A Cosy Sunday

Hi, loves!

You probably already know this, but I love Sunday’s – so much! It’s the one day of the week Matt and I are usually off together, and we really make the most of spending as much quality time as we can. I’m so thankful for all of the time we spend together, it’s just a shame that our evenings/mornings go so quick, and we’re back to work! Most of our Sunday’s are similar to this; we basically spend our day adventuring, eating and snuggling… perfect! This Sunday coming will be different as we’re supporting Matt’s cousin, Adam, in the Great North Run – I’ve never been before so I’m very excited, and actually a little bit nervous for Adam! Anyway, let’s recap our day…

We woke up around 8.30am (without an alarm, bliss)! It was so rainy and miserable outside, which is in my opinion the best kind of weather for a cosy day. We had gone to bed pretty early the night before; our Saturday evening consisted of face masks, cooking a delicious pasta, enjoying a bottle of wine and watching Hell’s Kitchen… it was perfect! We got ready early and headed to Tynemouth for breakfast, one of our favourite places for days out and date nights. Matt just got a new car – literally his pride and joy; he probably loves it more than he loves me haha – so it’s still exciting for us both right now. 


We went to The View Longsands, which looks out over the bay. It was even more cloudy and miserable at the coast, as it usually is, but unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the view. As it was a chilly morning we both ordered hot chocolates; white for Matthew and vanilla for me; and they were delicious! Matt actually said “This is the best drink I’ve ever had!” – a testament to The View, I think?! Matt ordered a full English breakfast and I got a cheese and bacon omelette – they were both amazing, and huge! We were defeated by breakfast, which never happens.


After we had eaten, we headed to the Metro Centre, one of my favourite places! It was a rainy bank holiday Sunday – the time when everyone heads out shopping – but surprisingly it was pretty empty. Matt got some new work trousers – adulting is fun! I was very restrained and didn’t buy anything, which happens about 1 in 100 visits the Metro Centre. I did however find a beautiful leopard print coat in Next that is definitely on my A/W wishlist, I can’t wait to start buying Autumn clothing! Seeing as we were right by it, we just had to pop to Costco; I swear we’re addicted to this shop. Again I didn’t buy anything (this literally never happens) and Matt picked up some beer. They had Heineken, his favourite, which is a very rare occasion so I guess he had to stock up, right?!


We popped to see my grandma on the way home which was so nice; she really appreciates us going and as she doesn’t get to see many people it’s always a nice change for her. She recently came out of hospital and is still not 100% herself, but it’s still amazing to see her back in her own home. My mam and auntie were there too, so it was nice to all sit and chat together for a little while. Matt and I only stayed around half an hour as we had to get home for the Newcastle match. Unfortunately we were playing Man City so less we say on that subject, the better! We did however enjoy a few drinks (thanks, babe) and tried these Galaxy biscuits for the first time, they’re so good!



Matt had some work to do in the evening, so whilst he made PowerPoints and spreadsheets (he’s such a little cutie) I caught up on Corrie – we’re literally like an old married couple, I love it! We ordered Indian food for dinner so this filled in the waiting time anyway; as we’d both had a few drinks we couldn’t collect like we usually would. Dinner was so good as always, we’ve never had a bad meal from our local takeaway! Matt always gets a Chicken Rogan, every time without fail. I usually have Chicken Dansak, but recently I’ve been getting a Chicken Chaat as a main meal and it’s my new favorite thing. (We also got chips and naan bread, and ate way too much food). Isn’t that what Sundays are for?


Matt’s parents were away with friends for the weekend, so usually we would have spent a little time with them; chatting (and more than likely having a few more drinks)! Instead, we spent the rest of the evening snuggled up together watching Hell’s Kitchen – our current favourite show. We probably take it to the extreme as when we’re cooking dinner each evening we’re all “On your left, chef” or “Potatoes walking, chef!” – we like to think we’re funny! Matt had to be up at 6 for work (on bank holiday!!) so we had a super early night. It was the first night since around May we didn’t have the window open either – Autumn is definitely on it’s way and I’m so excited about it, as you may have guessed from my previous post. I was more grateful than ever that Matt is like a human hot water bottle when he’s asleep!

Thank you for reading – it’s fun to look back and re-live a day with my love! I’d love to do more posts like this; please let me know what you think? What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

-G x