Nine Things You Must Do Before Summer Ends

Hi, loves! If you’re anything like me, you probably have grand plans every season to do X, Y and Z, and before you know it the season has disappeared in front of you and you’re left wondering how the heck time went so fast! Matt and I make seasonal bucket lists that I started sharing on the blog this year – you can catch our Summer bucket list here – and we’ve found that writing activities and date ideas down meant we ticked off most of our things, and always had something planned to look forward to. When Summer consists of work, work and more work, it’s so important to schedule FUN in too!

It’s no surprise to any regular readers that I’m just not a big fan of Summer. This year I was determined not to wish it away like I usually do, and actually embrace it. I’ve done a pretty good job of trying to live in the moment and I really have had such a fun Summer! I’m very excited for the things Matt and I have planned fort the rest of the month, but I’m even more excited that we’re almost in Autumn. *watches Hocus Pocus on repeat, much to Matt’s annoyance* Today I’m sharing with you some of our favourite things to do each Summer, and also some of the things we want to do this year before Autumn rolls around. It’s essentially your reminder to enjoy the rest of Summer!

Catch a sunset at the beach
The beach is our favourite place to watch sunsets, although I’m not sure any will come close to the sunsets we seen each night in Croatia. Each one was more beautiful than the last, they made us so happy! We love watching the sunset, it’s one of my very favourite things to do with Matt, and although it’s not quite the Adriatic coast, we live by some very beautiful beaches. It’s less than a ten minute drive for us to be at the beach, and although it’s usually somewhere we go for breakfast date we are trying to get there to catch a sunset more often!

Eat your favourite ice cream with your favourite person
Ice cream is our favourite treat! Whether you’re eating Halo Top on the couch whilst watching a movie, making late night McFlurry runs in your pj’s or sitting in the sun with the best ice cream in the North East, it’s SO fun to enjoy an ice cream date. We obviously eat ice cream all year round, but it’s a little more justifiable in the Summer, right?

Play tourist in your own city
One of our go-to date days is always to explore Newcastle; there’s so much to see and do, and we are those people that think there’s nowhere better than their hometown. Because there isn’t. We love walking along the Quayside, shopping from Eldon Square to Monument and having drinks on Grey’s Street, wherever you end up it’s always lively and we have the best time. Look up restaurants nearby that you’ve never been to, explore the back streets you’ve never been to and really embrace how beautiful your city is!

Go fruit picking at a local farm
This was such a random thing I wanted to do, but we both had so much fun! We spent an hour at Brockbushes Farm a few weekends ago picking strawberries and raspberries; it was such a hot, sunny day so we loved being outside, and bonus: we got a ton of fresh fruit! We gave some to our parents, some to my grandma and I ate A LOT, they were so sweet and juicy and the perfect pairing with breakfast. (Matt doesn’t like berries at all, so he literally did this for me!)

Star gaze late at night
Snapple fact: I’m obsessed with the stars and moon. I’m fascinated by space in general, and I love love love clear Summer nights when as far as the eye can see you’re under a blanket of stars. Of course, everyone knows the best place to see the stars is out in the countryside or at the beach as there’s no street lights around. We really need to go for a late night beach drive before Summer ends! If you can’t make it to the coast or country to watch, lay out in your back garden; grab a cosy blanket (or five) and your favourite snacks and try to spot those shooting stars! If you look long enough, you’ll see lots!

Host a BBQ
I’m pretty sure it’s an unwritten law in England that if it’s over 12 degrees at least six people per street need to light up their BBQ. We love cooking on the stove, but BBQ food is some of the very best! Burgers, sausages, kebabs, grilled peppers, potato salad, corn on the cob, chips and dip, fresh fruit, s’mores… the list goes on and it makes me hungry. Spending time with your loved ones is another great thing about BBQ’s – they’re a great way to catch up with friends or family! One thing I’m super excited about is when Matt and I get our own house in the next year or so we’ll be able to host our own BBQ’s in our own back garden! Yay!

Go on a road trip
We love road trips. Packing our suitcases, jumping in the car and heading South is just one of our favourite things to do. (We’re yet to road trip to Scotland, we always get the train when we venture North!) In a few weeks we’re heading to Stamford for a long weekend and I’m SO excited – like, ‘already planning outfits’ excited. I wrote a post including all of our road trip essentials here, and if you can squeeze a road trip in with your boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/best friend(s) before Summer ends, you’ll not regret it! Our motto: the longer the road trip, the more snacks you can eat. Okay, we don’t have a motto, but if we did it would be that. Probably.

Snuggle up on a chilly/rainy evening to enjoy a movie night
It is Summer in England, after all. Rainy evenings in the Summer are the best; it’s warm enough that the rain has that fresh smell, it’s super relaxing when you’re at home and it’s the perfect excuse to be lazy and watch a movie. There are SO MANY movies on Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime; we’re always spoilt for choice and I swear we spend longer choosing a movie than we do actually watching it. Grab a bowl of popcorn (this flavour is our favourite) and your favourite pop, dim the lights and get cosy under lots of blankets!

Read a great book
What could be better than relaxing in the sun with a good book and not a worry in the world? I love that reading transports you to another place, to the point you’re able to completely forget what’s going on around you. I read a lot all year round, but there is something extra special about laying out, enjoying the warm weather. If only we had a pool to jump in to after…

Thank you so much for reading, guys! Have you done any of the things I mentioned so far this Summer? What are you hoping to squeeze in before Summer ends?

-G x

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  1. You have to try not to wish summer away? I have to fight depression when I see the days becoming shorter and the temperatures going down 😦 I will be doing a lot of ice-cream eating and star gazing to cheer myself up. Also, hilarious how you said “more than 12 degrees”. In Spain we still wear our scarves at 12 degrees haha


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    1. Hahaha I seriously LOVE Autumn/Winter so much, it’s kinda weird. The joy everyone feels about Summer is what I feel about Autumn. 🤷🏻‍♀️ seriously, 12 degrees is a good Summer day here sometimes 🤣 thanks so much for reding love!


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