bottle (or box) of her favourite alcohol would be such a lovely gift. Why not go all out and pick up a shiny new glass to go with it? I received a beautiful gin glass with hand painted flowers on it as a gift from Matt’s parents two Christmas’ ago, and I absolutely love to use it whenever we have a drink at home. There are lots of gin gift sets available in supermarkets year round, this one is a great deal that comes with a glass, and would be a beautiful present.

Price Point: £ – ££

I’m sure almost every mum in the world would love a bouqet of fresh flowers for Mother’s Day (or any day), and they do not have to cost a fortune, it’s totally down to the buyer’s preference. I buy flowers all the time from Aldi and Asda, and both stores offer such good quality; they last at least 7 – 10 days, whilst still looking so fresh and vibrant! Another great option for flowers that can be delivered to your door is Bloom & Wild, a brand I’ve seen many people talk about. They are a little more pricey but there is always a discount code floating around, and I believe they offer next day delivery which is great for any last minute buyers. They also offer subscription services, if you’d like a gift that keeps on giving for months to come.

Lush Make-Your-Own Mini Hamper
Price Point: £

I am a huge advocate of Lush, and I love almost everything I’ve tried from the brand! I wrote a post recently about all of my favourite must-have products if you’re looking for a little inspiration on what to pick up. You could buy three to four items and create a lovely little mini hamper ready for your mum’s next pamper evening which I’m sure it would go down a treat. A new-to-me product that I’ve been loving, and isn’t featured in the afore-mentioned post is the Hunny Bear massage bar, and it definitely won’t break the bank at under £6! Lush have a whole section in store and online for Mother’s Day gifting, I really love this cute Chamomile Flower bath bomb that includes a little scroll you can write a note on for her to find in the bath!

Afternoon Tea
Price Point: ££

If your mum enjoys going out for food and trying new places, why not think about treating her (and include your partner, siblings, dad – whoever!) to a lovely afternoon tea? A few hours of time together, delicious sandwiches, pies and cakes… I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon! Matt and I are heading to Spanish City next week for afternoon tea and I’m so excited! My sweet friend Grace and her boyfriend have an Instagram page showing the best places to eat in the North East, and she summed up their experience in this post – doesn’t it just make you want to go immediately?! Also be sure to give them a follow whilst you’re on their page, they are always going to amazing places. There are so many options of where you could go for afternoon tea, although if you’re local to Northumberland I’d highly recommend The Parlour @ Blagdon and The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth.

Scented Candle
Price Point: £ – ££

As a self confessed candle fanatic, I can’t recommend gifting a candle highly enough! I love love love candles, and so does my mum and Debbie. We all prefer scented candles, and of course there are great picks from brands such as DW Home and Yankee Candle that may already be your mum’s favourites. I recently purchased a candle made from a recycled champagne bottle (such a cool idea, that also helps the planet), I absolutely love it and would highly recommend to buy for a gift. I bought mine from Upcycled Jewellery Co. at Newcastle’s Quayside Market, they also have a store in Ponteland and luckily for anyone that isn’t local, the store has a Facebook page if you’d like to place an order.

Cook Breakfast In Bed
Price Point: £

If you still live at home with your mum (or you can easily sneak round) a simple breakfast in bed with a nice card would be the perfect way to start her day. Think a bowl full of berries and greek yogurt, avocado toast or maybe an omelette, whatever your mum’s favourite foods are make it look pretty on a tray and take it on up to her! Also you could make her a fancy coffee, tea or hot chocolate, or why not make her a homemade smoothie? You can go all out and make a breakfast that suits your mum best.

I hope the above was helpful, and I have just a few other ideas you could consider: a bottle of her favourite perfume (Jo Malone highly recommended), a gift card to her favourite store, new gardening tools, a few new books for her to get stuck into, a massage at a local spa, her favourite chocolates/sweets, new slippers, a voucher to the cinema, am at-home foot bath, a movie night at home for just the two of you, more plants for the garden or a new appliance that will make her baking/cooking time even more fun. There’s so many possibilities, and as I mentioned above it really isn’t about the money you spend, it’s the thought behind the gift.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this gift guide helpful, and maybe got a little inspiration for some things to pick up if you’re a last minute shopper. I love wrapping up the gifts and putting them in a cute bag, I think sometimes the presentation makes the gifts seem even better! I need to wrap the gifts we’ve bought for our mums, pick up two bunches of fresh flowers and then we’re ready to go! What have you bought for your mum? Do you have any extra ideas of gifts I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

-G x

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  1. Some really lovely ideas here! My go-to Mother’s Day gifts are always candles and flowers, you can’t go wrong! But that Chamomile Flower Lush bath bomb is such a great idea, I’m very tempted to mix things up a bit this year! xx

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    1. Thanks so much for reading! 💘 classics, you just can’t go wrong! BUT the bath bomb smells gorgeous, why not treat you and your mum?! 😋 did you decide what to buy?! Xxx

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