My Handbag Essentials This Winter

Happy Wednesday, loves!

I don’t know about all of you but it’s my first full week at work this year and I’m so over the week already. BUT, I’m hanging in and I can’t wait for date day on Saturday! It’s been a long week, including renovations (literally got our windows replaced and when I got home from work yesterday it looked like a tornado had passed through!) and I’m generally just exhausted. I picked Matt up late last night from a football game and felt so lucky we got a little lie in this morning. I’m feeling super grateful for all of the cosy evenings we get to spend together every night, and I’m excited for us to cook up a storm the next few nights! Matt’s had lots of late shifts so we’ve been living off pizzas and pasta bakes when he gets home (around 9pm) and we miss cooking together SO MUCH. We’re having chicken fajitas tonight, so I’m sure I’ll be feeling approximately 10,000 times happier HAHA. We’re also hoping to book our Summer 2019 holiday this week which is sure to put a smile on my face, I can’t wait for a week in the sun with my love!

Today I’m talking through my must-have handbag essentials, specifically during the Winter months. This is based on what I carry in my day-to-day work bag which is a large tote, as generally on the weekends I take my small Kate Spade crossbody out with me with just the (real) essentials. I wrote a What’s In My Bag post back in July (I can’t quite believe that was six months ago) which you can check out here if you missed it! I’m not going to go through everything I carry – it’s safe to say I will always have my purse/card holder, car keys and medication with me!

Mini Perfumes
I’m obsessed with perfumes! I take pride in my little collection and I’m forever wanting to add more. One of my favourites, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet comes in the cutest travel-sized rollerball and I always have it with me, it’s perfect for date nights! Recently I’ve been really into Glossier You, which comes in the cutest millennial pink packaging. This is a solid perfume, which was a little bit of a weird concept to me, but now I’m fully converted. It’s so flipping handy! I couldn’t resist picking it up during Glossier’s Black Friday sale – when it’s 20% off at Glossier you just have to, right? Also, both of these perfumes layer so well with anything I’ve already put on earlier in the day.

Re-Usable Metal Straws
I love my re-usable straws, and I always have at least three in my bag. I have some at work, my house and Matt’s, then anywhere else I have a drink I can use these! My teeth are super sensitive to cold drinks (and I love my drinks with tons of ice!) but I’ve sworn off using plastic straws forever. Did you know they take FIVE HUNDRED years to decompose?! My mind was blown, but I’m just not a fan of the paper straws given out in restaurants. I found these on Amazon and I love them so much, I bought three sets and I’m probably never going to have to buy a straw again!

An Umbrella
So, it’s England in January… the chances of me needing my umbrella at any given moment are incredibly high. I love this one so much, Matt bought it for me because I used to always buy cheap ones, and wonder why they’d break after two uses. The yellow handle makes me feel happy, and it’s nice to not have a boring black umbrella!

My 2019 Planner
I couldn’t live my life without my planner! I am so forgetful, I like to plan out my weeks, in writing, and then I can always refer back/add things in as and when required. Matt and I meal plan in here, I write any grocery shopping lists and I also plan out my blog posts week by week – from idea, to fully published post. The one I use is from BoxClever Press, you can pick it up here, and it’s perfect for my needs. A post about how I plan my week will be up in the next few weeks!

Emergency Chocolate Bar
Yep… emergency. I get very hangry, very quickly, so it’s better for all involved if I have a chocolate bar (and usually a granola bar too LOL) for those emergency times. I also have another chocolate bar in my car that is always replaced once eaten, although this Oreo one is not my first pick, Cadbury’s is forever my favourite! Matt and I crack open my emergency chocolate bars open in the car all of the time, every time we’re going somewhere further than a few minutes drive HAHA. So, yeah you could say healthy eating in the new year isn’t going too well..

A Bobble Hat & Gloves
If I’m not wearing my hat and/or gloves during the Winter, they for sure are in my bag! I am always cold, even in the Summer, so you can bet I try to do everything I can to stay warm and cosy. I picked up these gloves from Topshop a few years back, and the hat was a Christmas gift from Matt from The North Face (he’s the cutest ever). I live for bobble hats during the Autumn/Winter months; they add so much to an outfit, they look super cute and they’re great for hiding hair that may need washed HAHA.

Kate Spade Travel Mug
Since it began to get chilly at the beginning of October, I’ve been more obsessed than ever with cups of tea, chai tea lattes and hot chocolates! Most mornings Matt and I enjoy a cup of tea together before heading off to work, and I’m trying to get in the habit of taking one to work with me on the super cold mornings. I got this travel mug last Spring, and I just think it’s so cute! You really can’t go wrong with anything from Kate Spade, every piece they make is so beautiful. I keep a few Swiss Miss hot chocolate sachets and tea sachets in my bag too, so I can make my favourite drinks wherever I am.

Beauty essentials
I always carry a few more beauty products than are actually necessary, but my essentials include spare invisibobbles and bobby pins, MAC Next To Nothing powder, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip cheat and lipstick, and of course a few lip balms. I always carry hand sanitizer and hand cream with me, which is essential during the cold months! I’m one of those weird people that uses hand sanitizer like my life depends on it, which Matt always makes fun of me for (BUT, he always asks to use it too)! These are the main things I often reach for throughout the day, and are transferred into any bag I use. Glossier pouches are my favourite for separating bits and bobs in my bag, I also use them when travelling and can’t recommend enough!

Thank you so much for reading! What are your handbag essentials during the Winter months? I’d love to know!

-G x

Gin with Gills: #2

Happy Sunday, loves!


As you may have seen from this post, I’ve had a bit of a tough few weeks so this months’ Gin with Gills post is going to be very light hearted and just for fun. Apologies it’s a little late, I just had so much content planned last month.

We’re finally into September and well into the final weeks of Summer! I’m sure you’re either one of two people at this point… either a) you are holding on to every last bit of the season and hoping for another heatwave to get that last wear out of your Birks, or b) you cannot wait for all things Autumnal and are already picking out your Halloween costume.

As if it needed saying, I fall into the latter category! I was talking with Matt the other evening about how damn excited I am for Autumn coming up, and he really just doesn’t get it. Men, eh!? I know there are a lot of people who would class Autumn as their favourite season, and it absolutely is mine! I thought I’d write a little list (my inner Monica is very excited) of all the things I’m looking forward to for the upcoming season…


  • The leaves start to turn shades of yellow, orange and amber
  • Pumpkin spice flavour everything 
  • ALL of the cosy nights in
  • Buying a new coat (or two). I already have my eye on a few coats this year, and I cannot wait to treat myself
  • Lush brings out their Halloween and Christmas ranges – the best ones!
  • Wearing chunky knit jumpers with skinny jeans 
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Wearing berry toned lipsticks
  • More baths in the evenings 
  • It’s acceptable to be cold again. I am cold all of the time and people (my boyfriend) always make fun of me for it!
  • Leopard print is all over the A/W high street – yay!
  • Walking outside and feeling the crisp, cool air hit my face
  • The dark nights are just so cosy
  • Halloween – the perfect excuse to dress up and be silly
  • More excuses to snuggle up with Matthew (as if I need an excuse, ha)
  • Wearing a bobble hat and scarf
  • Having cups of tea from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep is not only normal again, but necessary 
  • Matt will finally wear his dressing gown again for longer than five minutes. Did I mention I love a cosy night in?
  • Wearing oversized jumpers/cardigans 
  • More cosy nights in means Matt and I can start a new series on Netflix – I think we’re going to go for Power!
  • The build up to Christmas begins
  • Bonfire night, one of the best nights of the whole year. Last year Matt and I watched the display at our local beach and it was so cute, even if we couldn’t feel our fingers/toes afterwards
  • I regress to being a toddler and suddenly I’m dragging a blanket around everywhere I move (well, inside the house)
  • Autumn is the best season for fashion! I have already started buying Autumn pieces – a few jumpers and the cosiest, fluffiest pj bottoms – oops
  • Wearing boots and fluffy socks 
  • Autumn weather – cool enough you need a coat but sunny with lots of blue sky
  • Pumpkin/cinnamon/vanilla scented candles are my fave
  • It is the season of sparklers and fireworks 
  • Watching Hocus Pocus at least once per week is acceptable. Matt literally hates this film, but he loves me so…
  • Most of the food packaging has ghosts, ghouls and monsters all over it in the build up to Halloween
  • Pumpkin carving is fun whether you’re 4 or 24
  • Soup and a bread roll is an acceptable lunch/dinner for the foreseeable future
  • Burning scented candles all day/all night is just part of the ~cosy vibes~
  • The urge to spend chilly Saturday mornings baking delicious cakes/cookies/banana bread etc
  • It’s the best time of the year to go to football matches with my boy
  • Planning weekends away – everything is better in the Autumn
  • Rainy days are a regular occurrence 
  • Conkers. The 10 year old in me will always love seeing conkers lying on the ground and you can bet I’m going to pick them up and peel them
  • The smell of fires burning in our favourite Sunday afternoon pubs
  • I can finally start getting dark colours for my gel manicures
  • Halloween themed sweets are just better than regular sweets

Thank you so much for reading! I’m sure there are loads more fun things to look forward to; I’d love to know how you feel about the upcoming season? Are you wishing the end of Summer away as much as I am? (I realise this is probably unhealthy and is definitely not living in the moment, but I have no shame, it’s the best time of the year)!

-G x