Five Goals To Achieve Before 2019

Happy Thursday, loves!

Given that it’s mid-September it probably seems a little silly to be setting goals to achieve by the end of the year, but bear with me. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about things I want to improve on and things I want to do, but I have just been putting these off in the hope it’ll get done ‘at some point’. I decided to set myself a few goals and I’ve already put some of these into practice. 2018 has been such a good year, and I’m hoping 2019 will be even better, so I’m giving it the best chance possible with a little head start. I also encourage you to look at areas of your life you’d like to make better, in some form, and set yourself goals to achieve in the next few months!


Focus on Hobbies

As lame as it probably sounds, I didn’t really have any actual hobbies until this year. Well, I didn’t set aside any time to enjoy them anyway. I started my blog in June because I wanted a creative space to talk about the things I love and enjoy, and to branch out into a world I’ve admired for so long. I watched from afar as people posted exciting content and I’m so excited to be finally part of that – assuming my content is somewhat exciting, that is! I love that the whole process is so enjoyable; having the idea for each post, writing and taking photos; and then I really appreciate that I get a good response in relation to each post. I’m so thankful that people are showing interest in my blog, it really means the world to me. I’ve said this before, but it has become an outlet I didn’t know I needed, and I want to nurture this space just as much, if not more over the coming months.

Since I was a child, I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm, but over the past two years I’ve really upped my reading game. Whenever I get the chance for a long relaxing bath I love to read my book, or on an early Saturday morning when I’ve seen Matt off to work I’ll spend half an hour cosied up with a cup of tea and my latest paperback. I’m now actively setting time aside each day to read, even if it’s just for ten minutes on my lunch break. Another hobby I’ve recently started taking more seriously is yoga; I have practiced on and off for around three years now (self taught, Yoga with Adriene is incredible) and I really want to commit to doing it at least three times per week. I make excuses so that I don’t have to, then I regret not taking 20 or 30 minutes out of my day to relax and enjoy it.


Cooking More

Over the past few months, Matthew and I have started to branch into the world of cooking (yes, it took us 24 years)! We are trying lots of new foods, learning together and having so much fun in the process. Don’t get me wrong, we will always love an M&S Dine in for 2 deal, but making meals together is fun and exciting, and we get to pretend we’re on Hell’s Kitchen for an hour or so – what’s not to love?! Being serious, I really love cooking with him as we get to spend quality time together, whilst being productive and learning at the same time. We were both under the impression cooking anything other than pasta (which everyone can make, right?) was extremely difficult, however we were so wrong! We’re always on the hunt for new quick and easy recipes;,any recommendations would be much appreciated. Also, I’m planning to share a few of our go-to recipes with you – our potato and chorizo side-dish that I often post on my Instagram story has been requested several times and will be up soon!

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Limit Social Media Time

This is a hard one for me; generally speaking I love social media and really enjoy posting/seeing others’ posts. I especially love Instagram stories and I often browse through location tags of places on mine and Matt’s ‘to visit’ list! (We’re going to Liverpool next month and I’ve already got a few places I can’t wait to see IRL). However, I am so guilty of spending more time than necessary mindlessly flicking through my social apps, and I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop doing this in the evenings. I’m hoping this will filter through into the rest of the day in time. Each night, Matt and I spend our evenings winding down from the day; cooking, watching a show or a movie, running errands, catching up on our day etc, then we sit on our phones for at least 10 minutes before we get into bed. We read tweets out loud to each other, browse through Instagram posts and laugh at Facebook memes, but by the time we get into bed our minds are buzzing with the world of social media again and all of our unwinding is undone! I appreciate our quality time so much, and I want this to be to focus of our evenings, rather than Kylie Jenner’s latest makeup launch. I’m also hoping as mentioned in this post, this will have a positive effect on my mental health.


Start to Live More Sustainably

I’ve already began to put this into practice, and I’m excited to see how well this comes along. I’m currently in the middle of a clear out of epic proportions; I have gone through all of my clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and am currently mid-way through skincare, makeup and haircare. It’s a very big task and one I’ve been doing over several weeks to limit the mess and improve my success rate. Doing everything in one go would definitely leave me feeling exhausted and I know I’d have given up by now. Little wins seem better, right?! My goal for this is mainly to have what I love, and love what I have.

I had so much crap lying around, and most of it does not get the love or attention it deserves. Also, this will be a huge help for when Matt and I buy our house; I don’t know where I’d start with the moving process with all of the junk I used to own! I am selling and donating the items that no longer serve a purpose for me as there is no need to hold onto things that don’t benefit me. Going forward, I’m going to apply this mind-set to any clothing purchases I make; I want to buy things for a purpose, of good quality fabrics, and stop the hoarding nonsense I somehow became accustomed to. I also am going to stop buying items with a high polyester or acrylic count. I don’t have the budget to completely cut these fabrics out of my purchasing but minimal quantities are the best option right now. I’ll definitely be going into this in more detail in the coming weeks! I’m hoping this will filter through to all my spending in every category.


Become a More Mindful Shopper

This follows on from my above point, and it makes me equal parts nervous and excited, and I’m not sure I can explain why! I’ve touched on my love of the idea of a capsule wardrobe previously, and as much as I’d love to give it a go, it’s just not for me. I am however going to become more mindful with all of my future purchases, not just clothing related, and I’m excited to see if I can meet the challenge. As I mentioned previously, I just had too. much. stuff. I have known this and joked about it for a very long time, but I feel like now enough is enough. I was buying new clothing, accessories, beauty products etc very regularly and during my clear outs I’ve been gobsmacked to find clothes I hadn’t worn with tags still attached, and items I’d forgot I’d even bought. I really love shopping and I know I’m going to struggle at first, but I think I’ll feel happier putting this into practice (my bank account will definitely benefit, too). My new mantra for all items – clothing, beauty and everything in between is quality, not quantity. *Spoiler: a post all about my wardrobe declutter will be up in the next week!* I’m currently writing a post about this in way more detail, and it’ll be up in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know your thoughts; are you inspired to set a goal or two for the next few months? I’m going to write another post at the end of the year and revisit these goals; I hope this will help to hold me accountable and help me achieve these!

-G x