A Week In My Life: Autumn

Happy Sunday, loves!

I am so happy it’s the weekend, Matt’s unfortunately working the whole time but we’ve already squeezed in a movie date on Friday night (we went to see First Man and it was SO good, Ryan Gosling was amazing!) and now as I’m writing this I’m waiting for him to finish work as we’re having a super chilled Saturday night in (AKA a pizza party)! Whilst he’s been at work I’ve had a few errands to run, and I had to go shopping for my mam’s birthday presents from us. I know, my life is SO exciting… haha. I kind of needed a chilled weekend, because next weekend is jam packed (I can’t wait)! Matt’s at work again all day Sunday so I’m going to catch up on my shows, get lots of blog content finalised, and then we’re heading for a double date night with our friends for the evening. We’re going for tapas and I’m so excited, it’s our favourite! Also, how cold has it suddenly got?! It SNOWED this weekend, I feel like it’s way too early! Hope you guys have had a fun weekend so far! What have you been up to?

Today’s post is a week in my life, with a few photos added in to hopefully make it more interesting, I’m sorry I didn’t take tons, I kept forgetting throughout the week! I have loved watching daily and weekly vlogs for so so long, and I’m very excited to be doing my second week in my life post! My last one centred around finances (it’s a shocker!) and you can see it here if you missed it. This is from w/c 15th October, and I’d love to do more of these kinds of posts if it’s something you’d like to see! Full disclosure: my life is pretty boring; I work 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and Matt and I spend most of our evenings snuggled up on the couch, but I love the mundane ‘boring’ aspects of vlogs the most, so I thought this might be somewhat interesting for any nosey readers! That’s me too.

I’d recommend getting cosy with a hot chocolate, it’s a long one!

Monday 15th October

Monday was talked through in a previous post, as Matt and I woke up in Liverpool! I’m not going to recap as that would be super boring, but you can go see that post here if you missed it, we had so much fun!


Tuesday 16th October

Today was a good day! Matt started work at 7am and when our alarm went off we were not happy bunnies, we may have spent five minutes too long snuggling in bed pretending we could stay there all day! When he left for work I quickly wrote this blog post – I’m never usually so unorganised I’m writing the day before but I didn’t like the post I had originally planned to go live that day.

I popped into Lidl on my way to work to pick up our dinner ingredients for that evening. How cute are these little pumpkins! I can’t explain why but I just love seeing them in all of the supermarkets at this time of year.


As today was essentially my Monday, work flew by, I was so busy catching up on what I’d missed. It was a fairly peaceful, easy day in the office and I appreciate days like this so much! At 5pm I headed home to Matthew; the benefit of his early starts means he also finishes early, and he’s home when I get there. He still had some work to get through when I got home, so I took a shower and got into my comfies for the evening. I love this stuff so much! I’m going to have to pick up another one before all of the Christmas scents take over.


As he carried on working I made chilli for dinner and it was delicious, if I do say so myself! We ate together and caught up on our days, which is always one of my favourite parts of each day, as we get time to reconnect after being apart!


We spent the rest of our evening snuggled up watching Gordon, Gino & Fred’s Road trip (Matt loves it!) and Stacey Dooley’s new documentary about fast fashion, and the insane impact it’s having on our planet. It was heart-breaking but so insightful, we learned so much! If you haven’t watched it I’d highly recommend, you can catch it here if you’re in the UK. We were both so tired after a busy weekend, Matt had to practically put me to bed!

Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday morning came round far too quickly and we definitely didn’t wake up feeling refreshed. It was so dark and cold, it seemed like the middle of the night! Matt had to be at a meeting over an hour away from where we live so we quickly got ready, kissed each other goodbye and I headed to work.

Work went pretty quickly again, which very rarely happens two days in a row! Matt had a super long day and wasn’t finishing until 9pm, so on my way home I went to see his parents for a little while, and to pick up a few things we’d forgot in the morning. We’re literally the most forgetful couple there ever was! I headed to M&S to pick up a quick, easy dinner for the evening; patatas bravas with garlic bread; and I grabbed dinner for the next two days, as if I go every day I tend to pick up so many extra things we don’t need! We’re either really good at meal planning or really bad, but Matt’s shifts have been quite good recently so it’s made it lots easier. I may have sneaked into Costa for a bonfire spice hot chocolate… I was cold, and I just can’t resist! *kicks self for not bringing a reusable cup*


I quickly unpacked from the night before and packed for the next night (I always say going ‘home’ and that could mean to mine or Matt’s – we alternate pretty much every other night, I’m very lucky to have two homes!) I opted for a shower instead of a bath as it was hair washing night… the worst! I cosied up and worked on the blog for a little bit; editing and uploading all of the photos for this post, which was so fun to re-live, I wish we could have a getaway every weekend! I’m so grateful that my blog is also like a diary in some ways and I can look back on so many wonderful times. I burned our current favourite candle (Matt actually loves it too) and made it super cosy for him coming home; dressing gown on the radiator, food ready to come out of the oven, clothes set out for the next day (and me, what more could he want?!) 


Thursday 18th October

This morning we got a little bit of a lie in, which seems so rare these days. We stayed snuggled in bed for as long as possible before Matt forced himself to get a shower! He had another meeting and a long drive, so I packed him off with some of his favourite snacks and a kiss (I know, he’s spoilt, haha!) The best part of my work day was treating myself to a little snack on my lunch break, so you can imagine how my day was!


After a very long day at work I was SO excited to head home for a cosy night in. I made it home before Matt as his meeting ran late, so I sat talking with his dad for a while! After I took a shower, Matt and I made dinner together which is always much more fun, and our meal was so good. We had chicken fajitas with sweet potato fries and garlic bread (we’re obsessed, guys!) Matt left me cosy on the couch, and made a quick little trip to grab McFlurry’s for us and his parents – we do this once per week and I love it! Also, Smartie McFlurry’s are back and everyone knows they are the best! We spent the evening snuggled up, chatting and watching TV with his parents, which is one of my very favourite ways to spend the evening.

Also, I have to share my love for this lip balm again, I have a few and I think they’re incredible! This one lives on Matt’s bedside table and I apply it every night before bed, my lips always feel so much more plump and fresh the next day, and it’s not sticky at all.


Friday 19th October

Friday came round so quickly this week, I definitely wasn’t complaining but four day work weeks usually seem so long to me. I was so excited for the weekend coming up; Matt and I have lots of QT together and I also get lots of time to work on my blog whilst he’s at work/out with the boys on Sunday afternoon. We got another little lie in this morning as Matt was working late again, and it was so needed! We had our usual morning cup of tea together (another of my favourite parts of the day) and stayed in bed for as long as possible, before I forced myself out to get ready for work. Getting up whilst he is so cosy in bed is so hard, haha! Look how cute he is! I may have tucked him in… I do however wear his dressing gown like it’s my job, so at least I was super cosy whilst getting ready.


Yep, that is a toothpaste stain from me! OOPS, love you babe


One of my favourite traditions at work is Takeaway Fridays – we basically get any kind of unhealthy food; McDonald’s, chippy, Subway, Chinese etc – whichever we fancy that day! Today we got Chinese food, I got chilli salt and pepper chicken with rice and it was SO good. Whilst on lunch I caught up on Savannah’s blog – I was so excited she did the Autumn tag I tagged her in! Seriously, if you haven’t already you need to check out her blog – it’s so weird but I feel like we’re so similar and I see so much of myself in her, yet she lives all the way across the pond! I’ve been reading a few* (*a lot) of her older posts and ordered two Elin Hilderbrand books on her recommendation! I feel like Friday’s always fly by, so before I knew it, it was time to head home.

Matt wasn’t going to be home until late again, so after work I went to get petrol and listened to a new podcast – Small Town Murder. (Another Savannah rec!) I started it on the way home, luckily, because I got stuck in traffic, and oh my gosh it’s so funny, I highly recommend! I worked on the blog a little and did a final edit on Sunday’s post while finishing the first episode, then ran myself a nice hot bubble bath. I used my current favourite Lush bath product, the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar! After, I snuggled up and started catching up on the two weeks I’m behind on Ellie & Jared vlogs – I’m always so behind on all my TV shows/subscriptions – while waiting for Matt to finish work.

He got home just after 9pm and I had dinner ready for him, we love a pasta bake so much, and it’s minimal effort! We quickly caught up on each other’s days and snuggled in to sleep as another early start was just around the corner…


Saturday 20th October

Matt started work at 7am this morning, so a 6am alarm was not a welcome sound. We do usually try to make his early starts as fun as possible, any time spent with him is the best and I’d not change it for anything! But, this morning he was SO sleepy, it hurt my heart a little waking him up and making him go to work! I had tons to do so I worked on the blog for a few hours after he left; taking photos (losing hours of daylight is HARD as there’s no time to take photos!), making final edits on a few upcoming posts and planning content for November and December. I’m so excited for my Winter/Christmas posts coming up!

…and I’m even more excited to wear these matching sweaters again! This was last December (we were super hungover and headed to Costco for a hot dog & soda combo, HAHA) 

I leisurely got ready, deep cleaned my room and packed for the evening as I was heading over to Matthew’s before he finished work. I went to Lidl to pick up dinner for the evening, I really love having a browse around Lidl I’m so lame, haha. I grabbed potatoes, peppers, chorizo and steaks – steak night is the best! Matt finished at 3pm, so I headed over just before to make the it nice and cosy for him coming home. I turned Friends on (of course) and started reading one of the Elin Hilderbrand books I just ordered as they arrived in the morning! (Love you, Amazon Prime) I’m only a few chapters in to The Identicals, but I already love it.


Matt got home and after he warmed up with a hot bath, we of course had to watch the football. He had brought home an amazing Jamaican Chicken soup that we ate with brioche bread, and it was so good! We had a super cosy evening; we cooked together, shared a bottle of wine and snuggled up on the couch. (Does that sound familiar?!) We watched a little of SCD (totally rooting for both Stacey and Joe!) and caught up on Gino, Fred & Gordon’s road trip, Matt literally thinks it’s the funniest thing ever! I really love Gordon Ramsay, and I think the show is funny, I’m just not a fan of how obviously set up most of the scenes are. His parents were down South visiting family for the weekend, so unfortunately couldn’t join our night in. I am such a homebody and this seriously is my ideal kind of night, being cuddled up with Matt just makes me so happy!


Sunday 21st October

We really got to lie in on Sunday morning, we didn’t get up until around 9.30am and it was perfect – I love lazy Sundays! I of course made him a cup of tea (morning tradition, you know?!) and I also made bacon sandwiches. We enjoyed a relaxing morning watching Friends, and Matt got a little work done. He was heading to watch the rugby with his friends in the afternoon so he got ready whilst I tidied up!


After Matt left, I got ready (whilst watching a few of Emma Hill’s and Bonnie Hoellein’s recent vlogs – I swear I’m forever playing catch up on my subs!) I had to go grab pizzas for dinner that evening so I went to Sainsbury’s, their flatbread pizzas are SO FLIPPING GOOD! I went home to see my mam and grab a few bits I needed for work the next few days. She had to leave to go see my grandma, so I headed back to watch Netflix for a few hours and do a little work on the blog! I caught up on the two new episodes of Riverdale (I’m hooked, I love Veronica SO MUCH and I’m rooting for Archie to get out of juvie, but I’m so confused with the storyline… feel free to help a girl out?!). I went to go pick Matt and his friend Keith up from their afternoon out, then after dropping Keith home we went home for pizza and snuggs!


Washing my hair is one of the worst tasks ever, but unfortunately I had to this evening. Any ideas on how to go longer between washes without having gross greasy hair would be SO appreciated?! After that, we had a very early night, which was to be honest just what we needed to recoup before the week ahead. We have another great week ahead of us – I love that we spend every night together SO much – and even though it’s going to be a busy one for us both, it makes it all worth it. Matt was a little tipsy from his afternoon with the boys, so he was extra lovey-dovey!

Monday 22nd October

Matt started at 7am again today, so the 6am alarm was back! Being the good girlfriend I am, I got up to make him a cup of tea while he showered, then I fell back asleep for an hour when he left. I wish I hadn’t because every time I do this I wake up in a panic wondering where Matt’s gone, haha, and I felt more tired than I did at 6am! I got ready for work and did the dishes whilst listening to Small Town Murder, each episode is getting better and better, I LOVE James and Jimmy! I headed out and it was SO cold. I also triple quadruple checked I locked the door behind me because I seriously worry about this EVERY time I’m the last one out of either house, it’s a problem haha. 


My work day went SO quickly, I feel like I was running around all day! I don’t even know why, but it was just one of those days. Before I knew it, I was heading home for the night and I couldn’t wait to get cosy and warm! We had already picked up dinner for the evening, so we relaxed for a little. Well, Matt played FIFA while I snuggled into him. He was so sweet to come with me to put air in my tyres, I literally had no idea how to do it but we had such a giggle, and the sky was BEAUTIFUL! The photo doesn’t do it justice, sorry!

We hurried home and I had a hot shower to warm up, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be in a comfy sweater and a pair of Lulu’s. (Crazy expensive, but the best buy ever!) We ordered our first Christmas presents which is so exciting – Jo Malone released their Christmas collection today so we picked up a few things for our mam’s, I know they’ll love them!


We cooked dinner – chilli salmon with mashed potato and long stem broccoli – and by this time it was SO dark outside. It’s getting dark around 6.00pm now and it’s seriously throwing our routine off, although I do kinda love it! Our night consisted of us cuddled up on the couch for a night of #MNF (Monday Night Football) and we went to bed pretty early. These are just the best kind of nights, I felt so happy and content going to bed! 


Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t tell you how badly I slept last night!! The weather was INSANE – it was so so windy and literally all night I kept being woken up by the noise of the wind whistling through the trees. It was also bin day (of course it would be) so everyone put their wheelie bins out the night before and the *whack!* of bins going over and glass trickling down the street was the soundtrack to my night. Matthew somehow slept through the whole thing, the stinker! (He was cuddling me so tight, so you know, every cloud…) We did get to stay curled up in bed for a little longer since we didn’t have to leave until after 8.30am, so that was a great way to start the day!

LOL! Trying to clean up… he’s so cute

I went to Aldi with my co-worker on my lunch break to grab a few groceries for dinner the next few nights, and my work day was a mixture of meetings, invoices and Diet Coke breaks… it went so quickly!

I headed home and got ready for the evening and lit all of the Autumn candles, including this new one from Yankee Candle, it smells amazing! I really love burning candles all year round, but now that it’s getting lots colder I appreciate it much more. Matt got home just after 6pm so we caught up with my parents for a while, made dinner together and settled in for the night. We made a simple Bolognese but with turkey mince instead and it tasted great, I really love quick easy meals after being at work all day.


I only got a photo of one dinner tonight! #blogfail

Our whole evening was spent cuddled up under blankets, organising our next week (we booked tickets for a movie on Friday, planned a double date and booked tickets for a football game the following weekend) I love making plans and having things to look forward to! We watched the Man U game because my family are HUGE fans but unfortunately they lost, my mam was not happy!

When reading this back and editing (I wrote day-by-day) I realised I never once mentioned that I felt quite off throughout the week. I can’t quite put my finger on why but I just felt crappy – quite stressed out and just worried about anything and everything. I had a great week and I really am so happy, but it’s just strange how sometimes our mental health can be not-so-great and we don’t let it show. One night as we were getting into bed I was telling Matthew I just felt so sad and worried but I didn’t really know why (I think it was Thursday). He told me he loved me, made me feel so much better instantly and cuddled me extra tight all night. It’s crazy that as I knew this was going to go be read by lots of people (lots is subjective, haha) I kind of subconsciously hid that part of my days and didn’t address it… I do feel better but still not really my ‘normal’ self.

Does anyone else ever have those days/weeks where you just feel terrible, but you then feel guilty for it because you’re so lucky to have the life you do, and you shouldn’t be anything but super happy? I don’t even know if that makes sense! 

Thank you so much for reading and coming along on this week with me, I hope it wasn’t too boring or samey-samey! I hope you had a great week too! What does a typical week in your life look like?

-G x