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Hi, loves, happy FRIDAY! This one is extra happy because it’s bank holiday weekend! There’s something about a bank holiday weekend that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside isn’t there? Not to be that person, but it’s also the last one until Christmas. How the heck are we a week away from September?! Today’s post is my tenth #feelinitfriday, and I’m so excited to share what’s going on in my life this week with you all.

What I’m loving:
Our pretty sheets! I think my feature photo for today’s post was probably pretty random but I literally can’t get over how cute our new bedding set is, I’m in love! Matt loves it too which makes me very happy, normally he couldn’t care less (like he wouldn’t even notice when I change our bed unless I tell him, haha) but this set is so beautiful! I love the mix of navy blue with blush pink and white, I just need to find pretty blush pink pillows for our bed. If you have seen any I should look at please let me know! I picked this set up from the Fox & Ivy collection in Tesco; it was on MAJOR sale and I got it for £13.50. Like, that blows my mind!

What I’m wearing:
I am OBSESSED with mom jeans, I literally can’t get enough of them! I’ve been wearing the Tori style mom jeans from New Look pretty much every day I haven’t been at work over the past few weeks and they’re absolutely my favourite thing in my wardrobes. They’re super roomy, comfy and really flattering; they’re the only jeans that I can comfortably wear all day, to the point I’m even travelling in them this weekend! (Any regular readers will know I can not stand being in jeans for longer than a few hours, so this is a big deal!) I really want to pick up a few different washes of this fit as I’m pretty sure they’re all I’m going to wear during the Autumn and Winter months. Do you have a favourite style of Mom jeans I should try too?

What I’m watching:
We’re still watching The Office and we LOVE it. Baby John Krasinski is just melting our hearts!! I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to watch but we literally LOL throughout each episode, it’s definitely our new favourite show. But, this past Saturday we watched a Stacey Dooley documentary that I can’t stop thinking about it. As all regular readers will probably know, I’m kinda obsessed with Stacey Dooley and I love all of her docs! This one was focused on the impact Boko Haram have had and are still having in Nigeria and it was such a hard watch. She spoke to lots of women who had varying views, and it was unbelievable to see what their day-to-day life was like because of the fighting. I always find it fascinating to get an inside look into something I know very little about, and it’s crazy how level headed and sweet Stace is even in the most dangerous places. If you’re based in the UK you can watch it here – I’d really recommend it, along with all of her other documentaries! 

What is making my life so much better:
Having my iPad back has seriously made my week. I feel like it’s a completely new gadget, and I’ve been reaching for it all day every day! Matt is sick of hearing me talk about it I’m sure, hahaha. I have done lots for the blog on it, and just really am enjoying how handy it is to carry around with me. I downloaded the Kindle app (more on that in Sunday’s post – what a tease) and I am LOVING reading books digitally again. I’d used iBooks for the longest time, but the Kindle app is 10000 x better, and it’s super cheap. I ordered One Minute Later by Susan Lewis and The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand for just 99p each!! 99p?! The paperbacks are around £8 each so that’s a crazy deal. I’m a sucker for a bargain and that made my week. I still love reading ‘real’ books of course, and I just purchased two new ones (Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams and Queenie by Candace Carty-Williams).

What I’m stressing about:
My skin is playing up big time. As someone who has suffered with cystic acne in the past, I know I’m lucky to have ‘just’ a few spots, but in comparison to how good my skin has been in recent months having breakouts is making me feel really quite sh*t. I don’t know why but every few months my skin freaks out and nothing clears it up. I have been really anxious and felt down the past couple of weeks which is probably the cause, but it’s still so annoying! If you’ve struggled with your skin in the past or if you still do, you’ll know how disheartening and upsetting it can be, and hiding under makeup is not the right thing to do but that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. Matt was out with the guys he used to work with for a few hours last night so I treated myself to a pamper night with my favourite face mask which seems to have helped a little, but I know I just need to ride it out. And drink lots of water. I’m hoping by some miracle my skin will be perfect when Matt and I wake up tomorrow morning ready for our weekend, but something tells me that isn’t going to happen.

What I’m up to this weekend:
I’m literally wishing away my Friday because I’m just so excited to travel this weekend! Matt doesn’t finish work tonight until 9pm, so I’m going to make the most of having a hot bubble bath, reading my book and finishing up anything I need to do before we leave tomorrow. I’m picking him up from work then we’re heading straight to grab a takeaway, and snuggle in to watch an episode or two of The Office! We’re all packed up, our snacks are ready to go and we are so excited to get to our cute little apartment for the weekend. We’re spending the whole weekend exploring, visiting with Matt’s family and just completely relaxing, it’s exactly what we need.

What is my new favourite treat:
Hahaha okay, that was the weirdest way to word it! Matt and I are OBSESSED with Tony’s Chocolonely, specifically this flavour in milk chocolate, caramel & sea salt. It’s like no other chocolate I’ve eaten, it’s super creamy and just tastes fancy shmancy but doesn’t cost the earth. Y’know? Let’s be honest, the packaging reminds me of a Wonka Bar which kinda makes me love it more. I’ve seen Anna talking about it for so long, and I’d made a mental note to keep an eye out for it in stores, it’s definitely worth the hype. I already picked up a few more bars and also found the cutest mini bars (yep, I’m totally keeping one as my emergency chocolate bar). If you haven’t tried it yet, BELIEVE THE HYPE! You need it in your life!

What I’m excited about:
Okay I know I can’t stop banging on about Autumn, but I really am SO excited that Lush’s Autumn collection will be released very soon! The Autumn and Christmas collections from Lush are always my favourite; the scents, colours and designs appeal to me so much more because I just love this time of year! My lovely co-workers got me a Lush gift card for my birthday (back in MAY) that I’ve still not used, and I can’t wait to put it towards a little Autumn haul. I’ll for sure be sharing what I pick up on the blog! I also am super excited Zoe Sugg is collaborating with them to make a bath bomb that comes out soon; way back in the OG YouTube days her Lush hauls (and many others) were some of my favourite videos to watch, so I’m very intrigued to try it!

What else is new:
So any regular readers will know I’ve been anticipating packing for our trip this weekend (pretty much just because I bought packing cubes during the Prime Day(s) sale) and I seriously cannot believe how much you can fit into your suitcase when packing with them! If you’re on the fence I 100% recommend picking some up, the ones I got are from the Amazon Basics collection and they’re such good quality; I did get them at a really good deal but I would pay full price knowing how good they are. I love the colour too, they’re super neutral and made packing SO easy. My packing post went live on Wednesday, you can catch it here if you missed it! 

Our favourite meals from the week:
If you missed last week’s #feelinitfriday you may not know that I started a new segment in these posts! Matt and I love to cook different meals each week, and although we definitely have out favourites we really love to try new recipes out! This week we’ve been super busy and Matt has had a few late shifts, so I’ve been cooking solo for him coming home most of the week. We had two of our staple easy meals this week; gammon steaks with mash and veggies and grilled cod with veggies, both are delicious and so filling! We did try something new on Wednesday evening that we got to cook together, and made pizza meatballs. Dinner was delicious, and I’m so glad we made it! As always we tweaked the recipe (we served with our favourite rigatoni from Aldi, and I added plum tomatoes, peppers and onions – Matt likes to joke that I put peppers in EVERYTHING, he says it’s a wonder I don’t put them in cereal hahaha). The only thing we’d do differently next time is we’d put a lot more sauce in as I only added a spoonful to each meatball, but we don’t love ‘dry’ pasta so much. I’m going to miss cooking this weekend but I’ve already planned our meals for next week, I’ll be happy to get back into our routine after our trip!

Thank you so much for reading, I still can’t believe this is my tenth #feelinitfriday! It literally seems five minutes since I wrote my first one – I’m so glad you guys like these posts and they’re definitely going to be sticking around on the blog 🙂 what have you been up to this week? Have you been loving any particular products? I’m so excited for Sunday’s post, it’s about one of my favourite things… BOOKS! I picked Matt up pretty late last night and we didn’t get into bed until well after 11pm… I’m SUCH a granny and that is so late for us hahaha, I’m exhausted! I hope our Friday’s go super quick and that you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend with your loved ones!

-G x

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  1. Bank holiday… I definitely can’t relate atm because I work weekends but still, it’s alright really. I do have tomorrow and Monday off! That bedding is super cute and I’m loving the pink too, so pretty 😍😍

    That chocolate bar looks SCRUMPTIOUS and totally like a Wonka bar, you’re right! It just looks so yummy 😍😍 now I want chocolate ahha.

    Can’t wait to read Sunday’s post. I LOVE books too so this’ll be such a fun read. Have a great weekend hun 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    Oh ps… I forgot to mention, you’ve totally got me hyped for Lush’s Autumn range omg, I almost forgot how could I!?!? Ah I can’t wait for cosy nights in with Lush baths. Yay!

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  2. Omg I actually tried that choc yesterday and its the best thing ever isnt it!! The salt just stays with you for ages. I am sorry that your skin is stressing you out honey, I am sending good vibes your way xxxx


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