Christmas Candle Edit

Hi, loves!

Today’s post is probably one of my favourites in my Twelve Days Of Christmas series, because I flipping love candles! I have always been obsessed with them since I can remember; ever since I was little I’ve loved helping my mam to choose scents for the house. My tastes have change a little in recent months, and as much as I love sickly sweet scents I definitely appreciate fresh scents a little more. This definitely pleases my boyfriend as he thinks some of the sweet bakery scents I love ‘smell like curry’… well, that’s that then.

I wrote a post similar to this back in September with my Autumn favourite candles – you can still pick up most of those scents right now if you’re interested in reading!

I tend to purchase most of my candles from DW Home at Homesense as I just think they’re such a great range; they burn evenly and smell amazing! I’ve bought lots this season, and I think they’re included in almost every Christmas gift Matt and I are giving this year. I didn’t buy as many candles as I usually would (and also didn’t photograph them all, sorry guys!) as I’m really starting to cut down on my spending and be less wasteful, so I thought this was a happy medium. 

Winter – The White Company (my fave!)
Peppermint – DW Home
Christmas Cookie – DW Home
Cinnamon – DW Home
Christmas Eve – Yankee Candle

Pine, Cedar & Eucalyptus – Next Home
Peppermint Bark – DW Home
Berry TrifleĀ – Yankee Candle (Matt’s lovely mam Debbie surprised me with this a few weeks ago!)

Fresh Pine – DW Home
Snow Day – DW Home
(Matt’s favourite!)

Thank you so much for reading! Have you picked up any of the candles mentioned in this post? Do you have any must-have candles you think I need to purchase this holiday season?

-G x